Is Bitprime Gold a Scam or Genuine Bitcoin Robot? The $250 Test!

Bitprime Gold seems like the best platform for trading bitcoin in 2022. There are hundreds of testimonials on the web indicating that it’s super profitable.

We have gone through hundreds of testimonials, and it’s evident that this robot is popular. The testimonials show that it’s profitable, easy to use, and safe. This robot is also discussed in most experts’ posts, and the feedback is great.

The experts rank it top in the coveted list of the best bitcoin robots for 2022. But is Bitprime Gold legit or a scam? This post will outline all the facts and discuss important trading tips. Make sure that you’ve read it to the end before getting started.

Key Points to note about Bitprime Gold

We will discuss Bitprime Gold in detail in this post. You should read this until the end of this is the first time you hear about this trading robot. The summary below is enough if you are already familiar with this robot.

Robot type Automated bitcoin trading system
User experience level None
Minimum deposit £250
Signup slots available Limited and offered on a lottery basis
Performance track record Highly profitable with a rate of return of up to 300% daily
Deposits Free and instant
Withdrawals Instant for verified methods
Withdrawal charges Free for up to 10 withdrawals per month. A 1% fee is charged on subsequent withdrawals
Customer service 24/5 – Monday through Friday
Security level Military-grade (AES-256 encryption)


You can visit the Bitprime Gold website here if you are convinced that it’s the right bet. Otherwise, keep reading to find out if this bot is worth an investment. This review will also provide tips to help you enjoy the amazing returns.

Bitprime Gold Explained!

For the sake of beginners, let’s first discuss the concept of automated trading in general. The automated trading concept dates back to 1949.

According to Wikipedia, a person known as Richard Donchian developed a simple set of rules to buy and sell funds. The set of rules was implemented manually. This made the approach tedious and unreliable.

 It was not until the 1980s that computers were adopted in automated trading. Implementing trading rules through powerful computers has been highly successful in all asset classes. Many people have earned fortunes through automated trading systems.

Bitprime Gold is an extremely powerful automated trading system. The system is developed on AI to implement a sophisticated set of trading rules. Moreover, the AI algorithms enable the platform to learn from data and improve decision making.

Bitprime Gold is built to trade bitcoin through CFDs. The system is among the most successful trading robots in the modern age. As we will see below, this platform can make a fortune out of a mere $250 deposit. There is no reason you shouldn’t become one of the robot’s success stories.

Follow the tips provided later in this review to get great results from this platform. You can use the BitPrime Gold demo and the profits calculator to determine the potential found in this bot. Do not forget that all asset trading, in general, involves a significant degree of risk.

The Pros and Cons in a Summary

Pros Cons
Superior performance High trading risk
Easy to use Not available in the US
Transparent trading environment Limited signup slots offered on a lottery basis
Secure trading platforms  
Free deposits and withdrawals  
Affordable trading capital  
No registration fees  
24/7 customer support  

Bitprime Gold Review: How the robot works

This trading bot is reportedly developed out of the trading strategies used by leading Wall Street banks to make insane profits on bitcoin.

The bitcoin boom of 2016/2017 was reportedly triggered through heavy trading by powerful algorithmic bots. Bitprime Gold was reportedly developed in 2018 by two ex-Wall Street computer scientists. These scientists are reportedly behind the most profitable trading robots in WST today.

Bitprime Gold is developed on a secret trading strategy these banks use to make money off crypto volatility. The platform uses AI algorithms to place bets on the ups and downs of bitcoin. Trading happens through financial derivatives known as Contract for Differences (CFDs).

As explained earlier, trading with Bitprime Gold is quite easy. This is because its algorithms conduct all the technical trading research. The signals generated from the trading research are sent to an underlying broker for instant order placing.

These brokers are top quality and provide the best liquidity for instant order placing. Instant order placing is extremely important in crypto, given how fast the markets move. A delay in order placing can lead to the orders being executed at a worse off price.

Bitprime Gold Tradable Instruments

CFDs derivatives are popular across all asset classes, including stock, market indices, forex, commodities, and crypto. Bitprime Gold is one of the most powerful algorithmic trading robots for bitcoin CFDs. The bot claims to ride the volatility of up to 200 bitcoin CFD pairs.

These pairs include the BTC as the base currency and viral altcoins as the quote currency. Some of the pairs include fiat currencies such as the GBP, EUR, USD, NZD, AUD, JPY, and CAD. The robot links to brokers offering margin trading of up to 5000:1.

Margin trading magnifies trade size, hence helping traders generate huge profits from a small investment. Trading on high leverage requires a robust risk management process. Bitprime Gold comes with powerful tools to help you manage trading risk.

Please note that these tools minimize the risk but do not eliminate it. You can still make losses in unpredictable market events. A prudent investor always diversifies their portfolio. High-risk investments such as Bitprime Gold shouldn’t take more than 10% of your investment.

Bitprime Gold Features

This trading robot comes with some exciting features. These features are what make it stand out from competitors. Bitprime Gold outperforms all trading robots across the automated trading industry. The features explained below are its strength.

Highly effective News Trading Algorithm

News trading is the holy grail of success in fast-paced trading. This is because short-term price movements are mostly driven by news. Bitprime Gold uses its NLP algorithms to derive insights from the news.

Powerful Price Trend Analysis Algorithm

Bitprime Gold has an algorithm for price trend analysis. This algorithm studies bitcoin CFDs price data and identifies trends. The robot uses these trends to predict future price movements. Price trend analysis is a popular trading strategy in automated and manual trading.

