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Herdos Robot Broker Review 2020: Scam or not? The Results Revealed!

herdos logoHerdos offers CFDs trading on over 340 instruments including stock, market indices, forex, commodities and crypto. However, its most popular offering is crypto CFDs.

Those who choose to trade crypto CFDs through this broker do so through a renowned trading app known as Bitcoin Up. The app is powered by very powerful AI algorithms to enable it to conduct trading at 99% win rate.

This level of win rate implies a high level of profitability. Under favorable market conditions and with the right settings, Bitcoin Up can earn a daily profit of up to 600%. You can reportedly earn profits from the first day of trading and without any trading experience.

This review will look at the key features of Herdos broker and offer trading tips to help you get started through the Bitcoin Up trading platform. We insist that you read to the end before signing up with this robot.

What is Herdos Broker?

Herdos is a premier broker launched in 2010 in the Cayman’s Islands. The broker is headquartered in London and has offices in over 12 countries across the globe.

Herdos is an international broker operating in 154 countries across Europe, Asia, Australia, South America and Africa. The broker is stringently monitored in about 12 countries including the UK through FCA, Australia through ASIC, and South Africa through FSB.

With Herdos, you can trade manually through the MT4 or automatically through the Bitcoin Up robot. We insist that you go for the auto-trading option since it’s the easiest to operate and has oftentimes proven to beat even the best manual traders.

Signing up for auto-trading happens on the Bitcoin Up website. You will be redirected to Herdos broker deposit page after signing up with the robot. Herdos auto-trading option through Bitcoin Up seems to be popular with passive online investors. This is because the robot is easy to use, and doesn’t require a lot of time to operate.

Moreover, it is profitable than most online investing options out there. Those who have tried it and reviewed it on TrustPilot report earning up to a thousand in daily profits from a deposit of 250 USD. The return is likely to grow exponentially through compounding of profits. This Bitcoin Up review elaborates more about the robot.

Herdos Broker Review – Trading Instruments 

This broker provides a variety of tradable instruments in forex and CFDs. Forex offerings cover all the majors and minors and most common exotics. Some of the top forex pairs provided by Herdos include USDGBP, USDEUR, EURGBP, and GBPUSD.

This broker provides forex trading through the MT4 trading platform. We strongly suggest that you avoid this option since it isn’t as lucrative as CFDs trading through Bitcoin Up. Herdos CFDs instruments include stock, commodities, market indices and crypto.

However, crypto CFDs are the most traded through this broker. Herdos offer over 45 crypto CFDs pairs including high volatile ones such as BTCUSD, BTCGBP, BTCETH, and BTCBCH. The maximum leverage offered by Herdos to trade BTC CFDs through the Bitcoin Up robot is 1:1000.

This level of leverage means that you can trade BTC CFDs worth up to $1000 for every $1 of invested capital. High leverage increases profitability when used through a highly accurate trading robot such as Bitcoin Up.

Herdos trading costs include a 2% fee on profits made through the robot. The broker also charges a small markup on spreads. Its spreads are highly competitive, beginning from as low as zero pips. When compared to competitors, Herdos can be said to be an extremely low-cost broker. Most brokers, in partnership with highly profitable robots such as Bitcoin Up charge an annual license fee of up to $5000.

Why Trade with Herdos through Bitcoin Up?

We recommend Herdos broker for auto-trading through Bitcoin Up. Our tests on the Bitcoin Up auto-trading platform confirm without a doubt that it is highly profitable. It’s powered by AI algorithms with an accuracy level of about 90%.

This means that the robot is accurate in every 9 out of 10 trades. Trading with Herdos through Bitcoin Up is less risky and more profitable than manual trading. Moreover, you can make money right from the first day of trading even if this is the first time you are trying crypto trading.

Manual trading requires skills, and most traders only make money after about six months of trading. It is also not as profitable as automated trading since human trading cannot take into account as many factors as those taken by the robot in decision making.

Trading robots such as Bitcoin Up eliminate emotions in trading hence refining decision making. Most traders fail because of allowing the emotions of fear and greed to take control of trading. Fear occurs when a trader closes losing trades too soon hence missing a rebound.

Greed, on the other hand, occurs when a trader holds profitable trades for too long until the profitable trend reverses. Herdos through Bitcoin Up applies the risk control tools such as Take-Profit and Stop-Loss to help traders manage emotions.

With these tools, users can predetermine the level of profit or losses they are willing to take each day.

Getting started with Herdos through Bitcoin Up

Trading with Herdos through Bitcoin Up should be easy for those who can read and follow instructions. You will find all the trading instructions on the Bitcoin Up educational section immediately after deposit.

Before we discuss the trading process, it’s worth noting that all forms of trading involve significant risk. It’s crucial to take extra precaution even when investing with a highly profitable robot such as Bitcoin Up. Do not trade with what you can’t afford to lose.

Follow the steps below to trade with Herdos through Bitcoin Up.

Register a free account with Bitcoin Up

You need to create a free account with Bitcoin Up to participate in auto-trading. The registration is fast and straightforward. Bitcoin Up will redirect you to Herdos page to verify identity in line with the Know Your Customer (KYC) regulatory requirements.

KYC measures are mandatory for all financial institutions in developed countries. They are meant to prevent financial crime and protect users’ accounts from fraudsters. Herdos broker account verification process is simple and only takes a few minutes.

Deposit trading capital with Herdos

After verification, you can proceed to deposit by selecting your preferred account funding option. The available options include bank transfer, Master Card, Visa, FasaPay, Maestro, Neteller, Webmoney and Skrill.

You need a deposit of at least 250 USD to trade live through the Bitcoin Up robot. Herdos does not charge any deposit fees, and there is no limit to how much you can invest. Even so, we recommend starting small and ploughing back profits for gradual growth.

Watch the trading tutorial video and practice via a demo

You need to watch the 18 minutes instructional video that accompanies Bitcoin Up before going live. The video explains the basic concepts of auto-trading and how to get the best out of Bitcoin Up. It’s explained in layman’s terms, and hence anyone can follow it and trade with Bitcoin Up successfully.

Bitcoin Up offers a free demo to help you practice what you learn before staking real money. You need at least 30 minutes of demo practice before starting live trading.

Open a live trading session with Bitcoin Up

Live trading is extremely easy if you have taken the time to understand the platform. Set the Stop Loss and Take Profit features according to your risk appetite and start live trading by clicking the “trade now” button.

You must trade for at least 8 hours every day to get the best out of Herdos through Bitcoin Up. The robot performs well when left to run from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM ET. We recommend this time zone since it comes with high crypto volatility.

Ensure that you end trading sessions by the end of the 8-hour trading session to avoid rollover fees.

Is Herdos a scam or legit broker?

Our investigation of Herdos confirms that it is a trustworthy robot broker. This broker is widely covered in platforms discussing auto-trading through the viral Bitcoin Up trading robot. Herdos and Bitcoin Up have partnered to offer automated crypto CFDs trading. You should try the Bitcoin Up robo-trading platform through the link below.


How much do I need to trade with Herdos?

The minimum you can deposit to trade with Herdos is 250 USD. You can deposit through any major debit/credit card or wire transfer.

Is Herdos broker legit?

Yes! Herdos meets our criteria for legit brokers. The broker is regulated and has a good reputation from users across the globe.

How do I withdraw from Herdos?

Visit Herdos withdrawal page by clicking the “withdraw” tab on Bitcoin Up dashboard. Fill the withdrawal form and wait for processing.