FXTB Review 2020: Legit or Scam Robot Broker?

fxtb logoWe have decided to review the FXTB broker after receiving a lot of requests in the past few weeks. This broker is associated with a viral trading robot known as Bitcoin Up. For the record, Bitcoin Up generates a daily profit of up to 400%.

Traders who have tried this trading bot through the FXTB broker, claim that it is easy to use. No trading skill whatsoever is needed to trade with this FXBT through Bitcoin Up. You only need to create a free account as instructed, deposit the minimum trading capital, and click the live button.

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We will discuss the key features of FXTB in this review and trading tips to help you trade with it through Bitcoin Up. Do not open an account with FXTB before reading this review to the end.

FXTB Review – overview!

FXTB is a robot broker offering multiple trading instruments in forex and CFDs. Forex involves exchanging national currencies against one another while CFDs trading involves trading the direction of a given security over the very short-term.

FXTB forex pairs include the 7 majors, 14 minors, and 10 exotics. This broker offers the MT4 and MT5 trading platforms for those who choose to trade FX manually. Manual trading requires expertise and is not always as profitable as robo-trading.

We therefore strongly recommend that you only trade with FXTB through Bitcoin Up. The Bitcoin Up trading robot is powered by powerful AI and ML algorithms. These algorithms are usually 0.001 seconds ahead of the markets and hence generate profitable signals with a 90% win rate.

FXTB Broker offers 375+ CFDs on stocks, crypto, market indices, and commodities. The CFDs on crypto are its most popular product and include over 135 crypto to crypto and crypto to fiat pairs. Most popular crypto CFDs pairs include BTC/USD, BTC/EUR, BTC/ETH, and BTC/BCH.

Bitcoin Up, FXTB auto-trading partner, detects the most volatile of these pairs and places bets on them. As mentioned earlier, the Bitcoin Up robot applies the scalping trading approach to make money out of small price movements. Read our comprehensive review of Bitcoin Up to learn more about this trading robot.

FXTB Broker Review – Trading Conditions

FXTB Broker ranks among the best in auto-trading. The broker provides some of the best robot trading conditions in the market.

For instance, the broker provides trading leverage of up to 1000:1 for all account types, including the crypto CFDs trading account. Leverage refers to the use of borrowed funds to magnify trades. Leverage of 5000:1 means that one can trade a position worth up to 1000 USD for every 1 USD of invested capital.

As a result, a trading account with just $250 in trading capital can generate the profits of a $250k account. Leveraged trading also increases risk since the losses are also magnified. FXTB Broker through Bitcoin Up applies sophisticated risk management technologies to prevent traders from trading into the negative.

fxtb live tradingAlso, there is the Stop-loss and Take Profit features to help traders control their emotions. The Stop-Loss helps the trader predefine the level of losses they are willing to take per trader. This prevents them from closing trading sessions prematurely or too late.

The Take Profit feature, on the other hand, prevents the trader from holding a profitable trade for too long due to greed. Bitcoin Up Take Profit feature automatically ends trading sessions as soon as the predetermined level of profitability is reached.

For instance, you can set the bot to trade until it hits $1500 in daily profits. This means that the bot will automatically stop trading when this goal is achieved.

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Getting started with FXTB through Bitcoin Up

FXTB has partnered with Bitcoin Up to offer automated trading on its behalf. As mentioned earlier, Bitcoin Up is among the most revered crypto trading bots in the market today.

The robot is AI-powered and relies on blockchain to ensure a transparent trading environment. Such an environment allows seamless peer to peer transactions where traders can follow and learn from each other.

Bitcoin Up trading approach involves the AI algorithms mining trading signals from some of the world most profitable human traders. The robot automatically buys signals from these traders and applies them on a user account depending on their risk appetite.

Users risk appetite is determined through a questionnaire issued by FXTB immediately after deposit. The questionnaire consists of about 15 questions revolving around the trader’s income and their expected rate of return. High risk/high return trading signals are implemented in accounts with high-risk appetite.

Register for free on Bitcoin Up website

The first step to auto-trading with FXTB is to register a free account on Bitcoin Up website. The registration happens through the robot since it is the one to conduct all trading on behalf of the user.

After registration, users are taken to the FXTB ID verification page to confirm their identity. ID verification is part of the global Know Your Customer (KYC) measures implemented by regulators across the globe.

The KYC measures are implemented to smoke out money laundering and protect users’ accounts from fraudsters. You can deposit and trade before verification, but your account must be verified to withdraw. 

Deposit trading capital of at least 250 USD

Deposit of trading capital happens through FXTB. You need $250+ to trade with this broker through the Bitcoin Up robot.

FXTB is compliant to regulatory requirements in the UK, Australia, Asia, and Africa. As stated earlier, it is monitored in all these jurisdictions by top-tier regulators such as the Australia Securities and Exchange Commission (ASIC) and the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

The deposit options applicable to this broker include major debit/credit cards and wire transfer. FXTB doesn’t charge any deposit/withdrawal fees.

Read trading instructions and practice on a demo

There are video tutorials on Bitcoin Up website to help you master the trading process. You need to watch all of them and read the 3-page trading manual on the education section.

The instructional materials are available in layman’s language and hence shouldn’t be a problem to follow for complete beginners. Bitcoin Up comes with a demo to help users practise what they learn without risking real money.

You need at least 1 hour of demo practice to understand the live trading platform fully. Bitcoin Up trading platform has recently been nominated among the most user-friendly auto-trading platforms for 2020 by the UK Association of Auto-traders.

Set the trading conditions and go live

Define the trading settings as directed and click the live trading platform. Bitcoin Up runs automatically connecting with FXTB in the background to ensure that all trades are executed instantly. The robot seems to generate the most profits when left to run for about 8 hours daily.

You need to ensure that the robot is running during periods of high volatility to get good returns out of it. We insist that you run it when live trading is continuing in Wall Street since this is when volatility is high. This is specifically between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM Eastern Time.

It’s paramount that you end trading sessions at the close of live trading on NYSE. Failure to do so may lead to extra costs in terms of rollover fees. You should also avoid leaving the robot running during weekends and US public holidays.

Is FXTB a scam or not? The Verdict!

We have conducted a myriad of tests on the FXTB broker and confirmed that they are trustworthy. This broker provides both manual and automated trading but is popular for the latter through the Bitcoin Up trading robot.

Bitcoin Up is a viral trading robot owned and operated by the International Bitcoin Council. It’s among the few highly lucrative crypto trading bots that are available to the masses. This robot doesn’t charge any license fees.

You only need to create an account on the robot’s homepage and fund your trading account through FXTB. Click the button below to start trading with FXTB through Bitcoin Up.

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Do I need trading skill to trade with FXTB through Bitcoin Up?

No! You don’t require any expertise to trade with FXBT through the Bitcoin Up robot. The technical language used in this review is for illustrative purposes only. Consequently, it should not scare you away from trying FXTB through Bitcoin Up.

Is FXTB broker regulated?

Yes! FXTB is monitored in all of its markets, including the UK, Australia, and some parts of Asia and Africa. The broker is trusted across the globe.

How much can I make with FXTB through Bitcoin Up?

The earning potential with FXTB through Bitcoin Up is endless. Some reports estimate that it is possible to generate up to 600% in daily profits.