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BitiCodes Review – Is it a Scam or a Genuine Robot?

The internet has revolutionized the way people trade financial instruments. Today, 99% of trading happens on the internet.

BitiCodes is allegedly an AI-driven program built to automate the CFDs trading process. The program is reportedly the most lucrative trading tool on the internet today. Amazingly, it’s quite affordable and extremely easy to operate for the beginner.

But is BitiCodes a scam or an authentic and profitable CFDs trading robot? This post presents an in-depth expert perspective.

Minimum deposit – USD250

Robot type – Fully auto

Supported trading platforms – Web and mobile

Potential profitability – Up to 40% daily depending on volatility

Withdrawal methods – Visa, Master Card, Wire, Skrill, WebMoney, etc

Partner brokers – Highly reputable and well-regulated

Safety measures – Military-grade encryption, top-level data privacy policy


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What is BitiCodes?

BitiCodes is an online trading tool developed on AI to automate the trading process. The platform is said to generate mouthwatering returns in the volatile CFDs market.

Information on the official BitiCodes website indicates that the robot trades up to 450 CFD pairs. These pairs revolve around four asset classes, namely stock, market indices, and crypto. However, this bot is best known for crypto speculation.

BitiCodes is a beginner-friendly system. This is because it performs every technical trading function on autopilot. Moreover, a layman’s guide is available to help users through the settings.

Also, running this bot doesn’t take much of your time. The experts conclude that it performs best when left to run uninterrupted for up to 8 hours daily. However, users must run it on the EDT or BST time zones since this is when the volatility is high. The trading should strictly be between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM.

BitiCodes can be used on the web via top browsers such as Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla. The robot also has a mobile version compatible with Android and iOS devices. You can only access the hybrid app via a link only shared after registration.

Who owns BitiCodes?

BitiCodes is reportedly a flagship project of one of the UK’s most popular trading software providers. The company behind the platform is reportedly registered as a private limited enterprise under the laws of the UK.

It reportedly ensures its products have a global reach by partnering with international brokers. BitiCodes is reportedly offering its trading system through 15 globally renowned CFD brokers. These brokers are its link to its hundreds of thousands of users.

BitiCodes Login and Website Security

Background checks on BitiCodes show that its login page and website are secure. Our investigation reveals that this robot has been subjected to expert penetration testing.

The penetration testing confirms its heavy investment in cybersecurity measures. Many authoritative reviewers conclude that the BitiCodes website is protected through AES256 encryption. Moreover, its servers are secured through the Amazon S3 protocol.

Cybersecurity describes these encryption protocols used by BitiCodes as military-grade. This means that not even the most cyberattack can penetrate through them. Apart from the platform’s encryption, this robot’s operations are guided by a comprehensive data privacy policy.

Expert reviewers find the policy well aligned with the global data privacy law. The policy is allegedly built on the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) principles.

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BitiCodes Vs other Trading Robots

New trading robots are coming up every day. Expert data indicate that over a thousand robots are on the market today. Many of these robots are specialized in trading cryptocurrencies.

While robots are many, very few are worth their salt. We are dedicated to providing information to help you trade with the best. BitiCodes is among our best picks for 2022. Read on to learn how this crypto robot compares to its close competitors.

BitiCodes Other Trading Robots
Proven performance track record Unproven profitability claims
No registration fee Signup fees of up to $5000
Transparent trading environment Opaque trading environment
High-quality partner brokers Sham offshore brokers
Secure Trading Environment Security related complaints
24/7 customer support Not readily available
Available for all Limited registration slots


Steps to get started with BitiCodes

BitiCodes is supposedly the best bet for those looking for an authentic way to make money online. As stated earlier, the trading system is built to make the CFD trading process easier.

A beginner trader reportedly takes less than an hour to master the trading system. BitiCodes runs on autopilot; hence, users can proceed with their daily activities as it trades for them. You can master the robot’s trading guide within 30 minutes.

It’s highly recommended that you test the robot through the demo provided by the assigned broker. Running the robot on the demo should give you a clear picture of how the robot will perform in a live account.

We have tested BitiCodes and found it easily understandable. Trading with BitiCodes starts in a few simple steps, as explained below.

STEP ONE: Registration

Visit the official BitiCodes website and fill up the registration form. Please countercheck the signup details before submitting the form.

You should be careful since deliberately submitting inaccurate information can lead to a permanent ban. Complete the contact info verification process and click next to redirect to an assigned local broker’s page.

STEP TWO: Account verification

Verify the registration by taking a photo of any government-issued identifying document and uploading it with the broker.

Identity verification is a mandatory anti-money laundering measure observed by all legit financial institutions across the globe. Verifying your identity further ensures your safety online. A verified account can’t be hijacked by scammers.

STEP THREE: Account funding

Deposits happen via the assigned local broker. This is because all trading-related activities happen through them.

BitiCodes connects with the broker’s system in the background. The robot relays the trading signals to the broker’s system for implementation. Most brokers in partnership with BitiCodes support trading through the MT4 and the cTrader.

The brokers customize their systems to support the back-end of the trading system. Trading happens on the underlying broker’s unique and highly intuitive user interface.

