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Bitcoin SuperSplit Review 2020: Complete Signup Guide!

Bitcoin SuperSplit is among the most popular bitcoin trading robots today. This robot is allegedly a top performer, but is it legit?

We have carried out multiple checks on Bitcoin SuperSplit trading platform, and it seems legit. The robot also seems popular with users and is reportedly one of the top bitcoin robots for 2020. Moreover, it is entirely auto, and hence anyone can trade with it.

This review will take an in-depth look at the features that make Bitcoin SuperSplit worthwhile. We will also offer tips to help you improve your chances with this robot. Read to the end before signing up with Bitcoin SuperSplit.


What is Bitcoin SuperSplit?

Bitcoin SuperSplit was founded by a team of former Wall Street bankers to help people trade bitcoin with ease.

It reportedly uses the trading secrets used by institutional traders in Wall Street to generate above market rate returns. Anyone who invests with Bitcoin SuperSplit can supposedly earn up to $1500 daily from an investment of just $250.

Bitcoin SuperSplit is said to apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies and blockchain to ensure high returns. The use of AI in trading is widespread in Wall Street and is mostly usebHigh-Frequency Traders (HFT) and scalpers.

For the record, HFT involves the application of powerful computers to transact large orders in a split of a second. Scalping, on the other hand, is a technique that capitalizes on small price changes, especially after a trade executes.

The trading lingo used in this review shouldn’t scare you since you won’t need it to trade with Bitcoin SuperSplit. This trading robot runs on autopilot and only requires very little manual input. You only need to read the trading instructions, and you are good to go.

Bitcoin SuperSplit trading education materials are written and explained in layman’s terms and hence are easy to understand for all.

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Remember that all investment opportunities carries risk.

How to create an account with Bitcoin SuperSplit

Registering and trading with Bitcoin SuperSplit is a smooth process. Simply visit this link and follow the self-explanatory registration process.

As mentioned earlier, you need to go through the Bitcoin SuperSplit education centre before going live. Bitcoin SuperSplit trading education materials are only accessible after deposit. You will also be assigned a dedicated account manager to help you master the robot faster.


Firstly, click here to open your Bitcoin SuperSplit account and fill the registration form on the top right corner. Ensure that you crosscheck your details to avoid problems during verification.

Agree to their terms and conditions and also select the receive updates checkbox. Failure to opt-in the mailing list means that you will miss the regular updates shared by Bitcoin SuperSplit. It is also essential that you read their terms and conditions before registering an account.

Bitcoin SuperSplit will prompt you to verify your email and phone number. You will also be required to verify identity on the matched broker’s page. Identity verification is in line with KYC regulatory requirements in most countries.


Fund your account with at least USD 250 to be able to participate in the bitcoin market. As stated earlier, it’s the mandate of the underlying broker to facilitate deposits.

We have ascertained that Bitcoin SuperSplit partner brokers are trustworthy. They rely on tier-one regulators such as the UK Financial Conduct Authority. In Australia, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) regulates them.

You can fund your Bitcoin SuperSplit account through debit/credit cards, wire transfer, e-wallets, bitcoin, and many others.

Demo practice

The Bitcoin SuperSplit education centre is well equipped to help users adequately prepare before going live.

The available trading education materials include video tutorials and manuals. These materials are available in layman’s language and hence are easy to understand for all. Bitcoin SuperSplit also offers periodic webinars to update users of the current developments in the crypto markets.

One of the areas to pay more attention to during the education phase is risk management. Bitcoin SuperSplit, similarly to other robots such as Bitcoin Profit and Bitcoin Trader, offers tools such as Negative Balance Protection, Take Profit, and Stop Loss to help users define risk.

The Bitcoin SuperSplit demo simulates real market experience to help users to prepare for the live trading experience adequately.

Live Trading

This should be easy if you have practised enough through the demo account. The only thing you need to do before clicking the live session button is to adjust the risk settings.

Risk features in Bitcoin SuperSplit include the Stop Loss, Take Profit and Negative Balance Protection. The Stop-Loss feature helps you define the amount of risk you are willing to take per trade. We suggest that you do not risk more than 10% of your capital per trade.

