BitAI Method Review 2024 – Is It Legit Trading Software?

BitAI Method is attracting a great deal of attention in the crypto trading circles. The platform has won the hearts of many crypto enthusiasts. Background checks reveal that experts rate it among the best AI crypto trading platforms in 2024.

Our investigation also shows that thousands of traders have tried it and many have shared positive feedback on social media. Bit AI Method touts itself as an AI-driven trading system that automates crypto trading.

It’s arguably a perfect choice for newbies since it provides a fully automated trading option. Experts who prefer a hands-on trading experience can reportedly opt for its partially automated option.

But what is BitAI Method and is it a scam or legitimate AI crypto robot? Our team has strived to answer these questions in the most unbiased way.

BitAI Method – Introduction

BitAi Method

Thorough research done by our investigative team finds BitAI Method legit. We have also amassed enough data to support its profitability claims.

Our opinion on this platform is informed by the thousands of users’ reviews on the web. We conclude the following;

  • BitAI Method adheres to strict transparency measures. You can find all its disclosures on its official website.
  • This platform’s quality partnerships also reveal its reliability. Only a reliable Bitcoin robot can work under such brokers.
  • BitAI Method’s reputation also confirms its dependability. It seems that many traders are shaping their crypto trading journey with it.
  • We tested this robot’s customer support and confirmed they respond instantly to inquiries through phone and live chat. Emails take a little longer.
  • BitAI Method protects your data through foolproof online safety measures. We are amazed by its detailed online privacy policy.

We find Bit AI Method worthwhile but don’t perceive this post as financial advice or endorsement. We are just sharing our opinion based on an in-depth analysis of readily available data.

The experts agree that crypto carries the most risk of all the online traded assets. Traders must, therefore, take all the precautions and only invest what they can afford to lose.

What is BitAI Method?

AI-driven algorithmic trading has grown very fast in recent years. Today, billions of dollars worth of trading capital are controlled by algorithmic trading systems.

An algorithmic trading system refers to a computer program that automates the trading process. The system could be partially or fully automated.

Partially automated trading bots automate some trading functions while fully automated robots automate the entire trading process. You need some trading skills to use a partially automated system.

On the other hand, you won’t require any technical trading skills to use a fully automated platform. Bit AI Method markets itself as a fully automated algorithmic trading system. The system claims that it speculates on hundreds of crypto CFDs.

Some reviews estimate that it trades up to 800 crypto pairs. About half of these pairs reportedly include a fiat currency as the quote. We aren’t sure if this is true since it’s not mentioned on the BitAI Method website.

You can use this system on your computer or smartphone since it’s available in multiple versions. Its web version is accessible via popular browsers such as Safari, Chrome, and Mozilla. You can also use BitAI Method on your Android or iOS smartphone by downloading its native app.

Getting Started with BitAI Method

BitAi Method new account

Bit AI Method has earned praise all over the web for being the most newbie-friendly crypto robot. The platform is reportedly AI-driven with its algorithms conducting most of the trading functions.

Many traders have requested us to highlight the steps to take to start trading with the bot. These steps are discussed below.

STEP ONE: Create an account

You should do this on the verified BitAI Method website. Click here to visit the site and please counter-check your info before submitting the registration form.

This platform safeguards users’ data by encrypting it on registration.  You will redirect to a CFDs broker page upon finishing this step.

STEP TWO: Verify the account

The verification stage allows you to prove that the details submitted during the signup are accurate. You verify your account by uploading proof of identity.

The proof should be a government-issued ID card or DL. Take a photo of the document and upload it as instructed.

STEP THREE: Deposit a minimum of USD250

The broker assigned to you in step one handles all transactions. Select a deposit method in their list of accepted payment methods. Fund your BitAI Method trading account with as little as USD 250.

The broker matched in step one provides leverage/trading margin to help you trade big positions with little capital.

STEP FOUR: Watch the tutorials and trade demo

The tutorials will help you understand all the settings for a seamless trading experience. Watch all the videos and go through the PDF guides carefully.

Test the settings through the demo before running the robot in the live account. The demo should guide you on which trades to apply in live trading.

STEP FIVE: Start a live trading session

This should be a breeze if you’ve watched all the tutorials and practised on the demo. Trading with Bit AI Method reportedly involves adjusting the settings and starting a session with a click of a button.

How does BitAI Method work?

You are probably here because you are interested in crypto trading. Many people have gained financial freedom through crypto trading but some have lost money. It’s paramount that you understand the different ways to invest if you want to try your luck in crypto.

You can speculate on digital currencies traditionally by buying low and selling when the prices rise. This approach requires the trader to create an account with an exchange. You also need a hot wallet to buy and sell digital currencies.

The other option involves speculating on the price swings of a digital currency through Contract for Differences (CFDs). In simple terms, a CFD is a unique financial instrument tied to an underlying asset. CFDs help you generate returns in rising and falling prices.

CFDs trading happens through a broker and it can be manual or automated. BitAI Method introduces itself as an automated trading system built for traders without the experience or time for manual trading.

It claims to outperform most traders and trading systems in the market. We will find out if these claims hold any water in this post.

Is BitAI Method a scam?

