Is BitVestment Legit? The Findings of an Expert Investigation!

BitVestment is a new trading program reportedly revolutionizing how people trade crypto. It’s said to do so by automating all trading.

Many expert reviewers attribute its success to its Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven algorithms. BitVestment claims to simplify crypto trading by automating the whole trading process. Users are only required to follow a simple guide to set the system for trading.

But is BitVestment a scam, or is it transparent and profitable? Read the findings of our in-depth investigation in this review.

BitVestment Review – The Summary!

This section highlights the core findings of our investigation. These findings are derived from a rigorous and non-partisan analysis of data.

All our reviews are informed by an in-depth analysis of big data. Moreover, the trades placed by BitVestment are informed by big data. Big data is the key driver of quality decision-making. Trading fast-paced financial instruments require fast and accurate big data analysis.

  • BitVestment’s authenticity is proven by its commitment to transparency. All transactions via this trading bot are blockchain-based. Also, all the important info is disclosed on its official site.
  • Background checks on BitVestment show that it’s very reputable. Hundreds of its users have written positive testimonials on its social media pages. The testimonials are also shared through independent third-party platforms.
  • Online trading experts also rate this robot extremely well. You will find expert reviews on most high-ranking robot review sites.
  • BitVestment partnerships with leading UK CFD brokers further cement its authenticity. Only a reputable platform can get the support of these brokers.
  • This platform also outperforms its competitors in safety and customer service. Experts describe BitVestment encryption measures as military-grade.
  • The underlying broker provides customer support services. You will get answers to all trading-related questions from this team. They can be reached through the chat feature on their site and social media pages, by phone, or by email.

BitVestment offers traders from all experience levels an exciting opportunity to earn profits from crypto speculation. But the trading system isn’t risk-free! Users must take extra precautions to avoid losing all their savings. Starting small and using the reinvestment growth strategy is highly recommended.

What is BitVestment?

BitVestment is a powerful money-making system reportedly developed by a London-based trading software company.

The software has been a viral trend since its launch. BitVestment popularity is a result of its amazing profitability track record. This online trading system has helped many live their financial dream.

The program generates profits online by placing bets on hundreds of crypto assets. BitVestment places bets on trending crypto pairs through a type of derivative known as CFD. There are only a handful of automated CFDs trading systems in the market, and BitVestment is the most popular.

This robot seems best suited for traders from all levels of experience. Information on its site indicates that it’s 99% automated. Users are only required to adjust a few settings before getting started. The bot will do the rest for you.

All the settings are explained in a video provided on completing the registration. You need to take the provided risk appetite tests to determine the risk per trade that fits your trading plan. Test the bot on the demo platform provided by the linked local broker before continuing to the next trading step.

You can trade with BitVestment on your Android, iOs, or Android smartphone. The trading bot can also be used on the web through any browser. Unfortunately, the bot is not available in the desktop app version.

Is BitVestment a scam?

We are committed to offering impartial and well-detailed robot reviews. Our team has reviewed hundreds of robots in the last few months.

BitVestment ranks top in the long list of the best crypto robots for 2022. We rate it highly on transparency after confirming that it has made all the vital disclosures. You can find all these disclosures on its official website.

BitVestment ensures the highest level of transparency by running all transactions through a blockchain-based system. Blockchain is the pinnacle of all transparency. All transactions on a blockchain-based system are recorded in an immutable public ledger.

BitVestment’s partnership with leading CFD brokers also proves its commitment to transparency. These brokers are reviewed as reputable and safe on most broker review sites. We encourage our readers to conduct background checks on the broker linked to this trading system.

Another proof of BitVestment authenticity is its investment in safety measures. These measures include military-grade website encryption. High-level site encryption is vital, given that this is where most attacks begin. This bot ensures more safety by offering a guide to safe password practices. Its users must follow this guide when signing up with this bot.

BitVestment has a superb reputation, as is evident through testimonials on its social media pages. The bot is also well-rated on independent platforms such as Trustpilot. Only an authentic trading system can have such amazing feedback.

Advantages of Trading with BitVestment

You have much to gain by betting on crypto through the BitVestment platform. This platform is equipped with the latest AI technologies to ensure high-level profitability.

BitVestment performs exceptionally well in all the areas we look at to define a worthwhile trading system. These areas include performance, reputation, transparency, affordability, safety, and customer support. Below is an in-depth discussion of the core advantages of trading with the BitVestment system.

High-level Profitability

BitVestment is arguably the best auto-trading software for crypto. The trading system is the best money-making tool for online entrepreneurs.

Many allege that it’s a great performer with a profitability rate of up to 45%. High profitability is witnessed during high market price swings. The expert reviewers estimate its average daily return to be 17%. Very few online investments can deliver such profits.

Transparent trading environment

BitVestment’s transparency is evident through its disclosures on its official website. We have reviewed the info published on the site and found it accurate.

Some reviews allege that all activities through this bot happen on the blockchain. This means that all transactions are recorded on a public ledger. This ledger is immutable and can be accessed by all market participants.

BitVestment cements its commitment to transparency by partnering with reputable CFD brokers. These brokers operate under the oversight of leading global brokers.

Affordable for all traders

This platform is affordable. Signing up with it is free, and there are no annual license fees. Users must only deposit trading capital of at least USD250 to trade with the bot.

