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Is BitProfit a Scam? An in-depth review by an Expert Trader!

Many people have earned amazing profits online by trading financial assets. However, trading is not as easy as some may want you to believe.

You need skills and the right trading tools to trade financial assets manually. But you don’t have to trade manually since there are powerful tools that automate the entire trading process. BitProfit is the most popular automated FX, stock, and crypto trading platform.

This platform is a viral trend in all trading circles due to its alleged insane profitability. But is BitProfit legit and profitable? We will find out in this post.

Robot type Fully automated
Tradable asset classes CFDs on crypto, Fx, and stock
Minimum investment USD250
Potential profits Up to 30% daily
Trading platforms Web and mobile
Withdrawal fees None
Hidden fees None


What is BitProfit?

BitProfit is a system that utilizes AI algorithms to automate the trading of hundreds of assets. The bot trades the FX, stock, and crypto.

It works with an underlying broker to trade these financial assets. Users are matched with the broker on registration and asked to select their preferred asset class. The bot applies its unique algorithms to identify and implement the best trades through the broker.

BitProfit users do not need any technical background to trade. This is because the underlying algorithms do everything for them. These algorithms integrate with the broker’s system in the background. The broker’s system could be the MT4, MT5, cTrader, or a proprietary platform.

You don’t have to master any of these platforms to trade. The BitProfit trading interface is highly customized to support traders from all levels. You only need to adjust a few settings manually to trade. Adjusting the settings should be easy for all.

We can confirm that this platform comes with all the materials you need to be fully prepared. These include the trading guide and a demo platform for practice. We encourage all users to go through the materials carefully before getting started.

Also, take your time on the BitProfit demo account to be fully prepared. Failure to prepare adequately could lead to painful losses. Read on to learn about the many assets you can trade with this bot.

BitProfit Amazon, Tesla, and other top stock CFDs!

This trading bot’s stock CFDs trading algorithm is extremely powerful. The algorithm can analyze hundreds of stocks and generate multiple signals every hour.

These signals are reportedly executed through an underlying broker’s system. The BitProfit software links with the broker’s system in the background for order execution. Orders relayed by the robot are implemented instantly to avoid slippage.

BitProfit reportedly offers exposure to top S&P 500 shares. The bot trades volatile shares such as Amazon, Netflix, Google, Facebook, NVIDIA, Cocacola, and many more. These shares are selected and traded based on volatility. The higher the stock volatility, the more money the robot reportedly makes.

The BitProfit Amazon trading capabilities have attracted massive attention lately. Amazon is a super volatile stock and, therefore, a good bet when traded through CFDs. The BitProfit Amazon trading algorithm reportedly generates over 20% of the profits made.

This algorithm is reportedly built on Machine Learning (ML) technologies to automatically improve decision-making as it interacts with data. ML technology is a subset of AI that helps machines to learn from data.

BitProfit Crypto – Bitcoin, Etherum, BCH, DOGE, and more

This platform is also built to trade crypto CFDs on trending coins. Its algorithm can reportedly predict crypto volatility at high accuracy. This makes it the best for crypto CFDs trading.

Crypto CFDs trading can be super profitable when done correctly. This is because the industry is super volatile and its volatility is mostly news-driven. Therefore, a good crypto CFDs trading robot must have the tools to conduct news research.

BitProfit uses AI to trade the news. Its AI algorithms scan the market for new information and predict its impact on price swings. Any positive news drives the prices up while negative news drives the prices down. The BitProfit algorithm can capture the magnitude of the volatility.

This bot gives you exposure to hundreds of trending cryptocurrencies. These include popular ones such as Bitcoin and Ethereum and the less popular ones such as APECOIN, DOGE, and SHIBA. The bot works with the best brokers to trade CFDs on the less popular coins.

BitProfix fx-trading – Trade CFDs on the USD, EUR, CAD, and more

You can use BitProfit to trade CFDs on FX. The FX industry is highly lucrative for traders who have the right tools. Many experts conclude that this bot is the best for FX trading.

