BitQH Robot Review 2020: Is this Trading System a Scam or Legit?

BitQH is an automated trading system that makes handsome profits for users by speculating on cryptocurrencies. The robot is available in over 160 countries and has reportedly helped thousands of users get rich trading Bitcoin. 

It is said to make bitcoin trading easier even for those who have never traded before. But is BitQH legit or not? We have put this trading system under the microscope and are surprised by the results.

BitQH seems legit and may be extremely profitable from the positive reviews we have come across all over the internet. This review takes a deep dive on this robot’s features and provides trading tips to help you get started with it.

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What is BitQH?bitcoin is making people rich

BitQH is reportedly a trading system that gives ordinary people the chance to become rich by trading cryptocurrencies. As at today, total user profits allegedly amount to more than £129, 270,000.

The total number of active users from across the world has already surpassed the $83,000 mark. BitQH applies Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies to forecast on crypto prices with a 90% accuracy level.

Is BitQH a scam or legit system?

From the reports we have seen, BitQH is making thousands of people from across the globe rich. Here are some of the reasons we believe this trading system is legit.

  • BitQH generally has positive feedback from the thousands of users who have reviewed it on the internet. 
  • The robot has partnered with top-quality and tightly regulated brokers to offer users a safe trading environment.
  • BitQH has won top auto-trading awards including the Best Performing Trading System by the International Bitcoin Council.
  • The platform is secured through military-grade encryption, and it is also compliant with the EU data privacy law.
  • BitQH offers a blockchain-powered trading ecosystem. This ensures a transparent trading environment where disputes are solved through smart contract technology. 

How does BitQH make money?

The software is powered by AI algorithms to automatically speculate on cryptocurrencies. It can reportedly perform ten times better than the world’s best traders. Users are not required to pay any fees. Rather than use a typical subscription model, its primary focus is on expanding trade volumes. With the high trading volume, the robot generates good profits by charging a 2% commission on profits.

No payment is demanded on unsuccessful trades. It makes use of an algorithm to invest on your behalf. Once you make the initial deposit, you only need to sit back and relax as the software does all the heavy- lifting for you.

How to sign up to BitQHBitQH sign up form

BITQH reportedly allows users to make money while on the go. You can sign up and trade from your smartphone, tablet or personal computer.

You need to create a BitQH account to get started. It takes a few simple steps to set up your account for trading and start making money.

No specialized knowledge or skills are required to do this. The registration process shouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes if you are good at following instructions. There is a possibility that BitQH will introduce a registration fee in the future due to the increasing demand. Consequently, grab the opportunity and sign up immediately.

How to trade with BitQH

To trade with this software, you must first sign up for an account. Visit BitQH website and complete the bitqh auto tradingsignup form.  Secure the account by creating a strong password.

The beauty of this automated trading software is that if you are a novice, you can make use of a demo account to practice without risking real money. BitQH offers a dedicated account manager to introduce you through the platform.

Once you have had enough practice with the demonstration account, you can then proceed to a live trading account. BitQH does all the trading for you, and hence there is little manual input needed to make money with it. Everything is explained in the provided trading guide. 

Fund your BitQH account with at least $250 to access the trading area. If you earn profits, you have the liberty to withdraw or reinvest them.

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BitQH customer reviews and testimonials

The amount of profit earned primarily depends on how much you choose to deposit, and whether you follow trading instructions.

Laura Pearson, a resident of Liverpool, UK- learned about BitQH from a friend and about two weeks later, she made £5,439 in profits from the minimum capital of $250.

laura pearson testimonialPeter Mitchels had absolutely no idea about making money through bitcoin until he came across the BitQH app. The robot reportedly changed his perspective on cryptocurrencies and of course, boosted his financial health to greater heights. It’s now a year since he started trading and he is now a millionaire.

When Diana Smith read about BitQH in print media, she signed up right away and deposited £250. A month later, the lady who lives and works in Birmingham, UK, had made a whopping $25454 from a deposit of just $250.

Daniel Simmons, a resident of London, United Kingdom, thinks that the automated trading software is amazing. He invested £250, and only a few weeks later, he has earned more than £10,000. Before stumbling upon BitQH, earning such a huge amount of profit would have been beyond Mr Simmon’s wildest dreams.

BitQH Profitability

We all intend to get a return on our invested capital. The basic principles of investment state that the higher the risk an investor is willing to take, the higher the potential return. BitQH trading robot applies the same trading principle.

You are likely to earn more if you are willing to risk more. But there is still an opportunity to generate fortunes if you can invest as little as USD 250. If you visit BitQH’s website today, you will come across enticing testimonials from investors who report earning up to $1 million from a small initial deposit of $250.

bitqh profit calculatorBut how is that possible? Firstly, this trading bot depends on brokers that offer trading leverage of up to 5000:1. Such leverage allows traders to take positions that are five thousand times bigger than their invested capital.

Like any other type of investment vehicle, it is important to note that spending your hard-earned money on cryptocurrencies involves a degree of risk. The promise of substantial riches, earned within a short time and without exerting much effort, can be extremely tempting.

A lot of people have earned fortunes through the BitQH app, but each user has their unique experiences. Do not be tempted to invest carelessly just because some people are making money through the robot. 

Invest as little as $250 and take precautionary measures to avoid losing your hard-earned money. The secret is to withdraw the principal amount of money that you initially invested once profits start to flow in. You will be at peace, knowing that you have already recouped your initial investment.

Why is BitQH better than other robots?

BitQH trading robot is better than other robots due to the reasons listed below.

  • The trading software is automated. Once you make the initial deposit, you only need to sit back and watch as money flows in.
  • Lifetime support at absolutely no cost.
  • Can run on smartphones, tablets and personal computers as well.
  • You only need to set up an account and click the live button.
  • It is 100% secure.
  • The initial deposit required is £250.
  • Withdraw your money at any time you want.

Is BitQH reliable?

The automated trading software boasts of laser-accurate performance. With an impressive accuracy level of 99.4%, no other application across the world can be compared to the software. It is for this reason that members generate up to three times their invested capital daily.

It is an award-winning application. The software has won several awards since its launch in 2015. Most recently, the app has won the prestigious Best Auto-robot Award 2020 by ITA.

The application has been developed with superior technology. Leading investment banks and Wall Street are investing billions of dollars in AI trading algorithms. BitQH is the first trading system to be available for ordinary investors outside Wall Street.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should I expect from BitQH?

BitQH is reportedly insanely profitable. You may be able to join the millionaires club by late 2021 if you start investing today.

How much does BitQH cost?

There are absolutely no hidden charges. You don’t have to pay any license fees, but a commission of 2% is charged on all profits made through the robot.

Do I need to work for the whole day?

You only need to work for about 20 minutes every day. Sometimes you will need to work for even less than 20 minutes. The amount of effort needed is minimal, given that the software trades automatically.

How much can I make with BitQH?

With this software, there is no limit as to how much money you can make within a day, week or month. Some members earned their first million pounds within two months, and nothing can stop you from earning your first million within the same period.