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Bitcoin Bank Review 2020: Complete Sign up Guide!

Bitcoin Bank is a bitcoin trading robot founded in 2016 by a veteran Wall Street trader. The robot reportedly helps users generate massive returns trading crypto. Users allege earning up to 1000 USD in daily profits trading with this robot.

Many websites around the world, especially in the Middle East, have already begun participating in Bitcoin Bank. For example online gaming websites, shopping websites, and more. They are proving that bitcoin is one of the payment methods that people will use more often sooner than later.

But is Bitcoin Bank trustworthy and is it worth your time and money? We have analyzed this robot and it seems legit. This Bitcoin Bank review will take an in-depth look at all the characteristics of this bot and offer some trading tips to help you get started.

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What is Bitcoin Bank? Overview!

Bitcoin Bank is a computer program that automatically trades Bitcoin on behalf of users. The best thing about trading with this robot is that you do not need any experience to use it.

Moreover, it’s supposedly more accurate than the world best human trader. Users can reportedly generate profits of up to 400% daily. With an investment of 250 USD, Bitcoin Bank can allegedly help you generate up to 1000 USD daily.

We have come across reviews alleging that it is possible to compound a deposit of 250 USD to over 1 million USD in about a year of trading. Using a compounding calculator and reading some reports, it appears that some investors claim it is possible to earn the alleged profits when at least 70% of earnings are ploughed back.

Bitcoin Bank was founded by a veteran Wall Street trader and a team of engineers from MIT. The robot allegedly applies the same trading approach used by top institutional investors. These include techniques such as High-Frequency Trading (HFT) and scalping.

HFT involves sophisticated computer programs transacting a large number of orders in a split of a second. Scalping is a day trading strategy that involves making small profits on a frequent basis by exploiting price volatility.

What brokers does Bitcoin Bank partner with?

All robots rely on brokers to execute the insights derived from trading research. In other words, the robot conducts trading research and automatically sends signals to the broker for implementation.

Bitcoin Bank allegedly partners with tier-one brokers. These brokers fall under the regulation of bodies such as the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and the Australian Securities and Exchange Commission (ASIC).

Regulated brokers must adhere to measures such as deposit segregation and also conduct regulator audits to prove that they are using clients’ funds as required.

Apart from handling transactions, robot brokers also offer leverage. This helps robot users to take bigger market positions hence magnify the alleged profits. It is worth noting that high margin can be counterproductive when the trading conditions are not favourable.

Bitcoin Bank applies a Negative Balance Protection tool to help users minimize risk. Even with these tools, the risk still remains. You should, therefore, take precaution by only investing what won’t cause harm if you lost it.  Do not deposit all your savings with a margin trading robot.

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Hot to create an account with Bitcoin Bank

Bitcoin Bank allows you to register and get started immediately. The robot is auto and hence easy to use for all.

Furthermore, it is available in over 140 countries, all of which support derivatives trading. Most of Bitcoin Bank users are mostly from Europe, Australia, Asia, and the US. Since January this year, Bitcoin Bank has partnered with some brokers covering some parts of Africa and South America. Follow the steps below to get started with Bitcoin Bank.


Firstly, click here to register to Bitcoin Bank. The registration process takes about three minutes and involves filling the registration form on their website.

You will need to accept the platform’s terms and conditions before proceeding. It is also important that you choose to be on their mailing list since this is how you get updates. Bitcoin Bank seems to handle users’ data with strict confidentiality.

In this age of data theft, a safe platform should have top-level encryption and also be compliant with data privacy measures.


You will then need to deposit a minimum of $250. Bitcoin Bank accepts account funding through Wire Transfer, Visa, Master Card, WebMoney, Neteller, Skrill, and bitcoin.

Other deposit options may apply depending on the partner broker. You don’t need to worry about deposit fees when trading with Bitcoin Bank. Moreover, all deposits facilitate instantly to allow users to start live trading immediately.

Your money is safe given that Bitcoin Bank only works with legit and well-regulated brokers. Regulators monitor brokers to ensure that they adhere to strict deposit protection measures. These include segregation of deposits and period external audits. Do not deposit more than $250 to begin with, to avoid losing all your funds.

