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5 Best AI Trading Bots for Crypto, Forex, and Stocks in 2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the way traders speculate on financial assets over the Internet.

Forward-thinking traders are turning to AI-driven automated trading in large numbers. This post discusses the concept of automated trading and provides a review of the top 5 best AI trading apps.

Please note that we aren’t endorsing any of the AI trading bots reviewed in this post. The conclusions made on each bot are arrived at after analysing the feedback of authoritative expert reviewers.

Don’t take this post as an endorsement of any bot or as financial advice. Also, take all the necessary precautions since online trading involves high risk.

What is an AI trading robot?

Trading AI

Automated trading involves intelligent computer programs conducting some or all of the trading functions on autopilot. An automated trading platform is also known as a trading robot or simply a trading bot.

Trading bots can be designed to trade one asset class or multiple asset classes. For instance, some trading bots only trade crypto. Others trade up to five asset classes including forex, stock, crypto, commodities, and market indices.

Trading robots can be partially automated or fully automated. The semi-automated trading bots allow users to control the trades executed in their accounts. On the other hand, fully automated trading doesn’t involve any manual technical inputs.

This post reviews the top 5 free AI trading robots in 2024. These automated trading platforms are trending on many social media sites. This shows that they are quite popular. Please note that not all the AI bots reviewed below are available globally. Check availability by visiting the individual robot’s website.

Best Automated Trading Bots in 2024

All the AI-trading bots presented in this post do not charge registration fees. Moreover, they are affordable since traders can get started with a trading capital of as little as USD 250. The free AI trading bots discussed in this post include;

These AI robots reportedly trade multiple asset classes. However, they are mostly popular with crypto trading. We will provide a snapshot review of each of these AI trading bots in this article.

Immediate GP

Immediate GP

Immediate GP has broken the internet in 2024 with data on Google Trends ranking it number one in the list of the most popular AI trading robots.

The trading system is best known for bitcoin trading even though it also offers other asset classes. Their official site shows that the bot also trades trade stock, forex, and market indices.

Immediate GP has a massive following in the crypto trading circles. It’s reviewed as a newbie-friendly trading bot since it automates all trading. The reviewers also hail it for profitability.

Is Immediate GP trustworthy?

Our investigation shows that many traders are asking if Immediate GP is a scam. It seems legit due to the following reasons.

  • It operates transparently
  • Thousands of users rate it well
  • It seems to work with reputable brokers
  • Experts rate it highly on online safety
  • It offers a highly responsive 24/7 customer support
  • Most of the info on its website is verified by third parties

These reasons are enough to conclude that Immediate GP is genuine. But do not take our word for it. Do your due diligence.

How to trade with Immediate GP

Trading with Immediate GP is a walk in the park. But users must follow its instructions carefully to get the best out of it.

  1. Sign up on the Immediate GP website
  2. Verify your info as per the KYC requirements via the broker
  3. Select a payment method and deposit not less than USD 250
  4. Watch the tutorials, set up the bot, and test it on the demo
  5. Run the bot on a live account

Visit Immediate GP

Quantum Prime Profit

Quantum Prime Profit

Quantum Prime Profit is another trendy AI trading robot. The bot was launched less than a year ago but it’s already a media sensation.

It has also gone viral on social media with some posts alleging that it has been trending in several European countries since January. Quantum Prime Profit is available in 80 countries on 4 continents. Most of the supported countries are in Europe and Asia.

Quantum Prime Profit seems to shine in all the crucial areas. Users’ testimonials show that it’s a performer. They also claim that it’s user-friendly and the best choice for newbie traders.

We couldn’t verify whether the performance and user-friendly claims are genuine. But there is a huge possibility that they are accurate given their great reputation.

Visit Quantum Prime Profit

Is Quantum Prime Profit trustworthy?

Quantum Prime Profit appears trustworthy. We have subjected it to some vital tests and discovered the following.

  • The platform adheres to measures that prove its commitment to transparency
  • It has a great reputation and hence many traders have hit a home run with it
  • Quantum Prime Profit appears to have secured partnerships with quality brokers
  • The platform provides easily reachable and highly responsive customer support services
  • Information published on the Quantum Prime Profit website is verified by the experts

We made the above conclusions after aggregating the feedback of other experts. Our conclusions are not an endorsement or financial advice.

How to use Quantum Prime Profit

Quantum Prime Profit markets itself as a newbie-friendly AI trading bot. It reportedly automates 99% of the trading. You are reportedly required to follow the simple steps below to use this AI trading platform.

  1. Visit the Quantum Prime Profit website and register
  2. Verify the registration as per the KYC requirements
  3. Select a deposit method of choice and fund your account with at least USD 250
  4. Watch the tutorials in the educational section and set the robot
  5. Test the bot on the demo and run it on the live account

Quantum Prime Profit promises to make the crypto trading process fun. Please note that this bot only trades one asset class.

XBitcoin Club

xBitcoin Club

This bot was also launched recently. It’s said to use advanced AI algorithms to capture opportunities in multiple markets. This AI trading bot captures opportunities in the crypto, FX, stock, and commodities markets.