BitProfit claims to offer CFDs on over 45 FX pairs. These pairs revolve around the top 7 most traded currencies. They include the USD, EUR, JPY, CAD, CHF, AUD, and GBP. This bot claims to magnify the profits by trading on leverage of up to 5000:1.

Trading CFDs on high leverage could be super profitable. However, there is also a big possibility of losing all the invested money. As we will see below, BitProfit offers a variety of risk management tools to help you minimize the trading risk.

But you shouldn’t assume that this bot is risk-free. There is still a likelihood of losses, especially in unprecedented market events. Try the bot but don’t put all your savings into it.

BitProfit features

This CFDs robot comes with some amazing features. It’s through these features that the bot can deliver handsome profits daily.

Most of the features are unique to this platform. This explains why it’s reportedly the most advanced CFD trading robot in the market.

Some of the features improve the bot’s performance when trading all assets. Others only improve the performance of the bot when trading certain assets. The top 5 BitProfit features are discussed below.

News trading algorithms

The news-trading technique is applied across asset classes. BitProfit, therefore, uses this technique when trading all assets.

The technique is implemented by its powerful AI-driven algorithms. These algorithms reportedly read billions of web pages to identify and trade emerging news. The algorithms can identify relevant news with 100% accuracy and differentiate them from fake news.

News trading is more effective in crypto CFDs trading. This is because of the industry’s sensitivity to breaking news.

Price Trend Analysis algorithms

The price trend technique is also insanely profitable when implemented accurately. This technique falls in the technical analysis category.

Trading research is categorized into technical analysis and fundamental analysis. Technical analysis involves the study of quantitative data. On the other hand, fundamental analysis involves the study of qualitative data.

In price trend analysis, the BitProfit algorithm predicts future price behaviour by analyzing historical price data.

Multi-asset trading

One of the unique features of the BitProfit system is its ability to trade multiple assets simultaneously.

You can select a maximum of two asset classes on registration. The bot will trade these asset classes simultaneously. Trading two asset classes simultaneously help you diversify the trading risk. This is because the losses on one asset class will be complemented by the gains on the other asset class.

Experts encourage BitProfit users to trade more than one asset class. However, you could still earn insane profits by trading one asset class.

Multiple trading platforms

You can use the BitProfit system while on the go through its intuitive mobile app. The app has all the tools needed to set the robot and monitor the trading process.

You can use the mobile app on your Android and iOS devices. Unfortunately, the BitProfit is not listed on Google Play or App Store. You can only access it through a link shared via email. The link is at the bottom of the email sent immediately after registration.

You can use the web version on any browser. For safety purposes, avoid using the less popular browsers. Only use Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, or Brave.

BitProfit App Review – Is it a scam?

BitProfit is viral crypto and stock CFDs trading robot. This bot has broken the internet with tens of thousands of posts daily on platforms such as Reddit.

It has also been reviewed many times in major crypto publications. But is the platform, or is it genuine and reliable. Our team has investigated BitProfit and prepared an unbiased review. Below are the justifications for this platform’s authenticity.

  • BitProfit proves its commitment to transparency by operating in a blockchain-based ecosystem. This ecosystem enables users to keep tabs on everything related to their accounts.
  • BitProfit great reputation is enough proof of the satisfaction of its clients. The bot has amazing reviews on the web and all over social media. 
  • This trading system is backed by popular brokers. All its partner brokers have an amazing reputation in the CFDs industry.
  • We’ve tested this trading bot and found it to implement powerful trading technologies. These technologies justify its performance.
  • BitProfit implements all the predetermined trading conditions through a smart contract system. This system ensures a 100% implementation of all the agreed trading conditions.
  • The BitProfit website is developed on military-grade encryption. Moreover, it relies on Amazon S3 encryption for server-side protection. Only the best trading robots implement such high-quality safety measures.