Education and demo trading

After deposit, you can access the trading education section. It is vital that you spend enough time here to avoid mistakes during live trading.

Bitcoin Bank offers 12-page trading manually with graphics to help you navigate through their platform. Also available are video tutorials to help you master risk management in trading. The trading education materials are written in layman’s language to help all users understand.

Some of the areas to focus on during trading education include risk management and opening and closing live sessions. Risk management takes place through the Stop-Loss, Take-Profit, and Negative Balance Protection. Bitcoin Bank has clearly explained these terms in the video tutorials.

Similar to other bots like Bitcoin Profit, the Bitcoin Bank demo account is the place to practice what you learn through educational materials. It is highly intuitive and runs on historical data to give users a real feel of what to expect in live trading.

Live trading

This should be easy if you have taken your time to understand the robot during trading education. You only need to adjust the Take Profit and Stop Loss features and click the live trading button.

Bitcoin Bank claims to conduct trades with a supposed 99% accuracy.  This is similar to other robots in the market like Bitcoin Trader and Bitcoin Revolution.

What this means is that, according to the bot, there is a possibility of hitting a home run in at least 9 out of every 10 trades. Some of Bitcoin Bank users reportedly earn up to 4 times their invested capital in a day of trading.

However, be aware that these stats are not proved or guaranteed and loss of capital is possible when trading with this bot.

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Bitcoin Bank Review: Key points!

We have analyzed Bitcoin Bank in relation to performance, reputation, ease of use, customer service, and safety. Here are our key findings.

  • Bitcoin Bank seems to have a happy client base given its ever-growing demand and coverage by the mainstream media. The robot has been featured on leading crypto publications. It has a TrustPilot rating of 4.4/5 after nearly 1k reviews.
  • This robot has a great reputation all over the internet with users alleging a daily return of up to 400%. There are also claims that it is possible to grow a small investment to a million dollars through compounding.
  • Bitcoin Bank is also top-rated on customer service. We can confirm that their customer service is easily reachable through phone and live chat. You can also write them an email but it will take up to 24 hours to get a reply.
  • Bitcoin Bank is beginner friendly and is currently highly popular with passive online investors. You can trade with this robot successfully even if this is the first time you are hearing about crypto trading.
  • Regarding safety, Bitcoin Bank applies 128-bit key encryption and has a cyber incident response team to carry out penetration tests and patch loopholes. Furthermore, the robot is fully compliant with GDPR, a regulation that assures clients in the EU of data privacy.

We conclude that this robot is likely legit. However, while it allegedly generates extremely high ROI, it also comes at significant risk. Never invest with a margin trading bot more than you can afford to lose.

Is Bitcoin Bank legit? Final word!

Bitcoin Bank seems like a good bet to anyone looking to venture into crypto trading. This trading robot is not only popular with users but is also top-rated by leading robot review sites. Bitcoin Bank has reportedly won various awards including the coveted Top Trading Robot for 2020 Award by the US Trading Association.

Moreover, this robot provides a seamless trading experience for all including complete beginners. All you need to start BTC trading through Bitcoin Bank is to register, deposit a minimum of 250 USD and click the live session button.

You can give it a try through the link below and let us know if it works for you in the comment section below. Keep it in mind that all trading involves risk and hence only trade with what you are willing to forego.

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What is Bitcoin Bank?

Bitcoin Bank is a trading piece of software founded in 2016 to help ordinary people enjoy the opportunities of trading bitcoin.

How much does Bitcoin Bank cost?

Surprisingly, there are no license fees to trading with Bitcoin Bank. Most competitors charge a monthly fee of up to $5000.

Is Bitcoin Bank a Ponzi scheme?

No! Bitcoin Bank appears legit and relies on real technologies to conduct trading on behalf of users.

How much should I invest with Bitcoin Bank?

The minimum you can invest with this bot is $250. You can supposedly get a daily profit of up to $1k by investing such a small amount.