But like the other bots, it’s best known for Bitcoin trading. XBitcoin Club algorithms allow it to trade multiple assets simultaneously. This explains its alleged performance. The AI bot automates all trading functions.

However, it’s said to be a little bit harder to use for newbies compared to other trading bots.

Is XBitcoin Club trustworthy?

XBitcoin Club has a nearly perfect score on our trustworthiness tests. We conclude that this AI trading bot is legit after discovering the following.

  • The trading platform demonstrates a high level of transparency by disclosing crucial information.
  • It has many reviews all over the web with 90% of users’ testimonials hailing it for great performance.
  • XBitcoin Club has demonstrated a commitment to user safety by observing strict online safety measures.
  • Its customer support is also easily reachable, knowledgeable, and friendly. You can contact them on 24/5.

How to trade with XBitcoin Club

Trading crypto or any other asset through this AI bot is easy. The steps to get started with XBitcoin Club are listed below.

  1. Visit the XBitcoin Club website and sign up
  2. Complete the KYC process by verifying your ID with the underlying broker
  3. Fund your account (minimum $250)
  4. Set the bot and test it on the demo
  5. Run the bot on a live trading platform

XBitcoin Club reportedly provides limited slots only accessible to a few lucky traders. Try your luck on their official website here.

Visit xBitcoin Club

Quantum Flash

Quantum Flash

Quantum Flash is also a popular AI robot. This trading bot has been around a little longer than the other bots in this list.

The first version of Quantum Flash was reportedly introduced in 2015. Some reviewers claim that this AI bot was among the best performers in the crypto boom of 2016/2017.

We couldn’t verify if the claims are true. But the robot has an amazing reputation which may signify that it lives up to its promises.

Is Quantum Flash legit?

Quantum Flash appears legit if our findings are anything to go by. These findings are listed below.

  • The platform is built on high-level transparency
  • All its partners are easily verifiable
  • Quantum Flash’s reputation is generally good
  • The platform has great support services

How to trade with Quantum Flash

This multi-asset trading software claims to provide fully automated trading. This explains why most newbies find it easy to use. Trade the

  1. Register
  2. Verify your Quantum Flash account
  3. Fund it with at least USD 250
  4. Test it on the demo
  5. Go live

Visit Quantum Flash

Immediate Iplex

Immediate Iplex

Immediate Iplex is similar to Quantum Flash in many ways. The bot uses a powerful algorithm to analyse the crypto, stock, and forex markets for insights.

This multi-asset trading bot claims that it can simultaneously trade up to 20 assets. It does all the trading on autopilot and reportedly executes its signals through the best CFDs brokers in the market.

Is Immediate Iplex trustworthy?

Immediate Iplex has met our trustworthiness tests. Find below the justifications for this trading system’s legitimacy.

  • Immediate Iplex adheres to strict transparency measures
  • It’s highly reputable with many positive verified reviews
  • The bot also has great customer service
  • It also seems to offer quality support services

How to trade with Immediate Iplex

  1. Register on the Immediate Iplex website
  2. Upload verification documents as required by KYC regulations
  3. Fund your account
  4. Test Immediate Iplex on the demo
  5. Start a live trading session

Visit Immediate Iplex

Do AI Trading Bots Work?

AI trading bots are disrupting the trading world with both retail and institutional traders embracing them.

Analysts predict that AI trading bots will control more than 90% of the trading market in the next ten years. Experts estimate that AI trading bots control 20% of the trading market today.

The best AI trading systems use data-driven strategies to generate the best trades. Big data analysis is the backbone of accurate decision-making in trading. Top AI trading robots study big data for trading insights.

There are over 800 self-proclaimed AI-trading bots in the market today. Experts report that only less than 10% of these bots are good. Many trading bots either overstate their potential or are outright scams.

Only less than 100 AI trading bots have passed the expert’s tests. Most of the good AI-trading bots come at a fee. But there are a few that are free.  We will discuss the top 5 free AI trading bots in 2024 in this post.

How to identify the best AI Trading bots

AI robot using machine learning

Identifying a good AI trading robot is an uphill task given the many worthless platforms out there.

As stated earlier, only less than 10% of the AI trading systems in the market are worthwhile. The rest have a history of performing dismally. Moreover, many are fraudulent and will only lead to capital loss.

Most of the legit AI trading bots are available at a fee. The best platforms require up to $5000 in signup fees.

But there are also a few free AI trading systems. This post presents the top 5 best AI robots. The big question is how do you determine if an AI trading bot is genuine?

High-level Transparency

The first thing to consider is the platform’s commitment to transparency. A genuine AI trading system will demonstrate a high level of transparency by disclosing important information on its site.

The disclosures should include its pricing and partners if any. All the information published on the specific AI robot’s website must be verifiable. Our top 5 AI trading programs have passed this test.

As discussed in each of the snapshot reviews presented above, all of them have gone through third-party verification. They have also partnered with well-regulated financial brokers.

