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Bitcoin Smarter Review 2022 – Is it a Genuine Crypto CFDs Trading Platform?

Bitcoin Smarter is a web platform built on sophisticated technologies to automate crypto CFD trading. This platform is reportedly a game-changer in the industry.

Its superior performance has earned it a top position among the best bitcoin robots of 2022. Most reviews report that it’s revolutionizing crypto trading as we know it. This platform is reportedly making it easy for complete beginners to earn amazing profits right from day one of trading.

But is Bitcoin Smarter App a scam or a genuine bitcoin robot? We have put together the best tools to analyze this platform. The feedback from the analysis is explained in this post.

Robot type Fully auto bitcoin robot
Minimum trading balance £250
Registration fees None
Potential returns Up to 300% when the price swings are high
Trading platforms Mobile app and web
Transaction charges None
Hidden fees None
Reputation Excellent

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Bitcoin Smarter Review – What you need to know!

We will dive into the technical information about Bitcoin Smarter in this review. But before that, let’s highlight the things that every trader should know before using this platform.

This platform offers 100% automated crypto CFDs trading. Anyone can use it to make money from crypto volatility. We have gone through many Bitcoin Smarter reviews, and it’s evident that many users have no prior trading experience.

You only need to sign up on their official site and follow their trading guide. We can confirm that the guide is non-technical and easy to follow for the beginner. Make sure you have mastered the platform’s demo before proceeding to the live platform.

This trading platform also seems to be super profitable if the feedback from the many reviewers is anything to go by. We have sorted through thousands of Bitcoin Smarter reviews on the web and concluded that the users are happy with it.

The user feedback confirms that the alleged profitability rate of up to 300% occurs in high volatility. Such high returns are expected in the highly volatile crypto markets. The trading bot reportedly magnifies the returns through leverage of up to 3000:1.

Bitcoin Smarter has passed our transparency, safety, and customer support tests. On transparency, we can ascertain that it runs on blockchain. The blockchain ensures transparent and frictionless transactions.

Rigorous penetration testing on the Bitcoin Smarter website shows it’s well secured. Consequently, all your data is safe from hackers. We will discuss the security measures implemented by this platform later in this review.

What is Bitcoin Smarter, and is it a scam?

The crypto industry is the hottest asset class in 2022 as investors continue to stake billions of dollars every month.

Many experts are upbeat that this industry will rebound and generate amazing profits for investors. Consequently, most experts recommend it for day traders and long-term investors. However, the rising volatility means that day traders have the best opportunities to make money.

The Bitcoin Smarter auto-trading system is arguably the best platform for trading this volatility. This platform has gone viral in the last few days as leading experts continue to rate it among the best bitcoin robots for 2022.

Bitcoin Smarter is a robot built to trade up to 450 crypto CFDs. The platform is powered by top-grade AI technologies. These technologies implement HFT strategies such as news trading and price trend analysis at a high win rate.

Some reviews claim that this trading program’s daily profitability rate can shoot 300% on highly volatile days. The direction the markets take doesn’t matter since the robot is also good at short-selling.

Crypto CFD short selling can be lucrative when done accurately. The trading strategy is sophisticated and is best traded through high-speed trading systems.

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The 5 Steps to follow to trade with Bitcoin Smarter

Trading with Bitcoin Smarter happens in 5 simple steps. This trading platform should be a breeze since no technical skill is required.

However, you must be ready to follow the provided instructions in the letter to get the best out of it. The instructions are in plain language and in both written and video formats. Make sure that you have read the guide and watched the video.

Access the Bitcoin Smarter demo platform through the link at the footer of the trading resources page. Use the demo to master the settings before starting a live session. Remember that failing to set this trading system as per the guide can lead to a devastating outcome.

Bitcoin Smarter trades on leverage, and hence any trading outcome is magnified thousands of times. A single miscalculated move could wipe out your trading account within milliseconds.


Signing up is as straightforward as opening a social media account. You can sign up using your email or phone number. Ensure that you provide accurate registration details to avoid delays during the verification stage.


Verify your Bitcoin Smarter account using as per the underlying broker’s instructions. Verification is quite important since it ensures full account security. Verifying your identity is also part of the global anti-money-laundering requirements.


Fund your Bitcoin Smarter account through the supported methods. Remember that the funding happens through the assigned local broker. You can deposit up to $20000. The minimum deposit required to trade is USD250.


Use the Bitcoin Smarter demo account to test the waters. The demo is accompanied by an easy-to-follow trading guide. The guide is in written and video format. Read the PDF guide and watch the video before testing the trading system on the demo.


Now set the platform as explained in the previous step and start a live session. The session starts with a click of a button. You can monitor every trade on the trading dashboard. However, all the trading is on autopilot.

You have no choice over the trading signals implemented in your account. Nonetheless, there is nothing to worry about since Bitcoin Smarter has proven to have the capability to beat human traders.

Tips to maximize the performance of Bitcoin Smarter

Bitcoin Smarter runs on autopilot, but this doesn’t mean that users can’t influence its performance. Tens of experts have tested the platform and confirmed that it performs better when certain conditions are observed.

Users will likely succeed with this trading platform when they observe the five trading tips below.

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Follow the market news

Any crypto trader knows the impact that breaking news has on crypto volatility. Most of the crypto volatility witnessed today is news-driven.

