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The News Spy Pro Review 2021 – Is it Legit or a scam?

You can reportedly generate amazing profits online by investing in cryptos through The News Spy auto-trading system.

This trading bot is said to be helping thousands of people live their financial dream.  Tens of thousands of people have tried it and made good profits. We have analyzed The News Spy reviews on TrustPilot, Reddit and Forex Peace and concluded that it is highly reputable.

Surprisingly, about five percent of those who have reviewed it on these platforms allege earning their first $1 million in less than a year of trading. Also, The News Spy does all trading automatically. This makes it a perfect choice for complete beginners. Experienced traders also have a lot to gain from this platform given its alleged superior performance.

But is The News Spy legit, and is it as lucrative as these reviews claim? We have investigated this trading robot and prepared a kickass review for you. Please read on to discover amazing facts about The News Spy.

Is The News Spy a scam?

Before we take a deep dive on The News Spy platform, it’s important that we address this very important question.

A thorough background search shows that this platform is reputable, transparent, safe, and easy to use. We analyze swathes of data, including users’ reviews, to determine if a trading system is reputable.

The News Spy is reviewed over 50,000 times on the internet. We have analyzed the reviews using our powerful automated review analysis system. The News Spy appears to be among the best rated auto-trading systems in the market today.

This trading bot is rated highly by at least 90% of those who try it. Moreover, it’s reviewed over 20 times by experts on reputable publications, and the feedback is the same. We rate The News Spy highly on reputation.

This trading system ranks among the top five best reviewed compared to hundreds of trading bots reviewed on this site. Only a legit trading system can have such a high level of positive reviews. We have also unearthed a lot of evidence to show that The News Spy operates transparently.

Firstly, this trading system has published all the important information on its website. This includes its pricing and its partner brokers. The News Spy only deducts a 2% commission on profits. You don’t pay a single cent until you are profitable.

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What is The News Spy?

The concept of auto-trading may be hard to comprehend for complete beginners. However, this doesn’t matter since trading systems such as The News Spy are extremely easy to use.

Automation is a new norm in most industries today. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI) growth, computer programs can now perform most of the functions done by experts. Even better, they can conduct these functions better than humans due to their reliance on big data.

In finance, both the trading and investment functions can be conducted by AI-driven computer programs. According to Investopedia, investment is for the long-term while trading is for the short term. The computer programs for long term investment are known as robo-advisors, while those for the short term are known as trading robots.

The News Spy is a day-trading robot. This means that it could generate huge profits daily. Its profitability tied to market volatility, with high market volatility leading to huge profitability. The News Spy is powered by AI and blockchain.

It has a supposed win rate of up to 90%. This means that there is a huge possibility of making profits with it. However, profitability is never guaranteed. You could build wealth or lose your invested capital with this platform. Invest wisely!

How does The News Spy work?

As mentioned earlier, no trading skill is needed to operate The News Spy. Read the simple trading guide on the resources page to determine the robot’s key functionalities.

Also, watch the ten-minute video explaining the setup process and try the robot risk-free through the provided demo account. The News Spy also assigns all new users a dedicated account manager to help them through the setup and trading.

Trading with The News Spy should be a walk in the park if you follow the trading guide to the letter. The guide is in layman’s terms and hence easy to understand for all. It’s important to mention that The News Spy also offers a semi-auto option.

This option is dedicated to users who prefer a level of control over their accounts. You need substantial market analysis skill to use the semi-auto option. Even so, this option is not recommended since the fully auto option always outperform it.

The News Spy has partnered with 20 brokers in the EU, Australia, and South Africa. We have conducted background checks on these brokers and confirmed that they are safe.

Let’s discuss the trading approach applied by this robot in details.

The News Spy Pro – sentiment trading

As stated earlier, this trading system is known for trading news. News trading involves placing bets based on the impact of breaking news on a given asset’s price swings.

News such as Tesla investing billions of dollars in bitcoin is known to cause a lot of market activity. This is because most investors make buying and selling decisions based on breaking news.

Tesla investing billions on bitcoin is perceived by investors as a vote of confidence and is therefore likely to trigger buying decisions. On the other hand, negative news such as China banning bitcoin will trigger a massive sellout hence pushing the price down.

The News Spy can detect this type of news and place trades basing on the prediction of how they will impact volatility. This trading bot is Natural Language Processing (NLP) driven and hence can read and make meaning of human language.

Its algorithms can study billions of web pages within a minute and place up to 20 trades based on the breaking news. The News Spy is arguably the best auto-trading system to trade Elon Musk Bitcoin news.

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The News Spy Pro – Charts Trading System

This trading bot also applies the charts trading research technique. Charts trading involve analyzing price patterns to identify tradable trends.

A tradable trend is a price pattern with a high likelihood of repeating. This price pattern is determined by analyzing the factors around it. The News Spy capitalizes on a price reaction that repeats when certain conditions are met.

This trading bot claims to study up to ten thousand price charts per minute and at an accurate rate of up to 90%. No other trading bot in the industry can match this speed and accuracy. The News Spy Pro applies the scalping technique to trade slight price movements.

You could earn insane profits from the small price shifts, given that this bot trades at extremely high leverage. Leverage allows the trader to glean more profits from a small trading account. You could earn your first $1 million in less than a year of ploughing back the daily profits from a $250 account.

It’s worth repeating that highly leveraged trading also involves high risk. The News Spy Pro applies the Stop Loss and Take Profit tools to minimize the risk. However, there is still a possibility of making a loss through this bot.

It’s foolhardy to put all your savings in such a high-risk trading platform. Start small and reinvest profits for stress-free and faster growth.

The News Spy Review – Final word!

We have investigated The News Spy and didn’t find any proof to suggest a scam trading system.

This trading platform was launched five years ago and is among the most reputable crypto trading robots today. The News Spy claims to have a user base of over 30,000 and has reportedly helped over 60% of its users generate fortunes from crypto.

Signing up with The News Spy is free, but registration slots are limited. Only a few manage to secure registration slots with this trading system.

Try your luck with The News Spy by visiting their official website via the link below. The registration and trading process should be a walk in the park. Moreover, you only need a few minutes daily to set this system for auto-trading.

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Is The News Spy worthwhile?

We have reviewed The News Spy thoroughly and found enough evidence to support its legitimacy claims.

Is The News Spy safe?

The News Spy is safe given that it's encrypted through 128-bit encryption. This level of encryption prevents most forms of data breaches.

How much does The News Spy cost?

The News Spy is free for users in the EU, Australia, South Africa and a few other countries. Try your luck with this bot now by clicking the signup button above.