Global robotic bionic science research for future of human life

Many of our readers have requested us to investigate Bit AI Method and determine if it’s a fake or genuine platform. We have done the necessary investigations and presented our in-depth findings in this review.

Our background checks on the BitAI Method app didn’t unearth any red flags. We conclude that it’s genuine after determining that;

  1. The platform observes a high level of transparency
  2. It has a great reputation with many users claiming profitability
  3. Bit AI Method has put in place adequate safety measures
  4. Its customer support service is topnotch
  5. The platform operates in partnership with quality brokers

These are enough reasons to conclude that BitAI Method is legit. Read on for an explanation of each of the reasons listed above.

High-level transparency

BitAI Method has proven its commitment to transparency by making important disclosures on its website.

Our investigative team has fact-checked the disclosures made on its site and concluded that they are accurate. But not all the disclosures are provable. Even so, this shouldn’t prevent you from trying your luck.

Great feedback from users

BitAI Method’s reputation further cements its legitimacy. As we will later in this review, the platform has amazing user testimonials. It’s also rated well on many authoritative expert review sites. A Google search will present all the positive expert reviews.

But not all the top-ranking reviews provide factual information. Moreover, not all the top-ranking reviews provide links that lead to the actual BitAI Method website. You must therefore be cautious and only follow registration links shared on authoritative publications.

Secure trading environment

Bit AI Method’s commitment to user safety is evident since its website is SSL protected. Some reviews allege subjecting its site to penetration testing and finding it secure.

They further claim that the robot has a standby cyber incident response team. We couldn’t verify if this is true. Our investigation shows that all activities on BitAI Method website are directed by a strict data privacy policy.

Quality customer support services

Our research reveals that Bit AI Method is invested in qualified customer support services. Its support page states that its agents are reachable 24/5, Monday through Friday.

Traders can easily reach out to the multilingual support team on the phone and via live chat. You can reach the support through these channels instantly. Use email if the inquiry is less urgent and you will receive feedback within 24 working hours.

Quality partner brokers

Trading platforms work with brokers. BitAI Method claims partnerships with popular CFDs brokers.

It claims that all its brokers observe strict regulatory requirements such as deposit segregation. They are reportedly audited up to 3 times every year in line with tier-one regulatory guidelines. We also find the brokers fully compliant with global anti-money laundering laws.

BitAI Method Testimonials

The amazing testimonials shared by BitAI Method users prove that it’s worthwhile. You can find links to these testimonials on the trading system’s official site or social media pages. BitAI Method also has some great reviews on Trustpilot.

BitAI Method Reddit

Bit AI Method’s reputation is also evident in crypto trading threads on Reddit. Scroll through the public threads to read users’ testimonials and expert feedback. But don’t take everything posted on these threads as gospel truth.

While most of the comments in the threads are genuine, there could be a few that are misleading. The misleading comments are likely to suggest that BitAI Method is endorsed by celebrities. Avoid these posts since they may include links that lead to data harvesting sites.

Bit AI Method Trustpilot

robot in shadow under matrix code background

Trustpilot is among the top-ranked independent review sites on search engines. The platform allows the public to share feedback about almost any product or service.

Every popular product or service is likely to have a page on this site. BitAI Method’s Trustpilot page has up to 4500 reviews. It has an overall rating of 4.4/5 with tens of 5-star reviews being posted on its page daily.

Trustpilot relies on a very intelligent algorithm to filter reviews and only show those from real users. The reviews, therefore, paint a real picture of what to expect from the platform. 


BitAI Method is reportedly a software that trades the CFDs on up to 600 crypto pairs on your behalf. It does so on autopilot and hence doesn’t need any manual technical input. This makes it quite easy to operate for the beginner.

We have studied BitAI Method in detail to draw a line between its truths and untruths. The information unearthed during our investigation reveals that it’s genuine and probably a profitable bot.

The conclusion on profitability is influenced by the positive feedback shared by traders. We have read a ton of Bit AI Method reviews on Trustpilot and social media platforms such as Facebook.

Most of the reviews we’ve read are verified to be from real users. But don’t take our opinion as an endorsement or financial advice. We aren’t liable for the investment choices made by our readers. It’s your responsibility to conduct extra due diligence if you still doubt the performance of the BitAI Method app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BitAI Method a trusted trading program?

Bit AI Method has earned the trust of many traders. This is evident in its amazing testimonials on Trustpilot and social media. The trust is also evident in the high-profile expert reviews published on crypto-focused blogs.

How does BitAI Method facilitate the payouts?

Bit AI Method claims that it facilitates all payouts within 24 hours. Moreover, all payouts are done through a verified payment method. Users are expected to follow the platform’s guide to verify their payment methods.

Which fees do I pay when trading with BitAI Method?

Bit AI Method is very open on its fees. This platform is licence free and claims to charge a commission per profitable trade only. A fee guide is emailed to all new users upon completing the signup. You can also download it from the funds management page.

Does BitAI Method provide a mobile app?

Bit AI Method is among the few crypto robots that come with a mobile version. Its native app is built to operate on Android, Windows, and iOS devices. Find the BitAI Method app download link on the account setup page.