These brokers are subject to transparency measures such as deposit segregation. They should also submit external audit reports to the regulator at least twice a year.

Great Reputation

A good AI trading platform is likely to be popular with many reviews all over the internet. The most popular AI bots have many reviews on Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter.

They should also have great feedback on Trustpilot, Forex Peace Army, Reviews.io and other platforms. Some review platforms such as Trustpilot are powered by an intelligent algorithm for filtering fake reviews.

It would be unwise to take all the feedback shared on social media sites as gospel truth. Fake reviews are likely to be posted on social media sites such as Trustpilot.

Safe trading Environment

The best AI trading bots also demonstrate commitment to online safety. You should check if the AI trading system’s login page has the padlock symbol in the URL. The padlock symbol should also be in the URL of all its web pages.

A padlock symbol in the URL shows that all data submitted through the site is encrypted. Data encryption at the website level is the first line of defense against data theft. The AI trading platform must also present its data privacy policy.

24/7 Customer Support

A good AI trading bot must provide multiple communication channels through which it can be reached. The communication channels should be consistent.

Less trustworthy platforms are mostly reachable through email. Moreover, their agents are likely to call you through virtual phone numbers. The agents behind the sham platforms are likely to nag you to invest.

Their agents are likely to fail to answer critical questions and could be rude if you don’t give in to their demands.

Visit Quantum Prime Profit

AI Trading Bots vs Manual Trading

AI Trading robots are shaping the trading industry fast. Experts predict that they will take over 90% of trading in the next ten years. But how does AI Trading differ from manual trading? 

Manual trading involves the trader conducting all the online trading processes manually. AI trading, on the other hand, involves intelligent computer programs trading on behalf of the user.

AI Trading Robots Manual Trading
Easy to use for beginners Requires skills
Implements data-driven strategies

For high accuracy

Involves tedious data analysis processes that often lead to mistakes
Ensures fast-paced data analysis hence taking advantage of all opportunities Slow and hence leads to missed trading opportunities
Doesn’t require much time to operate The trader must dedicate at least 3 hours daily to trading research
May require a registration fee (the bots presented in this review are free) You only need trading capital to get started.

👍 Advantages of AI Trading Bots

Artificial Intelligence (AI) trading bots eliminate the complexities of manual trading. This makes it possible for ordinary people to venture into trading.

Some AI robots claim to bring the fun of online gaming to trading. They claim to do so by providing a trading interface with features that mimic those of gaming platforms. The goal is to make the trading process fun.

AI trading bots run on autopilot and hence users can do other things as the bots work for them. But some trading bots are semi-automated. You need to do a bit of trading research to use the semi-automated robot.

AI trading bots also have a history of outperforming manual traders. This is because they can analyze huge data sets for accurate trades. But not all the self-proclaimed AI trading robots have a history of superior performance.

Many of the AI bots in the market do not live up to their promises. Moreover, at least 40% of the self-proclaimed bots are a fraud. This explains why thorough due diligence is recommended before trading with any platform.

AI Trading Bots Verdict

As we have seen, there are hundreds of self-proclaimed AI-trading programs in the market today. At least 95% of the good AI trading robots are available at a fee. Some charge an account maintenance fee of up to $5000.

Only a few of the good automated trading bots are free. But these bots are not as easily accessible as those available at a fee. Many provide limited daily registration slots on a first come first serve basis. This explains why you may need to visit the site of any of these trading bots severally to secure an account.

But the wait is worthwhile given their profitability potential. AI-trading bots implement highly effective data-driven trading. Trading signals generated on big data are likely to be highly accurate.

All the leading AI trading bots claim to beat the markets by studying big data at high accuracy and speed. The AI trading bots reportedly implement sophisticated strategies such as scalping, arbitrage trading, and short-selling. They also reportedly derive signals from big data through price trends and news analysis.

We couldn’t verify some of the claims made by these AI-trading robots. You may need to do extra due diligence before trading with any of them.

Visit Immediate GP

Frequently Asked Questions

Are AI trading robots risk-free?

Some AI trading bots claim to cut down trading risk by more than 80%. These bots are misleading since it's impossible to reduce the risks of fast-paced trading to such low levels. But it's true that some trading bots come with features that reduce the risk by as much as 30%.

Are AI trading bots worthwhile?

AI trading bots are the future of automated trading. These bots are controlling billions of dollars in trading capital today. Some experts report that AI-trading systems are delivering better results than WST's best manual traders. A few of the best-automated trading bots are free.

Do I need trading skills to use an AI trading bot?

That depends on the type of AI trading bot you are using. Some AI trading bots are semi-automated. This implies that significant user input is required to trade with them. You need skills to use a semi-automated robot. Fully automated AI robots are the best for beginners.

Which asset can I trade with an AI trading bot?

You can trade all five asset classes (forex, crypto, stock, commodities, and market indices) with an AI robot. Some AI trading bots trade only one asset while others are built to trade multiple asset classes. Some trading bots support the trading of up to a thousand assets on different asset classes.