The Take Profit feature helps you avoid greed by defining when to close positive trades. Negative Balance Protection, on the other hand, shields you from trading into the negative.

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Remember that all investment opportunities carry a certain risk.

Roles of Partner Brokers in Trading with Bitcoin SuperSplit

Bitcoin SuperSplit has expanded reach to over 130 countries globally and is in partnership with over 50 brokers. In auto trading, the roles of a broker, including receiving orders from the bot and placing them in the markets.

Consequently, it is the broker that handles all transactions given that they are the one that does the buying and selling as instructed by the robot. All deposits on Bitcoin SuperSplit happen through the partner broker.

Top-tier regulators monitor these brokers, and hence users have an assurance that their funds are safe. Well-regulated brokers usually observe safety measures such as deposit segregation and belonging to a deposit protection scheme. Deposit segregation involves the broker separating clients’ funds from their operating budget.

The aim is to ensure that they cannot use clients’ funds for unintended purposes. A deposit protection scheme is a form of insurance that guarantees clients a refund in the event of the broker going bankrupt.

Another role of the broker is to offer leverage to users. Leverage is a form of debt provided relative to the invested capital. Bitcoin SuperSplit brokers offer leverage of up to 5000:1. Consequently, traders can take positions worth up to $5000 for every $1 of invested capital.

High leverage magnifies both profits and losses, and hence it is vital to take extra precaution when trading with it.

How to get the most out of Bitcoin SuperSplit

Bitcoin SuperSplit is an auto robot that trades BTC through a financial derivative known as Contract for Difference (CFD).

The robot’s performance depends on various factors among them the trading settings, level of volatility in the markets, and the invested capital. As mentioned above, the risk you apply per trade is what will determine performance. High risk per trade magnifies potential but may also lead to devastating losses. As a rule of thumb, do not risk more than 10% of your capital on a single trade.

Bitcoin SuperSplit claims to perform extraordinarily well during periods of extreme market volatility. You need to ensure that the robot is running during such periods. The best time zone to run the robot is the Eastern Daylight Time since this is the period that live trading is happening in Wall Street.

Bitcoin SuperSplit offers an events calendar to help users take advantage of event-triggered volatility. You should ensure that the bot is running during these events. As mentioned earlier, Bitcoin SuperSplit offers all new users a dedicated account manager. You should engage them for any clarifications, including how events trigger volatility.

While this robot seems to have good potential, it also comes at a risk. It is therefore advisable that you take your time to understand it before risking your funds. Moreover, you should only invest what won’t devastate life if you lost it. Starting small allows you the peace of mind that you will not make significant losses and gives you time to observe how Bitcoin SuperSplit works.

Is Bitcoin SuperSplit legit? The verdict!

Bitcoin SuperSplit seems to be legit. This robot has a generally positive online feedback. Moreover, it operates in transparency, the platform is active and it works with regulated brokers.

We can confirm that all the details needed by users to make informed choices are published on their website. This includes the identity of the founder and the trading technologies behind the robot.

Bitcoin SuperSplit has reportedly won various awards among them the best performer for 2020 award by the US Trading Association. Follow the link below to try your luck with this robot.

Open account now

Remember that all investment opportunities carry a certain risk.


What is Bitcoin SuperSplit?

Bitcoin SuperSplit is a trading bot that trades BTC CFDs on behalf of its users. The robot is said to apply AI and blockchain to ensure high performance.

How much does Bitcoin SuperSplit cost?

Bitcoin SuperSplit charges a 2% commission on earnings made through it. Unlike most competitors, it doesn’t charge any license fees.

How much can I make with Bitcoin SuperSplit?

The earning potential with this robot depends on how much you invest and the current market conditions There is no guarantee that you will make profits when trading with this app.

Does Bitcoin SuperSplit allow seamless withdrawals?

Yes! Bitcoin SuperSplit allows you to withdraw whenever you want. You only need to submit a request, and you will receive your money in a few hours.




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