The company behind the trading system earns a commission on every profit made through the bot. Some posts claim they deduct a 2% commission on every profitable trade. BitVestment has not specified the commission per profitable trade.

Extremely easy to use

BitVestment has become highly popular among online investors. Many posts review it as a tool for making money online rather than a trading robot.

This is because no specific skill is needed to operate it. Anyone can register and make money with the bot. The only thing that the user should do to get the best out of the robot is to follow its simple trading guide.

Also, you have nothing to worry about if you are on a tight schedule. You can set the robot and start trading within 10 minutes. You need as little as 20 minutes daily to set BitVestment for trading. You should let the trading system trade for you for up to 8 hours daily without interruption.

Safe Trading Environment

BitVestment offers all services in a blockchain-based environment. Transactions in this environment are published on a public ledger. This unique ledger allows the participants in the ecosystem to track all transactions in real-time.

Furthermore, the blockchain ledger is immutable, so the transactions can’t be altered. Some posts allege that BitVestment uses the Smart Contracts technology to execute the trading conditions provided by the underlying broker.

We have tested the bot, and it’s indeed built on the blockchain. However, we couldn’t confirm if it executes transactions through a Smart Contracts-driven system.

The Pros and Cons in a nutshell

Advantages Disadvantages
Highly profitable High trading risk
Easy to use Not supported in some countries
Transparent trading environment Few registration slots
Safe trading environment  
Transparent fee mechanism  
Supports mobile trading  


Safe Trading Environment

BitVestment operates in a secure environment. The bot ensures safety by encrypting all clients’ info through the AES256 protocol. This protocol provides the highest level of safety.

A comprehensive data privacy policy governs the trading bot’s operations. Experts allege that the policy is based on the tenets of leading global data privacy laws. These include the GDPR.

You will find safe password tips on the BitVestment login page. You must follow these tips to avoid cybersecurity breaches.

How to trade with BitVestment

BitVestment has made the crypto speculation process extremely easy. The trading starts in a few simple steps, as explained below.

STEP ONE: Registration

Visit the official BitVestment website to register. The registration form is in the upper right corner of the homepage. Please fill up the form and click the proceed button to submit it. You will redirect to the verification page. Complete the verification by uploading the photo of your government-issued ID via the broker.

STEP TWO: Account funding

Account funding also happens through the assigned broker. The process should complete within minutes. You can make a direct bank transfer or use globally supported debit and credit cards. Some e-wallets may also apply, but they will likely attract a small deposit fee.

STEP THREE: Demo Trading

It’s paramount that you master the BitVestment trading system. The trading guide and the demo should help you do so faster. Dedicate at least an hour to familiarizing yourself with the manually adjustable settings before proceeding to live trading. Try the bot with different settings through the demo platform provided by the broker.

STEP FOUR: Live Trading

This is easy if you take step 3 seriously. The manual BitVestment settings must correspond with your trading goals and risk appetite. You should be able to define these goals and determine the risk levels that suit your appetite after completing the previous step. Live trading with BitVestment begins with a single click of a button.

Is BitVestment Real? Final Word!

The online trading world is expanding fast as new trading technologies continue to emerge. BitVestment is the latest entry in the crypto trading circles.

This auto-trading platform specializes in crypto speculation through CFD derivatives. CFDs are unique financial instruments traded through brokers. These instruments’ value is influenced by the ups and downs of the underlying asset.

BitVestment is equipped with unique and extremely powerful AI algorithms. The technologies powering the trading system allow it to predict volatility accurately. Data published on its website indicate that the algorithms can speculate on up to 20 crypto pairs at a time.

Moreover, the trading system applies up to 15 trading strategies simultaneously. At least 30% of the trades placed by the bot are for risk hedging purposes. As explained earlier, risk management is the top determinant of success in trading.

BitVestment is extremely easy to use despite its complicated technologies. This is because its algorithms take over the entire trading research. Order placing also happens on autopilot through the assigned broker’s trading system.

All the facts to prove that BitVestment is legit and profitable have been discussed in this post. This crypto trading system is worth the risk. However, only try it with a small portion of your savings. Investing all your savings in such a high-risk crypto trading platform is extremely foolhardy.


Is BitVestment a con?

BitVestment is genuine and fully committed to transparency. Its commitment to transparency is evident through its investment in a blockchain-driven trading ecosystem. The bot is also supported by highly trustworthy partner brokers.

Is BitVestment Profitable?

BitVestment reviews on many authoritative publications indicate that it’s profitable. The platform relies on technologies with a track record of delivering superior returns in automated trading. We can confirm that these technologies are real.

Does BitVestment offer a trading app?

Yes! BitVestment provides a quality hybrid app. This app is compatible with Android, iOS, and other mobile operating systems. The BitVestment app is only downloadable through a link only shared with registered users.

Is BitVestment a reliable crypto robot?

BitVestment has proven itself as a reliable crypto robot. Its reliability is evident through feedback from fully verified users. Thousands of reviewers report earning handsome profits every day. The great feedback from users is confirmed by tens of experts.

How much does BitVestment cost?

BitVestment is provided on a free license. However, users must pay a commission of 2% on profits earned. No fee is charged until you are profitable. The underlying broker charges the applicable trading-related fees.