There are a lot of trading opportunities to explore with this bot. You could join the coveted list of successful traders within months of using the bot. However, don’t ignore the risks associated with CFDs trading. This trading bot allows you to manage the trading risk depending on your risk appetite.

BitProfit Risk Management

You are a successful trader if you can manage your risk. Experts agree that risk management is the most important skill in trading. A good trading robot must be equipped with the best risk management tools.

BitProfit offers powerful risk management tools. These include a Stop Loss (SL) and a Take Profit (TP). An SL helps the trader predetermine when a losing trade is closed. This eliminates the risk of holding a losing trade for too long or closing a losing trade too soon.

The TP, on the other hand, helps the trader predetermine when a winning trade should close. This prevents them from holding on to a losing trade for too long. The SL and TP tools prevent emotion-based decision-making in trading.

Experts agree that the emotions of fear and greed are the enemies of success in any trading and investment.

Is BitProfit safe? Our Findings!

Online safety is extremely important in trading. Cyberattacks targeting manual and automated trading systems have increased rapidly in recent years.

Some cyberattacks have targeted popular trading platforms and wiped out billions of dollars in trading capital. Also, some attacks have stolen traders’ billing information and used it to perpetrate unrelated attacks. You should, therefore, only trade with platforms with a safety track record.

We have subjected BitProfit to thorough safety checks. The checks include penetration testing on its official site. We have also gone through their data privacy policy to determine if it aligns with the global requirements.

The safety tests confirm that their site is built on the coveted AES256 encryption. Websites secured through this protocol are considered 100% secure. The BitProfit data privacy policy seems aligned with the global requirements.

We have also read BitProfit reviews on tens of publications and didn’t find any complaints about it. This trading system claims to have a standby cyber incident response team to address any security challenges that may arise.

Any serious trading platform must invest in such a team, given that cyberattacks are becoming more complicated daily.

BitProfit Review – Final Word!

This trading program could be your best investment today. Many people are coming forward and claiming to earn amazing profits with it.

The experts also agree that it’s a revolutionary trading bot with amazing daily return rates. Some expert publications rank this crypto robot among the top 3 most profitable automated trading tools globally.

BitProfit uses sophisticated technologies to implement multiple fast-paced trading techniques. The fast-paced trading techniques ensure profitability in all markets, including when asset prices plummet.

If the reviews are anything to go by, then this bot is the best for stock and crypto CFDs short-selling. Despite the sophisticated trading technologies, the trading system is extremely easy to use. As is evident in reviews on leading passive online investment blogs, this bot is super popular with passive online investors.

Many authoritative publications report that BitProfit is legit. We also conclude the same after analyzing related big data. There is also enough proof of the robot’s profitability claims. While all data indicate a high likelihood of profitability, we insist you take extra precautions when trading with it.

Leveraged CFDs trading is super risky. Any prudent investor doesn’t put all their money in one high-risk investment.


Is BitProfit a scam?

BitProfit is heavily tested by experts and confirmed as genuine. The platform observes high-level transparency. Moreover, it has acquired partnerships with some of the world’s best brokers. Any trading deposit goes to the underlying broker.

Is BitProfit safe?

An analysis of experts’ feedback shows that BitProfit is a secure crypto trading system. The platform runs on a blockchain system for high-level transparency. Moreover, it secures all registration data through high-grade encryption measures.

Can I use BitProfit to trade Tesla (TSLA)?

BitProfit trades CFDs on stock and crypto. Tesla is one of the most traded stocks globally. You can make money on its volatility through the BitProfit system. You can also trade other popular stocks such as Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

How much does BitProfit cost?

BitProfit is in the final months of the pilot testing phase. This means that it’s still license-free. A registration fee will be introduced at the end of the pilot testing phase. You shouldn’t register for the free license now since those who manage to secure it will enjoy it for a lifetime.