The demand and supply of crypto are dictated by the news. Positive news triggers a demand hence pushing the prices up. Negative news triggers a sell-off, therefore, pushing the prices down. Bitcoin Smarter is built to implement the news trading technique on autopilot.

But you must follow the news to know when to run the bot. This platform claims to offer a news feed and an events calendar to help users track the news.

Select the time zone to trade

You should choose the New York or the London time zones for the best results. Crypto prices are highly volatile in these time zones.

The best time to operate Bitcoin Smarter is from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. This is the time when there is a lot of market activity. This market activity triggers volatility hence increasing the chances of profitability.

Do not trade past 4:00 PM due to rollover fees. The broker charges rollover fees for positions held overnight, on weekends, and during public holidays.

Evaluate your risk appetite

Risk appetite evaluation is extremely important in investment. Evaluating your risk appetite will help you decide the investment amount and the trading risk to apply.

A risk appetite test is reportedly available on the Bitcoin Smarter trading resources centre. The test includes over 20 questions revolving around your finances and trading psychology. Your answers are evaluated to determine the risk to apply per trade.

Many users describe the Bitcoin Smarter risk appetite test as highly accurate. Try the recommended risk parameters on the demo before going live.

Start small and reinvest aggressively

We have studied tens of testimonials from users and can confirm that most successful traders started small and reinvested the profits for growth.

Starting small has a lot of advantages. Firstly, you can control your emotions when you do not have much at stake. On the other hand, investing most of your savings in such a high-risk investment is likely to trigger anxiety.

This anxiety is likely to lead you to poor decision-making. Invest small and chart your way to profits through the reinvestment strategy.

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Bitcoin Smarter in the Fake News

Any popular platform today is a prime target for fake news. Bitcoin Smarter is not an exemption.

But the fake posts targeting this platform are dangerous since scammers use them to share links to cloned sites. The cloned sites could be used to steal the login credentials for the authentic Bitcoin Smarter site.

We have identified the top 3 fake post headlines to avoid when looking for information about this platform.

Bitcoin Smarter Elon Musk

Elon Musk is a billionaire with a net worth of more than $200 billion. He is the world’s richest man and one of the business magnates invested in bitcoin. But is Elon Musk invested in Bitcoin Smarter? No! The posts claiming so must be avoided at all costs.

Bitcoin Smarter Tesla

Tesla is a global conglomerate and one of the companies heavily invested in bitcoin. But does Tesla have a stake in Bitcoin Smarter? We have confirmed that the posts claiming so are fake news. These posts must be avoided at all costs.

Bitcoin Smarter Amazon

Amazon is a global conglomerate invested in many sectors. However, this corporation isn’t invested in Bitcoin Smarter. The posts claiming so must be treated as suspicious and dangerous. You must visit the official Bitcoin Smarter website to verify such claims.

Final Word!

We have proof that Bitcoin Smarter is a reputable and reliable crypto robot. This platform perfectly fits our definition of a genuine and worthwhile platform.

We determine a genuine robot by analyzing its reputation, transparency, customer service, and safety. Bitcoin Smarter is viral, with many praising it for superior returns, ease of use, and safety. We have dived its reviews on Trustpilot and Forex Peace Army, and we find the feedback amazing.

This platform also scores top on transparency. We have fact-checked tons of information on its official site. All the information has been confirmed to be accurate by tens of leading crypto robot review experts. Moreover, this platform has allowed users to verify most of the information on its website.

Bitcoin Smarter ensures high-level transaction transparency by recording them on a public ledger. This ledger is public and immutable. Furthermore, all the transactions happen in a smart-contract system to prevent disputes. The smart contract system automates the criteria in which the trading conditions should be implemented.

This trading bot is undoubtedly a good bet for all, including complete beginners. The platform is fully automated and, therefore, highly recommended for the complete beginner. It comes with game-like features to help users have a fun trading experience.

We are confident that Bitcoin Smarter is 100% secure. Our investigation confirms that its site and server are encrypted to prevent data breaches. The platform also has a data privacy policy anchored on global data privacy regulations. You can find this policy on their site.


Is Bitcoin Smarter worth a try, and is it risky?

Bitcoin Smarter is worth a shot! But don’t ignore the risk warnings on its site since all crypto trading is risky. An informed investor always diversifies their investment portfolio and never puts more than they can afford to lose in high-risk investments. Use the trading tips explained in this post to maximize your chances with this platform.

How much do I need to trade with Bitcoin Smarter?

You can start trading with Bitcoin Smarter with as little as USD250. The account funding happens through the linked broker. You won’t pay any registration fees to use this robot. The robot profits by deducting a 2% commission on the earnings made. Trading fees are in highly competitive spreads and are charged by the underlying broker.

How do I download the Bitcoin Smarter app?

Register on its official site and complete the signup by funding your account through a partner broker. You will receive the app download link in the second email after registration. The link is also published at the footer of the web-trader dashboard. Click the link to initiate the download. Please note that Bitcoin Smarter only offers a mobile app.

Which assets can I trade with Bitcoin Smarter?

Bitcoin Smarter offers up to 250 CFDs on bitcoin. These include BTC as the base currency paired against other cryptos and fiat. These assets are provided through up to 15 brokers working under this trading system. The pair on trade is selected based on volatility, with highly volatile pairs being prioritized.

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