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Bit Index AI Review – Is it a Good Online Investment? An Expert’s Feedback!

Bit Index AI is a web-based crypto speculation platform founded in 2018. The platform reportedly uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to automate crypto CFD trading.

This crypto robot has gone viral in 2022, thanks to its alleged mouthwatering profitability. Many users have rated it extremely well on review sites such as Trustpilot. Top expert reviewers also agree that it’s a worthwhile investment.

Surprisingly, many of its users claim using its powerful compounding tool to build fortunes within months. The reviewers report amazing daily returns of up to 60% in high market volatility. But is Bit Index AI a scam or a genuine online investment?

We have sorted through swaths of data to find out the truth about this platform. This post presents all the facts about this online money-making tool.

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Bit Index AI Review – Points to note!

This post unearths all the important information about Bit Index AI to help you make an informed choice. Our findings on this bot are summarized in the points below.

  • Bit Index AI has proven its authenticity by making all the important disclosures and partnering with quality brokers.
  • There is a huge possibility that this crypto CFDs robot is a super performer. This is because it has a superb reputation from traders and experts.
  • Most users rate Bit Index AI as a lucrative, safe, easy-to-use crypto robot. This platform automates all the technical trading.
  • The experts claim to subject the Bit Index AI website to thorough penetration testing and find it secure.
  • Bit Index AI appears to be the most popular bitcoin robot on the internet today. It has been a social media sensation for the last six months.
  • Our team has tested their customer support services and found them easily reachable, friendly, and knowledgeable.
  • Bit Index AI supports users from over 60 countries. It claims to be in partnership with locally regulated brokers in all jurisdictions of operation.

You should read the entire review for an in-depth look at the points listed above. Otherwise, you can go ahead and visit the official Bit Index AI website here.

What is Bit Index AI?

Many passive online investment blogs review Bit Index AI as an automated system for generating money online.

But how does the system generate profits for users? As stated in the intro, Bit Index AI is a crypto CFDs trading system. A crypto CFD is a special financial instrument that enables you to bet on the ups and downs of crypto without owning any coin.

This type of derivative eliminates the hassles of buying crypto traditionally. Moreover, they ensure more profitability by allowing you to capitalize on all price movements. Trading CFDs manually requires skills and experience.

However, you don’t need any crypto trading background to trade through automated systems such as Bit Index AI. Consequently, you don’t have to struggle to understand the technical trading terms used in this post to use the bot.

You only need to follow the easy guide that comes with the bot to set it for trading. Bit Index AI will do all the trading for you at a click of the live session button. You only need to put aside a few minutes daily to set the system for trading.

The bot will deliver progress notifications through email and SMS after every hour. Bit Index AI allows users to predetermine levels at which profitable trades should be closed.

How does Bit Index AI work?

The Bit Index AI system is built to merge with the underlying broker’s trading system. All trading happens through the financial brokers in partnership with this bot.

The robot reportedly takes control of the MT4, cTrader, or the proprietary software provided by the broker. You don’t need to master the broker’s system since the robot provides its user interface. The bot controls the broker’s system in the background.

Apart from linking Bit Index AI to liquidity providers, the underlying brokers facilitate all client transactions. Trading robots are nothing but tools to facilitate trading. They, therefore, lack the legal mandate to take deposits from traders.

All third-party trading bots must partner with a broker to take deposits. Bit Index AI is a third-party robot in partnership with leading crypto CFD brokers. All the signals generated by this bot are relayed to the underlying broker for execution.

Bit Index AI claims that all its underlying brokers fall in the tier one category. These brokers offer extremely powerful order placing systems and link to quality liquidity pools for instant execution. Instant order execution is paramount since it prevents negative slippage.

As stated in the review summary, Bit Index AI is built for the complete beginner. It automates all trading, so users do not need to understand any trading terminology to use it. The technical information presented here is for illustrative purposes only.

