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Bitcode Prime Review – Is it a Profitable and Reliable Bitcoin Robot? The $250 Test!

Bitcode Prime is a viral platform said to generate mouthwatering profits on automated bitcoin trading. The platform is web-based and can be used on desktop and mobile devices. Its mobile version is the hybrid version of its web trader.

Many of the Bitcode Prime reviews we have read show that it’s super profitable and built for the complete beginner. Trading with this bot reportedly happens with a click of a button. The trading research and order placing happen on autopilot.

But is Bitcode Prime a dependable bitcoin volatility trading platform? We have used our foolproof robot testing methods to find out. The findings are a bit surprising. Don’t register until you have read this post to the end.

Platform type Automated trading robot
Tradable asset Up to 200 BTC CFDs
Minimum deposit USD250
Trading experience required None
Claimed profitability rate Up to 300% in volatility peaks
Risk level Moderate compared to other trading robots
Trading platforms Web/ mobile
Safety AES-256 encryption
Customer support 24/7 via mobile, live chat, and email


We have years of experience investigating trading tools and writing comprehensive reviews for our readers. Many of you have asked us to review Bitcode Prime.

We have done our best to investigate it and offer detailed and objective feedback. You will find the requisite information to help you make an informed choice in this post.

But first things first, let’s answer the most important question.

Bitcode Prime is genuine and highly reliable. The positive expert and user feedback prove this trading bot’s reliability.

We have gone through hundreds of testimonials and concluded that this bot is super reputable. Many users have given it an excellent rating on sites such as Trustpilot.

Bitcode Prime is undoubtedly easy to operate. Many describe the trading experience with the bot to be game-like. This trading bot claims to have invested in the best technologies to ensure a fun trading experience for users.

You can use Bitcode Prime on tablets, mobile, and desktops. The platform is a web-trader version that works well on almost any browser. You can use it on a desktop browser or install its hybrid mobile app.

This robot is extremely affordable. It’s amazingly priced compared to other auto-trading robots. You can run it with only $250 in trading capital and generate amazing profits. You won’t pay the signup or account maintenance fee. The only charge is a trading commission of 2% per profitable trade.

What is Bitcode Prime?

Bitcode Prime is a powerful computer program built on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate bitcoin speculation.

The program is reportedly the most advanced AI-trading system in all categories. It has gone viral in the last few months thanks to its increasing profitability rate. Many of its reviewers claim to earn a windfall of profits in the current bitcoin price correction.

Bitcoin has experienced insane volatility recently, with its price plunging by over 50%. Bitcode Prime trades CFDs through techniques such as short-selling. Short selling ensures high-level profitability in plummeting crypto prices.

The expert reviews we have read confirm that this robot uses sophisticated HFT techniques to ride volatility. The HFT techniques allow the bot to make money on all market volatility. However, profitability is high during volatility peaks.

Bitcoin has many volatility peaks and offers opportunities to make money during these events. Bitcode Prime has been observed to generate crazy returns during periods of extreme volatility. The daily return during these periods can shoot to 300%.

This bot trades on leverage; hence it’s possible to earn up to $1000 from a $250 deposit. Expert reviews claim that this bot can consistently deliver a 15% profit daily. If this is the case, then Bitcode Prime can make you a millionaire within months of ploughing back the earnings from a $250 deposit.

The Pros and Cons of Trading with Bitcode Prime

Bitcode Prime is the right bet for anyone interested in making money on the internet. Its cons and pros are summarized in the table below.

Pros Cons
Amazing returns High-level trading risk
Easy to use Not available in some countries
Safe trading environment Limited signup slots
Affordable for all  
Transparent trading  
No registration fees  
Free and fast deposit  
Fast withdrawals  
Multiple withdrawal methods  
Responsive customer support  


Bitcode Prime is moderately risky when compared to other bitcoin trading options. All crypto trading is highly risky compared to traditional assets trading. We will discuss each of the pros listed above in the robot’s features section.

Bitcode Prime Features Explained

This robot offers a superior trading experience when compared to other trading bots. The features below are what make it unique.

Amazing Returns

This is the number one selling point of this trading bot. Bitcode Prime is a super performer, with daily return rates rising to 300% in high volatility.

Volatility peaks are many in bitcoin trading. This means that you will earn a windfall of profits many times when trading with this bot. The profitability in normal volatility periods is also amazing.

Most experts agree that Bitcode Prime can consistently deliver a 15% return daily in normal volatility. However, nothing is promised, given the unpredictability of the crypto markets.

Easy to use Trading System

Bitcode Prime makes bitcoin volatility trading easy. Any complete beginner can set up their trading account easily and earn profits from the start.

Some beginners claim that the profits started trickling in from the first minute of trading. This platform comes with game-like features to help you enjoy the trading process. Moreover, you don’t need to spend hours monitoring the trading.

The robot seems to deliver the best returns if left to run without interruption for at least 8 hours daily.

Safe Trading Environment

User safety is paramount in any form of trading. A secure platform should implement measures that guarantee users’ data safety.

These include login page encryption and a policy defining its interaction with users’ data. Bitcode Prime has all these measures in place. Firstly, its URL has the padlock symbol meaning that all the data submitted through it is encrypted.

Secondly, the Bitcode Prime data privacy policy is detailed. We can confirm that it is well-aligned with the global data privacy regulations. Bitcode Prime alleges full compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Affordable for all

You don’t have to stake a lot of money to succeed with this platform. Some Bitcode Prime users have made fortunes out of the minimum deposit of USD250.

Moreover, you don’t have to pay any signup fees to use this robot. Only the 2% commission per profitable trade is deducted from your trading account. The underlying broker offers competitive spreads starting from as low as zero fees.

