Teeka Tiwari 5 coins to $5 Million Investment Plan Review: Legit or Scam?

Teeka Tiwari, the famous British entrepreneur and trader, has predicted a new crypto boom starting in 2020 and ending in 2022.

According to Tiwari, the price of BTC will hit $100k by the end of this year. According to him, the growth is exponential and driven by an upcoming event known as bitcoin halving. Moreover, he claims that other factors, including the economic devastation caused by Covid19, will boost crypto prices.

Teeka Tiwari believes that investors can gain a lot by trading the volatility resulting from these events. Consequently, he has introduced a trading robot that will help ordinary people trade volatility.

Those who will be lucky to gain access to his investment plan and trading platform will trade five select coins and allegedly make $5 million in profits. Traders must invest at least 250 USD to participate in the masterplan.

But is the Teeka Tiwari 5 Coins to $5 Million master plan legit? We have analyzed the claims, and they appear legit. Read on for more information about the Teeka Tiwari investment plan.

Who is Teeka Tewari, and why should you care?

Teeka Tiwari is a famous crypto trader and the editor in chief of the famous Palm Beach Letter. His popularity in the crypto circles grew in 2017 after accurately predicting that BTC would hit $19500.

Following the boom, he allegedly made over $100 million in profits from bitcoin trading alone. Teeka Tiwari is also well known in traditional assets trading, having managed several Wall Street hedge funds in over ten years.

He retired from Wall Street in 2013 to run the Palm Beach Letter, a publication that analyzes traditional assets alongside cryptocurrencies. The magazine is an online sensation in the US, the UK and Australia, with an active user base of around 5 million.

Teeka Tiwari was born and raised in the US. He is said to have attended MIT to study robotics but later shifted to financial mathematics. The robots and financial mathematics background are what has supposedly moulded him to one of the world best financial analysts.

Teeka Tiwari allegedly manages his wealth through a robot with a supposed return of up to 99%. He will be sharing the robot with those who register for his five coins to $5 million investment plan for 2020.

Teeka Tiwari predictions for 2020

According to Teeka Tiwari, another crypto boom is about to happen. This one is bigger than the one of 2017 and will allegedly see those who invest generate massive returns.

Teeka Tiwari is predicting that his investment plan, when executed through a robot, will generate up to $5 million by trading five coins.

Among these cryptos is bitcoin, which analysts predict will go through the roof this year. Max Keiser, the renowned US broadcaster and investment analyst, has predicted that BTC will hit $100k by the end of this year.

Antony Pompliano, a renowned entrepreneur and investor, is also upbeat about BTC hitting $100k by the end of the year. Pompliano bases his argument on limited supply due to bitcoin halving and increased demand. The current economic uncertainty due to the Covid19 pandemic drives the demand.

Teeka Tiwari’s investment plan allegedly takes advantage of the bitcoin halving event and the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Those who sign up to the scheme will gain free access to the Teeka Tiwari trading robot.

The robot trades 5 coins which Teeka Tiwari claims will turn a small investment of as little as $500 to $5 million.

How to sign up to the Teeka Tiwari investment plan

Only a handful of investors will gain access to the Teeka Tiwari investment plan. The selection of those who will participate is ongoing. Investors are encouraged to try their luck by trying the signup page. Try your luck here.

You should consider yourself among the lucky ones if you can access the page. Follow the steps below to enrol to the plan.


If you can access the page, then you should grab the opportunity and create an account immediately. The page may no longer be available if you close it.

You will need to submit your name, email, and phone number. As is expected, you must verify the email and phone number before proceeding to the next step. These details will be used for multi-factor authentication when signing in to your account.

Moreover, Teeka Tiwari will reach out with instructions through the provided contact details.

Capital deposit

You need at least 250 USD to participate in the Teeka Tiwari investment plan. Please note that it is free to join the plan. However, like in any other venture, you need to commit some capital to participate in the investment plan.

The amount will be used to trade the five coins identified by Teeka Tiwari as the best bet for 2020. These coins allegedly have the potential to generate $5 million from a small deposit of $500. As mentioned earlier, Teeka Tiwari has a reputation for making accurate crypto predictions.

He is placing a massive bet on BTC and other four cryptos which he is yet to disclose. Moreover, he is offering a trading tool to help traders capitalize on these coins fully. Only those who register with the Teeka Tiwari investment plan will benefit from the trading tool.

Real-time trading

After deposit, Teeka Tiwari will personally introduce you to his investment plan. You will be assigned a dedicated account manager to take you through the trading platform.

Teeka Tiwari is in partnership with several brokers to ensure seamless user experience. These brokers’ roles include defining trading conditions, executing trades, and facilitating transactions.

Their platforms are embedded in the Teeka Tiwari trading platform to ensure that users can access all services in one place. You need not worry about trading skill or knowledge since the Teeka Tiwari investment plan will run automatically.

Register an account, make the deposit, and wait for the Teeka Tiwari investment plan to kick in. While there is a high potential of making the supposed profits, you may also find yourself experiencing losses.

We insist that you only invest what you can afford to lose.

Teeka Tiwari investment plan: Key points!

The Teeka Tiwari investment plan includes a selection of 5 cryptos which can allegedly result in profits of up to $5 million. The said profitability is possible through Tiwari’s automated strategies.

Those who are selected to participate in the investment plan will receive unlimited access to Teeka Tiwari’s trading robot. For the record, a trading robot is simply an automation of a set of Teeka Tiwari proven trading strategies. These strategies allegedly made him millions of dollars in the crypto bubble of 2017.

As mentioned earlier, Teeka Tiwari is a renowned crypto speculator. He is said to have accurately predicted the outcome of the 2017 crypto boom. Those who followed his predictions then allegedly made millions of dollars in profits.

He is at it again in 2020, this time predicting a crypto rally never witnessed before. Most analysts seem to support him with some predicting that BTC will hit $100k by the end of the year.

Teeka Tiwari is offering a trading tool that will supposedly see investors convert an investment of $500 to $5 million in less than 12 months. Only a few will be lucky to get an opportunity to sign up with his investment plan. You should try it here and signup immediately if you can access the registration page.

Teeka Tiwari investment plan: Final word!

The Teeka Tiwari investment plan seems legit given his reputation in the cryptoanalysis. Teeka Tiwari is said to have accurately predicted the crypto boom of 2017. Those who followed his investment plan then supposedly made millions of dollars from bitcoin trading.

He has predicted another boom in 2020/2021 and is offering a free opportunity to the public to invest. The plan involves the application of a robot to trade five coins. These coins are said to have the potential to generate up to $5 million by the end of 2021.

You need as little as 250 USD to participate in the Teeka Tiwari investment plan. Deposit through debit/credit card or wire transfer. Follow the link below to start investing with the Teeka Tiwari masterplan today.


Who is Teeka Tiwari?

Teeka Tiwari is a self-proclaimed millionaire crypto analyst who predicted the 2017 crypto boom accurately. He has recently predicted that another boom will take place in 2020/2021.

How do I invest with Teeka Tiwari plan?

All you need is to register and deposit 250 USD. The Teeka Tiwari trading tool will automatically distribute the investment among the five coins.

How much can I make with Teeka Tiwari plan?

Teeka Tiwari aims to help those who follow his investment plan to generate $5 million by trading five coins. Trading will happen automatically through his trading robot.

Can I withdraw from the Teeka Tiwari masterplan?

Yes! Teeka Tiwari allows you to withdraw whenever you want. Fill the request form, and your money will reflect in your account in less than an hour.