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How to. Burstcoin mining. Complete guide and troubleshoot

July 9, 2017
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What is Burstcoin?

Burstcoin is a digital cryptographic currency and payment system based on the blockchain technology. Burstcoin was introduced on the bitcointalk.org forum on 10 August 2014 as an Nxt-based currency. Burstcoin mining uses an algorithm called proof-of-capacity (PoC) in which miners use computer storage instead of the more common energy-expensive method of permanent complex computational calculations.

The energy requirements for Burstcoin mining is minimal compared to most other cryptocurrencies making Burstcoin one of the most energy efficient within the field of proof based cryptocurrencies. All you need to mine Burstcoin is personal or laptop computer and free space (internal or external HDD’s). 

My mini mining rig. 6x4tb external HDD drives.

How to mine Burstcoin (for Windows users ONLY)?

Basically all you need is PC (no matter laptop or personal) and as many as possible free space dedicated for mining only. By the way, from my own experience I find personal PC better choice as you can add more USB port for external drives if you are willing to grow a bigger mining rig. So, here is ‘step by step’ guide how you can start mining an amazing cryptocurrency – BURST.

Step 1:
Download your BURST client. This is your main tool for getting account and start mining. PRESS HERE TO DOWNLOAD WALLET.

Press Download wallet

Step 2:
Install client and follow the instructions in creating new user. ALWAYS CHECK FOR LATEST JAVA VERSION, because it is very important. You will get 12 words passphrase – write it down and keep it safe. If wallet keeps saying Gateway 504 or connection refused – BE PATIENT – it just happens time to time and this is nothing serious. But if you will keep getting issues just screw it – use this link – fully working your online account https://wallet1.burstnation.com:8125/index.html

Create Online Burst account if Local client lags

This is how online dashboard looks, keep in mind all comment I say, all of them are from my personal experience.

Step 3:
Get your first coin. As you might heard already faucets are almost always empty, because many dudes and fine girls want to mine BURST, and the faucets are very limited, so here is what you can do – go to Burstnation or Facebook Burscoin group and ask few Burst just for starting, I will tell you why you need this to start later.

Step 4:
For this step it is important to connect through you Burst client from your PC, not online. Try log in to your Local or online wallet FROM PC CLIENT ant press button WRITE PLOTS (it still work even if you get error on connecting, like gateway 504 or connection refused, just press that button).

Button on the Bottom

Choose your free space HDD and press PLOT THIS DRIVE.

Follow instructions in table. After you do everything PUT YOUR BURST ACCOUNT ADRESS press Start Plotting and windows CMD table should pop up.

Right plotting looks like this.

Step 5:
After your plotting is done (it is the longest process in Burstcoin mining, for example 4tb disk plotting takes up to 7 days) go ahead and press Start mining at the bottom:

I recommend Falcon burst pool: Pool: Stats: http://www.falconburstpool.xyz Reward assigment: BURST-UTS4-HPFZ-XJHL-B9BB2

Put your passphrase and pools ADDRESS.

This will open, go to the Recipient – Burst address of pool box and right click –> Paste
Then also fill in the passphrase of your wallet your mining with and press submit.

Once this is done (it takes few minutes until this is confirmed, to be a exact, it takes exactly 4 -6 Blocks, it is about 16 minutes) and then we are ready to mine!

Back on the Burst client Screen press Start Mining (choose CPU or GPU OpenDL, I suggest choose CPU for begginers) and the Miner will open:

GREEN confirmed deadlines should “arrive” after 4-6 full blocks (~16 minutes), so if you getting these green confirmed DL’s – CONGRATS, you are mining!

If you think there is some kind of issue – try to do REWARD ASSIGNMENT from pool’s page and Start mining again:

Burscoin mining issues and troubleshooting

All in all, there is known commons bugs and I will try to explain. This is my top 3:
1. {“errorDescription”:”Unknown account”,”errorCode”:5} – This means, Reward assignment was not done in a right way, or pool still accepting you – it takes around ~ 16 minutes. I suggest you stop miner and wait for the pool to accept you then restart.
After you picked your pool, go to online wallet (any of these):
LATEST Release:

If previous upper link not work:

under “Set reward recipient” put your passphrase there and put the Pool’s Burst address to “Recipient”. After that, wait 4 blocks and after 4 blocks you should be able to mine (confirmation should show special code starting with text “full hash….etc”).

You will need 1 Burst to do the assignment. If you don’t have at least 1 , post your address here and I’ll send you a few to get you started.

2. Plots are overlapping. Error looks like this in miner red text:
“WARNING: H:\Burst\plots\11524566136192940416_700000001_3814528_3814528 and G:\Burst\plots\11524566136192940416_700000001_121352_121352 are overlapped”
What numbers means:
11524566136192940416 is your accounts Numeric ID,
700000001 is starting nonces number
381452 is quantity of nonces.