Powerful Statistical Volatility Arbitrage approach

The statistical volatility arbitrage technique is unique to this trading bot. Bitprime Gold algorithms analyze bitcoin CFDs’ pairs across different markets. The goal is to identify and take advantage of price discrepancies. The bot places up to 300 volatility arbitrage trades daily.

Why are trading robots superior to manual trading?

Trading robots have gained massive popularity in the last few years. Today, institutional traders are pumping billions of dollars into developing trading robots.

This is because trading bots have proven more profitable than professional wealth managers. Moreover, trading bots are less costly than investment managers. A typical investment manager charges thousands of dollars in fund management fees on top of a trading commission of up 30%.

Most leading trading bots only charge a 2% commission on profitable trades. Some like Bitprime Gold do not charge any trading license fees. We will discuss the five key reasons you should trade with an automated trading system below.

Highly profitable trading

Trading bots utilize a sophisticated algorithm to track market movements and predict future prices. The best robots can predict future prices at an extremely high-level accuracy. Over 90% of the trades generated by these bots are profitable.

Bitprime Gold has a win rate of 95% and generates daily profits of up to 300%. The profits generated by this bot are magnified by the leverage applied. We insist you treat Bitprime Gold as super risky since leveraged trading magnifies all trading outcomes.

Best for complete beginners

Automated trading systems can be semi-automated or fully automated. A significant trading experience is mandatory to operate a semi-automated trading system.

However, no trading skill is needed to run the fully automated trading robot. Fully automated trading bots are a perfect bet for complete beginners. Bitprime Gold is a fully automated trading system. You don’t need any trading background to make it with this system.

Automated trading systems such as Bitprime Gold are also a good bet for those who can’t afford the time to do trading research. You only need to set aside a few minutes daily to trade. You need to run Bitprime Gold for at least 7 hours daily without interruption to get the best results.

Makes money from slight market movements

Trading robots are developed to ride asset volatility. Most rely on big data to predict short-term price movements. The best trading bots use AI to analyze big data.

Their AI-driven algorithms enable them to capture even the slightest volatility. Bitprime Gold reportedly captures hundreds of trades daily. These trades are automatically sent to an underlying broker’s system for execution.

The underlying brokers offer advanced order placing to ensure instant order execution. Orders must be placed instantly in fast-paced volatility trading. Failure to execute orders instantly can lead to negative slippage and hence losses. 

Bitprime Gold claims that its supporting brokers execute orders instantly. We have investigated these brokers and found them to be great. They are also well regulated and highly transparent.

Eliminates emotions in trading

Trading robots eliminate the emotions that limit successful trading. These include greed and fear. Greed makes traders hold profitable trades for too long. This can lead to the profits getting reversed.

On the other hand, fear makes the trader close the losing trade too soon. This prevents them from exploiting the trade fully. Bitprime Gold comes with Stop Loss and Take Profit tools to help users control their trading emotions.

These features are popular across all asset classes. You will find a video explaining these features on this trading bot’s resources page.

What are the risks of Automated Trading?

Automated trading has its disadvantages. As we will see below, Bitprime Gold has measures to minimize these risks.

Less secured trading bots can be hacked

Trading robots are a top target for cyberattacks. Analysts estimate that hundreds of trading robots have been hacked in the last year. The automated trading industry has lost billions of dollars through hacking in the last five years.

Bitprime Gold users have nothing to worry about since the trading system is protected through advanced measures. These include high grade server-side and site encryption and a comprehensive data safety policy.

The Bitprime Gold data safety policy reportedly aligns with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Consequently, users have a 99.99% data privacy guarantee. The robot claims to have a standby team to address any cyber incidents.

High likelihood of losses in high volatility

No trading robot has a 100% accuracy level. This means that you could lose money in highly volatile markets. Some trading robots have an extremely high accuracy level.

For instance, Bitprime Gold has a daily return rate of above 95%. This means that it’s generally profitable. But the profitability is not assured. You can make losses in unexpected market events. 

An in-depth look into Bitprime Gold reviews indicates that some users have made losses in highly volatile market events.

Bitprime Gold Review – Final Word!

Bitprime Gold offers you the opportunity to overhaul your finances. The robot has been recommended by many financial experts in the UK and Australia.

But what are the core benefits of investing in this robot? This trading platform has earned itself a big name among the most profitable bitcoin robots in 2022. Many users have reviewed it, and the feedback is superb.

Tens of experts also echo the positive feedback. At least 15 top experts have ranked Bitcoin Gold prime position one on the top ten most profitable bitcoin robots in 2022. These experts claim to come to this conclusion after conducting live tests on the platform.

The platform includes a live trading session and rigorous penetration testing to determine if the platform is safe. We didn’t conduct a live test, but we are confident that it’s profitable given the positive user feedback.

This robot has put in place all the necessary client safety measures. These include high-grade site encryption and a robust data safety policy. With high-grade encryption, the site is foolproof from data theft. The Bitprime Gold data privacy policy is anchored on the GPDR to ensure safety for all users.

A closer look at the feedback from experts and individual users confirms that this platform is extremely easy to use. You can easily find your way around the platform and make money from day one of trading.

As is expected, trading is risky, and the profits are never assured. But the profitability opportunity associated with this platform makes it worthwhile. Try it today but only invest not more than you can afford to lose.