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Is Bit Index AI a scam? The Truth Revealed!

Hundreds of people have messaged us on our social media pages requesting us to find out if Bit Index AI is legit.

We have combed the internet to find the facts about this robot. Moreover, we have subjected it to expert tests to determine if it’s worthwhile. Our verdict is that Bit Index AI is a genuine and transparent investment platform.

We conclude that it’s genuine after thoroughly examining it for transparency and scrutinizing feedback from reputable sources. The justifications for Bit Index AI legitimacy are discussed in detail below.

Transparent trading environment

Bit Index AI operates on a Distributed Ledger Technology ecosystem. The DLT (blockchain) ecosystems allow high-level transparency.

Transactions in a DLT ecosystem are recorded on an immutable public ledger. Traders can monitor all the activities on their trading accounts through this ledger. All transactions in the Bit Index AI ecosystem are implemented through a smart contracts system.

The smart contract system prevents disputes by ensuring that all the agreed-upon trading conditions are executed to the letter. Very few automated trading systems execute transactions through a smart contracts system. The Bit Index AI smart contract system is reportedly more advanced than those offered by its competitors.

This crypto CFDs bot also discloses all the crucial information on its site. You can verify all the information on its site through expert reviews.

Amazing feedback from users and experts

Feedback from hundreds of users shows that this crypto CFDs robot is super profitable. Tens of expert reviewers who claim to have tested this bot confirm the profitability claims.

Bit Index AI has a history of delivering mouthwatering profits in high market volatility. Its daily profitability rate can reportedly shoot past 50% in high volatility. This robot provides a tool to help users grow their accounts by reinvesting the daily profits.

Most of the reviewers confirm using this tool to build fortunes. Some report being lucky enough to build their accounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars within the first three months of trading. Bit Index AI has reportedly made its fair share of millionaires.

Expert reviews on authoritative sites also confirm that Bit Index AI is insanely profitable. However, the expert reviewers also warn of the huge risks in trading with this system. Investors should assess their risk appetite carefully before depositing money with this platform.

Secure trading environment

We have conducted safety tests on Bit Index AI platforms and found them secure. The safety tests include penetration testing on the robot’s official login page.

Login page security is always the first line of defence against attacks. This is because 99.99% of data breaches begin with a compromised login page. The Bit Index AI login page is built on the military-grade AES256 encryption protocol.

This protocol prevents all attacks, including complicated ones like the Brute Force Attack. We have gone through the robot’s data privacy document, and it’s well detailed. Bit Index AI requires all traders to adhere to a strict password protection policy.

Award Winning customer services

Another justification for Bit Index AI’s legitimacy is its investment in customer support services. This robot claims to offer 24/7 support via live chat and phone.

Users are encouraged to use the email and callback options for less urgent communications. Our tests indicate that this robot’s customer support team is easily reachable on the phone and live chat on its site and social media pages.

Bit Index AI in the fake news

Bit Index AI is a prime target for all types of news, including fake news. Any popular online subject is bound to attract a fair share of fake news. Below are some of the news targeting this robot.

Bit Index AI Richard Branson

Richard Branson is a billionaire entrepreneur and a big fan of crypto. He may be invested in crypto-related projects, but Bit Index AI is not among them. The posts claiming that Richard Branson has invested over half a million on this robot are fake news.

Bit Index AI Elon Musk

The founder of SpaceX and Tesla is one of the celebrities rumoured to be invested in crypto. Musk has invested in bitcoin as an individual and through Tesla. But did he commit a million dollars to develop Bit Index AI? We have gone through the rumours and didn’t find them genuine.

Bit Index AI Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is a Canadian actor and businessman. There are rumours that he is well invested in Bit Index AI Canada. However, there is nothing to prove these claims. You need to avoid any posts relating this bot to celebrities since it could be used as clickbait to clones.