STEP FIVE: Trading Preparation

As stated earlier, you can test the robot on the demo provided by the broker. But before the demo testing, ensure that you’ve carefully reviewed the trading instructions.

The instructions should guide you on how to set up the bot. Please pay close attention to the trading guide since not doing so could lead to a bad trading outcome. Test the robot through the demo to determine if the settings are aligned with your trading goals.

Try different settings until you determine what works for you. Observe the trading rules discussed earlier for the best results.

STEP FIVE: Live Trading 

Trading with BitiCodes should be a cup of tea after the demo tests. The bot provides plug-and-play crypto trading services.

This means that no groundwork is required to trade with the bot. Any beginner can master the bot within an hour. Moreover, most successful BitiCodes users allege earning profits right from the start.

We have analyzed the feedback from BitiCodes users, and many confirm its high profitability potential.

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Getting the best out of BitiCodes – The Trading Rules!

BitiCodes is automated, but users can still influence its trading outcome. The trading rules applied in general trading also apply when trading with this robot.

We will discuss the six rules of online trading and how they relate to this robot below. You will likely improve your chances with BitiCodes by following these simple rules. Please note that these rules are general and apply to all forms of online trading.

Develop a trading plan

You are planning to fail if you don’t trade on a plan. A trading plan will help you stay disciplined and focused. The BitiCodes trading bot has resources to help you develop a robo-trading plan. Any beginner can apply the tools to build and execute the trading plan.

Take trading as a business, not a hobby

Treat trading extremely seriously by building and evaluating trading strategies. Trading is a business; hence, you must keep a record of the income and expenses. Trading bots such as BitiCodes offer the tools to help you track all the transactions in your account.

Have a risk management plan

Evaluate the opportunities and risks and take the necessary risk-hedging measures. BitiCodes comes with high-quality risk control tools. You need an in-depth understanding of your risk appetite to set these tools correctly. The resources to help you determine your risk appetite are available through the local broker.

Follow market news and events

Online trading involves placing bets on short-term volatility. Short-term volatility is influenced by new information entering the markets. You must keep tabs on such information to capitalize on volatility trading opportunities. The BitiCodes events calendar and newsfeed should help you track all market activities. You will find very helpful market commentaries on the third-party newsfeed platform.

Risk what you can afford to lose

Depositing all your savings with a robot such as BitiCodes is foolhardy. The bot has the potential to generate mouthwatering profits, but it’s also super risky. No prudent trader would invest what they can’t afford to lose in such a high-risk venture. BitiCodes is indeed less risky than most bots out there. Nonetheless, it carries significant risk, and the likelihood of losses is high, especially for those who fail to follow its trading instructions.

Use the Stop Loss and Take Profit tools

The emotions of fear and greed are the biggest barrier to good decision-making in trading. All traders should strive to eliminate these emotions in trading. Powerful trading platforms provide the Stop Loss and Take Profit tools to help users control their emotions. You need to adjust these tools manually when trading with BitiCodes.

Protect your trading capital

Protecting your trading capital should be the top priority of any trader. The best way to protect your capital is to avoid unnecessary risk. You should never risk more than 2% of your capital on a single trade. BitiCodes comes with tools to help you define the risk per trade. The robot also only maximizes the trades with the highest potential.

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BitiCodes UK Review – The Verdict!

BitiCodes stands out among the many online trading systems in the market. We have studied hundreds of robots, and none is as reputable as this one.

The reputation is evident through thousands of testimonials posted on social media. This robot boasts a user base of over three hundred thousand traders. Over 60% of its users are reportedly super profitable.

This means that you are likely to be profitable with this platform. A capital deposit of not less than USD250 is required to get started. Some traders have grown this humble investment to hundreds of thousands of dollars through compounding.

In about six months, you could compound the profits to over half a million dollars. BitiCodes can perform magically when the daily profits are reinvested. But you can also increase the daily profits by investing more money.

You should deposit at least USD500 if you intend to withdraw a portion of the profits right from day one of trading. But do not forget that crypto trading can be super risky. We encourage our readers to carefully evaluate their financial status and risk appetite before investing. The amount to invest should be determined through the risk appetite test.


Is BitiCodes a con or a profitable robot?

All the leading experts’ review BitiCodes as a legitimate and profitable robot. The expert feedback is reflected in the many testimonials posted by users on platforms such as Trustpilot and Reddit.

Does BitiCodes support stock trading?

BitiCodes trades CFDs in 3 asset classes; crypto, stock, and market indices. However, the robot is best known for crypto speculation. Its crypto trading algorithms are reportedly the best in the entire industry.

Do I pay any fees to trade with BitiCodes?

No! There are no fees charged for trading with BitiCodes. Only a commission of 2% is deducted from every profitable trade. The company behind the robot only makes money when the robot users are profitable.

How do I download the BitiCodes app?

The BitiCodes hybrid app is accessible through a link only shared with registered users. You can’t access the app until you complete the registration and account funding. The app supports trading on Android, Windows, and iOS devices.

Why is the BitiCodes registration form not accessible?

You may not access the BitiCodes signup form on the first attempt. This is because the registration slots are quite limited. Don’t give up since you could secure a slot after many visits to the site.


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