Rob Brydon Bitcoin – Did he Invest or not? Find out Here!

Rob Brydon is the latest celebrity rumoured to have invested in Bitcoin through popular trading robots.  The rumour has gone viral on social media platforms and has even been picked by some mainstream media publications.

But is it true that Rob Brydon has invested in bitcoin? We have checked multiple sources and haven’t found any evidence linking this celebrity to bitcoin trading.

It seems that the Rob Brydon bitcoin rumours are unfounded and hence should be taken with a grain of salt. Keep reading to learn more about Rob Brydon and the said bitcoin robots. This review will also equip you with skills to investing in bitcoin like a pro.

Who is Rob Brydon?

Rob Brydon is a Welsh actor and TV personality known for his role in Supernova, a popular British Comedy Series. Brydon is estimated to be worth over $8 million and is rumoured to have invested in various businesses in the tech sector.

However, there is no proof that he has invested in bitcoin. We have sent him an email to confirm the rumours and he was yet to respond by the time of publishing this review. Even so, there is enough ground to believe that the rumour is false given that he hasn’t published anything about bitcoin on his personal website.

The trading robots falsely associated with Rob Brydon include Bitcoin Up, Bitcoin System, and Bitcoin SuperSplit. We will provide a brief review of each of these robots below. Read our comprehensive Bitcoin Robot review for the basics of trading with a robot.

1.     Bitcoin Up

Bitcoin Up is a popular trading app allegedly founded by MIT engineers and quants from Wall Street. It has a win rate of up to 98% and is said to generate up to 600% in daily profits.

Some of its users claim to earn up to $1 million in about a year of trading. The minimum deposit with Bitcoin Up is $250. Moreover, no expertise or skills are needed to use this robot successfully.

You only need to deposit the minimum trading capital, read the trading guide, and click the live trading platform. Under normal circumstances, you should reportedly be able to earn at least twice your invested capital in the first 24 hours of trading.

Bitcoin Up and Rob Brydon

The rumour about Rob Brydon investing in Bitcoin Up is viral on Pinterest and Facebook. It seems to mainly come from gossip blogs. Perhaps their main goal is to drive web traffic to their sites.

Bitcoin Up and Rob Brydon are two popular keywords in the UK and are hence likely to be used for baiting internet users. We suggest that you avoid such traps by fact-checking information on Bitcoin Up website. You can also read our comprehensive Bitcoin Up review.

Advantages of trading with Bitcoin Up

Bitcoin Up is a well-known trading platform equipped with the latest trading technologies. It runs automatically and is therefore easy to use for all. Here are the key advantages of trading with Bitcoin Up.

  1. Trades automatically and hence users can proceed with their daily activities as it makes money for them.
  2. Bitcoin Up is easy to set up and operate. It comes with a demo to help users familiarize with it without risking real money.
  3. It works with reputable and well-regulated brokers and hence users have a guarantee of the safety of their funds.
  4. Bitcoin Up is accessible from the desktop as well as mobile devices. Consequently, users can monitor their accounts while on the go.

How to invest with Bitcoin Up

Registering and operating Bitcoin Up is a piece of cake if you can read and follow its trading guide. Here is a step by step guide to get you started.

  • Visit Bitcoin Up website and signup using the provided form
  • Deposit a minimum of $250 through the matched broker
  • Practice through a demo account
  • Open a live session by clicking the trade now button

2.     Bitcoin System

This robot also applies the same trading mechanism as Bitcoin Up. The only difference is that it’s a bit new in the market and hence not well established.

Even so, it reports higher profitability than Bitcoin Up and has a proven track record. It is said to have been founded by an unnamed Wall Street bank to cater for retail investors looking for massive returns through crypto trading.

Bitcoin System trades BTC and other cryptos against popular fiat currencies including the USD, GBP, AUD, and EUR. The minimum deposit with this robot is also $250 and there are no skill or knowledge requirements to trading with it successfully. Read more about Bitcoin System here.

Bitcoin System and Rob Brydon

Rob Brydon Bitcoin System is also viral on social media. However, there isn’t even the slightest evidence that this celebrity has invested in this robot.

Once again, we are convinced that those spreading the lies are doing so with the aim of diverting web traffic to their sites. Bitcoin System is currently viral in most countries which explain why it is a prime target for fake news.

It is important to always confirm on Bitcoin System website before accepting it as the truth. You can also ascertain such information on reputable publications such as this one.

Advantages of trading with Bitcoin System

Bitcoin System reportedly offers an easy way to make money on bitcoin trading. It is equipped with advanced trading technologies to ensure the supposed profitability. Here are some of the advantages of trading with the Bitcoin System.

  • Bitcoin System offers a beginner-friendly trading platform. You do not need any trading expertise to use this platform successfully.
  • The robot generates daily returns of up to 600% which means that it is possible to turn a deposit of as little $250 to over $1000 in a day of trading.
  • Bitcoin System is powered by AI algorithms capable of adjusting to changing market conditions. This means consistent performance despite changing market conditions.
  • You can access the Bitcoin System from mobile and desktop devices. Moreover, it takes less than 30 minutes daily to set the robot for auto trading.

How to invest with Bitcoin System

This robot is auto and hence requires very little manual input to run. Follow the steps below to launch your trading journey with Bitcoin System.

  • Register a free account on Bitcoin System website by inputting your details in the provided form.
  • Deposit a trading capital of as little as $250 with the recommended broker.
  • Practice through the provided demo account.
  • Open a live trading session by clicking the trade now button.

3. Bitcoin SuperSplit

This robot is also viral thanks to its reported profitability rate of up to 400%. It combines the power of AI and blockchain to bring about a transparent and highly accurate trading environment.

Bitcoin SuperSplit can conduct both fundamental and technical analysis with a 99% win rate. Moreover, it applies the scalping technique to place tens of trades within a minute. Consequently, it can reportedly generate huge profits even in falling prices.

Bitcoin SuperSplit was founded by Steve Mckay, a former Layman’s Brother’s derivatives trader and a serial entrepreneur. Steve Mckay is the founder of at least 3 FX trading robots and has recently sold one for $300 million to a leading Wall Street hedge fund.

You can read a more detailed Bitcoin SuperSplit review here.

Bitcoin SuperSplit and Rob Brydon

We have come across several posts associating Rob Brydon to Bitcoin SuperSplit. However, there isn’t enough evidence to suggest that this robot has invested in Bitcoin Supersplit. It is important to always countercheck information on Bitcoin SuperSplit website before accepting it as the truth.

Advantages of trading with Bitcoin SuperSplit

Bitcoin SuperSplit offers an easy and highly lucrative way to trade Bitcoin. As explained previously, no skill is needed to trade with this robot.

  1. Bitcoin SuperSplit is license-free and accessible to anyone who can manage to invest as little as $250.
  2. This robot has proven over the years to have the potential to generate daily profits of up to 400%.
  3. Bitcoin SuperSplit is easy to use given that it performs all trading functions automatically.
  4. This robot works with verified brokers and hence your investment is safe with them. You can withdraw anytime you want and at no cost.

How to invest with Bitcoin SuperSplit

The registration process with Bitcoin Supersplit is explained below.

  1. Register an account on Bitcoin SuperSplit website as directed
  2. Deposit a minimum capital of $250
  3. Trade with a demo account for practice
  4. Start a live session by clicking the trade now button

Rob Brydon Bitcoin – Final word!

There is no evidence of Rob Brydon investing in bitcoin. Those spreading these rumours seem interested in generating link clicks to their websites. However, the said Rob Brydon trading robots are all legit and highly popular. You can try any of them and start by investing as little as $250.