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Getting started with Bit Index AI

We categorize Bit Index AI among the most beginner-friendly crypto trading systems. The platform uses top-level AI-driven algorithms to automate all trading.

This makes it quite easy to operate. The Bit Index AI settings must be adjusted manually before trading. We have gone through the settings guide and found it easy to follow. You don’t need to know anything about trading to use this platform.

We have explained the five simple steps to follow to kick-start your trading career with this crypto CFDs robot.

Register on the Bit Index AI website

Visit the official Bit Index AI site and complete the signup. You will automatically connect to a top-quality CFDs broker on signing up.

The broker will take you through the identity verification process. You can proceed and fund your account as the verification documents are verified. A dedicated account manager will call you immediately after signup to walk you through the other steps.

Fund your Bit Index AI account

You need to fund your Bit Index AI account through the broker. Remember that all the trading signals delivered by Bit Index AI are executed through the broker.

Trading capital is needed to place the buy and sell orders. You must deposit at least USD250 with the broker to use the crypto CFDs robot. Account funding can happen through a debit/credit card, wire transfer, or e-wallets.

Test Bit Index AI on the demo

You need to familiarize yourself with the platform before testing it on the demo. Bit Index AI comes with adequate trading preparation materials.

These materials are published on its resources page. Watch the video explaining the robot’s features and test the manual settings on the demo. The Bit Index AI demo reportedly uses historical information to simulate actual market happenings.

Consequently, it should give you a clear picture of what to expect in the live trading account. Set aside at least 30 minutes of demo trading before proceeding to the next step.

Start a live session

Live trading with Bit Index AI is easy after practising on the demo. Set the robot risk management tools and click the live button.

Trading will start with a click of a button. Many Bit Index AI users claim to earn profits right from the start. But the risks of crypto trading remain, and it’s therefore quite important to only trade with what you can afford to lose.

Final Word!

Experts have subjected this crypto CFDs robot to thorough testing and concluded it’s legit. We also scrutinized it and didn’t find any red flags.

Bit Index AI operates in the full transparency of blockchain technology. This crypto CFDs robot is one of the few that offer a blockchain-based ecosystem. According to the robot’s guide, all transactions in its ecosystem are executed through smart contracts technology.

The Smart Contract technology ensures that all the predetermined trading conditions are executed to the letter. This ensures smooth and dispute-less transactions. Bit Index AI fee mechanism is extremely easy to understand.

This crypto robot charges zero signup and account maintenance fees. You only pay a commission of 2% on profitable trades. The assigned broker charges trading fees independently. We have established that all the brokers working with Bit Index AI only charge a small commission of profits.

This robot could be a super performer if the great user reviews are anything to go by. However, don’t take profitability is guaranteed since there is a likelihood of losses in unexpected market events. Any prudent investor diversifies their investment portfolio.


Is Bit Index AI legit?

Top crypto trading experts have thoroughly tested Bit Index AI and found it genuine. This crypto robot perfectly matches our definition of a genuine crypto robot. The platform meets our expectations on transparency, safety, and performance.

How much do I need to get started with Bit Index AI?

You must invest a minimum of USD250 through the underlying broker to participate in trading. Deposits can reportedly be made via Wire, debit/credit cards, and some e-wallets such as Skrill. There are no deposit fees, and the trading capital should reflect in your account within minutes.

Is Bit Index AI profitable?

Bit Index AI’s great reputation is enough proof that it’s worthwhile. This crypto robot seems to outperform most of the well-known crypto investment platforms. Users report earning daily profits up to 50% in volatile market conditions.

Is Bit Index AI available in my country?

Bit Index AI accepts clients from more than 60 countries globally. The robot encourages users from Canada, Australia, and South Africa to register. Users from these countries may enjoy handsome registration bonuses.

How do I join Bit Index AI?

You can join Bit Index AI by signing up on their official site. Please be careful since we have identified clones pretending to be on the official website. You should only register through links from authoritative sources.

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