It means, your Hard drives has same starting nonces, the numbers of nonces every plot you start should be DIFFERENT. So please always COMPARE and check your plots starting nonces on your Drive:/Burst/Plots folder. This is VERY IMPORTANT if you don’t want to waste your time.

3. Electricity or power went off while plotting. Can I resume plotting or need to start over? Good news! You can resume.

Go to Drive which plotting was interrupted path Drive:/Burst/ and find file “RunThisAsAdmin”. Edit this file with NOTEPAD++.

Edit this file with Notepad or similar program

TAKE ALL INFO FROM YOUR DRIVE:\Burst\Plots FILE! Then save this file and run it as admin. Plotting should start where it left.

PLEASE, read everything carefully.

I really hope you find everything useful. You can sell your BURST for BTC on POLONIEX and then btc to currency you want – EUROS, Dollars and so on. If you have any questions always ask us on Facebook Burstcoin Global Group

BONUS: This is how my 2 month with BURST mining went through:

See you on pools!


A new version of the wallet. This is for those who are pissed off with a reward asignment. I tried it, works great, stable:
DOWNLOAD: https://github.com/burst-team/burstcoin/releases/tag/1.2.9
1.Download and extract wherever you want.
2. Go to the folder where you extracted it and right-click SHIFT + right mouse button and select “open a command prompt here”.
3. When CMD opens, enter without quotes exactly what you see: “run run.sh” and wait ~ 5min. until the latest blockchain is reached.
4. After 5min. open your browser and enter and here you go, you see your wallet (but first blockchain must synchronize, took me ~ 8 hours).
5. If you need to change reward asignment it can easily be changed here:

LATEST WALLET 2017-10-19!!!

For video lovers here’s the best video I found online on how to mine Burstcoin:

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  1. Thank you for this excellent description, it has helped a lot!

    One part I don’t understand in the section about restarting a plot that was interrupted by Window’s restarting after an update (curse!!!).

    You say to edit the “RunAsAdmin” file, and to take the info from the Plot file, but it’s unclear to me what info goes where.

    Here is the name of my plot file:


    I assume the first part is the ID, but the other numbers I am not sure, can you map them to the sections in the file as an example?

    Thank you!

    • Jon, of course, so your numbers are: 2158059089291405837_800000001_30521192_30521192

      It is:
      2158059089291405837 – Numeric ID
      800000001 – Starting nonces
      30521192 – Quantity of nonces

      Now put it all together by my example in upper article and everything should be ok 😉

      • Thank you.

        I tried it, pretty sure I got it correct according to your instructions. But now getting error:

        “Not enough free space, reduce “nonces”

        • It is okay, still somewhere is error. Did you edited file “run as admin” according your plot files? WHAT IS YOUR DRIVES LETTER?

          Make sure your run as admin file looks like in my picture, then save and run that file as admin, filename “RunThisAsAdmin.bat”, Make sure you wrote right Path:

          Should be DRIVE:/Burst/Plots, but in rare occasions might be DRIVE:/Plots (for very old clients).

          Make sure again if you wrote right letter, make sure you took plot file info from right drive and so on. Please, pay attention for every detail. Should work fine. Try to reboot PC before operation.

          • Haha! I got it working. Had forgotten to add “burst” into the path to the plot file.

            Thank you!

            Now, do you have any tips for speeding up the plotting? It’s taken 4 full days to do 42% of an 8TB drive.

  2. Java crash running run.bat for wallet. Works launching from os drive not working launching from external drive. Everything was working fine until I ran the run.bat script and accidentally closed it before it fully loaded. Now it doesn’t stay open and crashes without fully loading. I tried editing the bat with pause and other commands like cmd /k ect.. doesn’t work or another cmd window opens up. I thought maybe problem with java so I was going to delete and reinstall. But I had the same burst wallet on my OS. I ran the bat from that folder and the bat script starts fine and normal. Now I can copy the DB folder to the is folder but my os drive is not big and I don’t want to do that. I feel there must be some corrupt registry or file where my burst wallet folder is on my external drive. Any help would be appreciated thx.

  3. You will need 1 Burst to do the assignment. If you don’t have at least 1 , post your address here and I’ll send you a few to get you started.:

    I it still available:

    Thank`s in advance

  4. Burst has made quite the turn around the last couple of months. With a fresh dev-team on board and a brand new roadmap, burst promises to bring great technology to the table in 2018!
    A whitepaper was released december 2017 describing a combination of different coins strong assets combined into BURST, called the Dymaxion. Exciting stuff! I am convinced this coin is worth keepin an eye out for in 2018!

    Want to get a quick (re-)introduction? Here is a ‘What is burst’-video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fyj9RIyxLb4
    Want to get started with trading and mining burst? Here is a quickstart videoguide updated for 2018 (the one in the article is outdated): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_DNllF-9NY

  5. Thanks for your article Is very informative is there a way you can send me a coin I would like to start mining.
    Thanks for support of new miners.


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