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Is Profit Revolution a Worthwhile Trading System? The $250 Test!

Profit Revolution is one of the most popular automated crypto trading platforms. It was launched in 2017 in the UK and operates in over 120 countries.

Profit Revolution is hailed by many in 2021 due to its superior news-trading function. News-trading is a technique that involves placing bets on crypto based on the prediction of how their prices are affected by the news.

This trading technique is highly profitable on crypto, given the level of volatility involved. Profit Revolution capitalizes on the volatility resulting from breaking news.

We have received a deluge of requests to review this bot. Read on for an in-depth review and professional perspective on this trading system. You should read to the end if you are completely new to trading.

Profit Revolution Review – Key Points

A detailed background check on Profit Revolution confirms that it’s legit and can be trusted. There is also enough proof of its claimed profitability rate.

We have analyzed a lot of feedback from individual clients and experts and concluded that this trading bot’s performance is magical. Profit Revolution has reportedly pulled many people from rags to riches.

If the thousands of reviews on Trustpilot are anything to go by, this trading system is the most profitable in all categories. It’s alleged to have a daily profitability rate of 25% and can hit daily returns of up to 90% when volatility is high.

There are only very few trading systems with such a high-performance rate. Most of the high-performance bots require hefty license fees on top of huge trading fees. Moreover, they require capital deposits of thousands of dollars. This means that they are only accessible to the wealthy.

Surprisingly, Profit Revolution is free. Furthermore, you only need to deposit $250. Some of the reviewers allege building fortunes out of the minimum deposit. You need to compound all profits for fast growth if you decide to get started with the minimum balance.

Deposit at least $500 if you prefer to withdraw a part of the profits from the first day of trading. Profit Revolution won’t charge any trading fees until you are profitable. And even then, the charges are insignificant. The underlying broker also charges a small fee in the form of a spread.

All Profit Revolution partner brokers adopt the ECN model and offer extremely competitive spreads starting from as low as 0 pips.

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What is Profit Revolution?

You may be finding it hard to fathom the Profit Revolution concept if you are new to trading. Let’s take a deep dive into it in simple terms.

Profit Revolution is a platform backed by AI algorithms to conduct crypto trading automatically. This means that the platform does all the trading for you. Consequently, you don’t need any skills to invest in crypto through the system.

The concept of automated trading is not new. Trading robots for traditional assets such as forex, stock, commodities, and market indices are many.

There are probably tens of thousands of trading robots out there. However, only a few are worth their salt. Researchers estimate that nearly 90% of the self-proclaimed trading robots out there is a scam. Learn more about trading robots in general here.

Trading robots can offer multiple assets trading or be highly specialized. Most of the forex trading robots out there offer multiple assets trading. On the other hand, crypto trading robots such as Profit Revolution are highly specialized.

Trading robots can also be fully auto or semi-auto. A semi-auto robot requires some technical manual inputs. A fully auto trading system conducts all the technical trading automatically and therefore doesn’t require any manual input. Profit Revolution is a fully automated trading system.

Is Profit Revolution a scam?

This is a question that the majority of our readers are asking. Fortunately, our team of experts has done the tests for you, and you will find the answers in this review.

As briefly stated in the introduction of this review, Profit Revolution is a legit trading system. We have concluded this after analyzing a lot of data and conducting rigorous tests on its demo account.

The data includes thousands of consumer reviews on Reddit, Trustpilot, and Forex Peace Army.  Profit Revolution is reviewed tens of thousands of times and is arguably the most reviewed auto-trading platform on the internet today.

The reviews are amazing, with over 90% of the reviewers claiming to make money. On a good day, Profit Revolution can reportedly triple an investment. A good day is defined by the level of volatility. High volatility increases the likelihood of generating insane profits.

Profit Revolution has perfect scores on transparency and safety. We can ascertain that all the important information is published on their website. Only very few crypto trading robots reveal the identities of their partner brokers and their fee criteria.

Profit Revolution has measures in place to secure clients data and funds. These measures include website encryption via a 128-bit protocol and compliance with data privacy laws such as the GDPR. Profit Revolution has also gone the extra mile to partner with highly reputable brokers to ensure the safety of clients’ funds.

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Advantages of trading with Profit Revolution

Profit Revolution is highly popular in crypto trading circles. Below are the main benefits of trading crypto through this platform.

High-level profitability – Profit Revolution is a super performer if the thousands of great reviews are anything to go by. The bot has reportedly made a significant number of its users super-wealthy.

Easy to use – Trading bitcoin traditionally is tedious and confusing. Profit Revolution eliminates all the hustles of traditional trading by automating the entire trading research and order placing process.

Affordable to most – Registration and trading with Profit Revolution are free. This is awesome given that most of the robot’s competitors charge a signup fee of up to $20,000 on top of a trading commission of up to 20%. The minimum trading balance required to operate Profit Revolution is just USD250.

High-level safety – Profit Revolution scores amazingly well on safety. It’s equipped with foolproof encryption measures and is compliant with data privacy laws across the globe. Profit Revolution also only works with reputable and well-regulated brokers. These brokers are an assurance to clients of the safety of their funds.

How to trade with Profit Revolution

Profit Revolution is easy to use, even for the complete beginner. This is because it conducts most of the trading automatically.

You only need to adjust the settings as directed and sit back and enjoy life as the trading system works for you. Explained below is the registration and trading process in a nutshell.

  1. Visit the official Profit Revolution site by clicking here. Register by filling and submitting the provided signup form.
  2. You will match with one of the local brokers in partnership with Profit Revolution after signup. Provide the broker with additional details and click the proceed tab.
  3. You will redirect to the partner broker’s deposit page. Fund your Profit Revolution account through the broker.
  4. You will gain access to the resources and trading area after the deposit. Take your time to go through the trading resources preparation and take a demo tour to determine if you are ready.

Start a live session when fully prepared. Live trading starts at the click of the live button. You need to set your account as directed before starting trading.

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Profit Revolution and Celebrities

There is a viral rumour claiming that Profit Revolution has received endorsements from celebrities. But is this true?

Profit Revolution and Elon Musk – This rumour claims that Elon Musk has disclosed trading bitcoin through Profit Revolution. 

Profit Revolution and Phillip Schofield – This rumour claims that Phillip Schofield has disclosed trading bitcoin through Profit Revolution on This Morning show.

We have conducted thorough checks on these rumours and confirmed that they are fake news. It’s important to always verify information on the official Profit Revolution site.

The bot is highly popular and therefore widely targeted by fake news.

Is Profit Revolution a Scam? Final Word!

We have conducted all the important tests on Profit Revolution and concluded that it’s a trustworthy trading system.

This trading system is reportedly powered by the best of algorithms to conduct highly profitable crypto trading. These algorithms superior performance is associated with the powers of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

Profit Revolution algorithms conduct all trading on autopilot. This makes it ideal for all since no trading expertise is required to trade. Try your luck with Profit Revolution through the link below. Please note crypto trading, especially on leverage, involves high risk. Invest wisely!