You are likely not to feel these charges, given the insane profitability of this platform. As explained earlier, profitability is highly likely but never assured. Invest wisely!

Transparent Trading

Bitcode Prime is dedicated to transparent trading. The platform claims to offer a blockchain-driven trading ecosystem.

All the transactions in this ecosystem are published on an immutable public ledger. This means that users can monitor all the data relating to their accounts in real-time. Moreover, all transactions happen through a smart contracts system.

The smart contracts system ensures full transparency hence eliminating the likelihood of disputes. Bitcode Prime has made adequate disclosures on its website.

Seamless withdrawals

We can confirm that withdrawals with Bitcode Prime are free and instant. However, you may have to wait if you are withdrawing through an unverified method.

Visit the robot’s funds management page to verify your withdrawal method. Upload the requisite documents for withdrawal confirmation. Bitcode Prime encrypts your billing information through top-level AES 256 protocol.

This robot doesn’t charge withdrawal fees for up to 10 withdrawals every month. The maximum you can withdraw in a single transaction is $20,000. This means that you can withdraw up to 200k per month for free. The withdrawal fee after the tenth one is 1% per transaction.

Excellent customer services

We are satisfied with this trading bot’s customer support services. Bitcode Prime offers 24/7 support services via mobile, landline, and live chat.

You should call them or use the live chat feature for urgent inquiries. We have checked the provided phone numbers and determined that they are traceable to the company behind the robot.

You should only use email for less urgent inquiries since it could take up to 24 hours to get a reply. The Bitcode Prime customer support team collaborates with that of the underlying broker to ensure that you get all help in one place.

How does Bitcode Prime work?

Analysts estimate that millions of people globally are making money online today. A good percentage of the online income earners are bitcoin traders.

Bitcoin trading is a hot subject among people looking for ways to earn a living online. This is because it can be super profitable, given how volatile the industry is. Trading involves placing bets on the ups and downs of an asset.

You can trade an asset directly or through financial derivatives. Trading through financial derivatives is more profitable due to the use of leverage. Financial leverage refers to a debt capital used by the broker to increase the size of a trade.

The debt is lien-free, but you can trade to the negative if you don’t use a negative balance protection tool. A negative balance protection tool defines the level of losses at which trading should be suspended. This prevents the losses from going into the negative.

You can trade bitcoin derivatives manually or through an auto-trading system. Trading manually requires skills and may not be as profitable as automated trading. The best-automated trading system is beginner-friendly and super profitable.

Bitcode Prime is expert-tested and proven to be profitable and easy to use. This bot is your best bet if you are interested in getting into the crypto trading game. The steps to get you started with Bitcode Prime are explained below.

STEP ONE: Registration

This should be a cup of tea if you can follow simple instructions to the letter. Please fill out the Bitcode Prime signup form and countercheck the information before submitting it. Please note that your account will be suspended if the registration information is inaccurate.

STEP TWO: Account Verification

This step involves the verification of personal information. You will be asked to upload the proof to the information submitted in the previous step. The brokers supporting this bot mostly ask for a photo of a government-issued ID card. You can continue with step 3 as the broker process the verification document.

STEP THREE: Account funding

Select a payment method and fund your account. The account funding process is self-explanatory. You can make a direct transfer from your bank through wire or use debit and credit cards. Some e-wallets are also eligible. The deposit is free, and the money will reflect in your account within seconds.

STEP FOUR: Live Trading

You must read the instructions carefully before going live. Bitcode Prime comes with a video tutorial to help you understand the settings fully. Also offered is a powerful demon. Use the demo to try out different settings before starting a live session. Only proceed to the live account after understanding the trading platform fully.

Bitcode Prime Review – Final Word

This trading platform has earned itself the number one position in most of the experts’ best bitcoin robots list.

A simple search on Google confirms that Bitcode Prime is reviewed in the world’s most reputable publications. Only high-quality trading programs get reviewed on these platforms. We have read most expert reviews, and they all confirm that this robot is the next big thing in the crypto trading circles.

Bitcode Prime has been around since 2020 but has already made many people extremely rich. Nearly half of all bitcoin millionaires today have reportedly earned their wealth through this platform. We haven’t tried this robot, but we are convinced given the many positive testimonials from users.

Bitcode Prime Trustpilot page ranks top with tens of thousands of 5-star ratings. The general rating was 4.7/5 by the time of publishing this review. This made it the most reviewed and best-rated bitcoin robot in 2022.

Bitcode Prime claims an amazing daily profitability rate of up to 300% in volatility peaks. The robot uses techniques such as news trading and price trend analysis to identify these peaks. Please remember that all the volatility trading with this bot happens on autopilot.


Is Bitcode Prime as profitable as claimed?

Bitcode Prime is a powerful bot with amazing daily returns of up to 300%. We have gone through the feedback from its users and didn’t find anything to suggest that the profitability claims are false.

Are there any trading license charges?

This bot is free for all. However, it may not be offered on a free license for long. Bitcode Prime has recently hinted that it will introduce a trading license fee in the future. Those who are lucky to get a free trading license now could enjoy it for a lifetime.

Do I pay any fees to trade with Bitcode Prime?

You will pay a trading fee in highly competitive spreads and a small commission on every profitable trade. Trading fees and commissions are insignificant compared to the potential profits.

Can I use Bitcode Prime on my mobile phone?

You can use Bitcode Prime on any mobile device. Trading can happen on the browser or through its hybrid app. The Bitcode Prime app download link is published on its resources page. You will also receive it via email upon finishing the signup.

How many hours should I dedicate to trading?

Run the robot for at least 6 hours every day for the best trading outcome. The ideal trading time is between 8 AM and 4 PM. You should choose the New York or London time zones since they offer the most crypto volatility.