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Patrice Motsepe Bitcoin : Has He Invested in Bitcoin Trading Systems?

Patrice Motsepe BitcoinPatrice Motsepe is a South African billionaire with an estimated net worth of $2.4 billion as of February 2020. Mostepe is the founder and chairman of African Rainbow Minerals, a leading mining company based in South Africa. In recent years, the South African billionaire has been involved in several investments including the online lender TymeDigital, and the partnership with Sanlam to launch and an insurance company.

There are rumors online alleging that Mostepe has invested in several automated trading robots such as Bitcoin Era, Bitcoin Revolution, and Bitcoin Loophole. But has Patrice Mostep invested in any automated bitcoin trading robot? In this review, we take a deep look at any one of these allegations and determine whether these trading robots are legit.

Patrice Motsepe Bitcoin – Is it True?

The rumors about Patrice Mostep bitcoin investment are currently a viral trend across the web and on social media. However, this review confirms that Patrice Mostepe has not invested in any of the mentioned automated trading robots. We have found out that these rumors emerge from gossip fake blogs and therefore, it’s likely that these rumors are completely unfounded. During this research, we did not find any concrete evidence to support these claims. Yet, the fact that Patrice Mostep has not invested in automated trading robots does not indicate that users cannot explore the potential involved in these robots.

These automated trading robots claim to have the ability to predict price movements in the cryptocurrency market by using advanced trading technologies. As a result, these trading robots have an alleged win rate of more than 90%. we cannot guarantee this high accuracy rate since we have not done a live test, however, let’s dig in and see what users have to say about each one of the trading robots associated with Patrice Mostepe.

Patrice Motsepe Bitcoin Systems Associations

1. Bitcoin Era

Bitcoin Era is a top automated trading robot with a reportedly 99.4% win rate and a daily average payout of $1300. This robot allegedly conducts market research and places orders in the cryptocurrency market. According to Bitcoin Era, the technology enables the software to place orders 0.01 millisecond ahead of the market, which means it is allegedly able to detect thousands of profitable trades in a day.

The Bitcoin Era trading software is fully automatic and specially designed to help users to trade online with no experience.

From the reviews we have read, Bitcoin Era appears to be a legit trading robot. Users also claim that Bitcoin Era provides a responsive customer support team and a reliable withdrawal process. For more information about this trading robot, read our full Bitcoin Era review.

Patrice Motsepe Bitcoin Era

We did not find any evidence that confirms the rumors of Patrice Mostepe bitcoin’s investments. As a matter of fact, we could not find any evidence that Mostepe has expressed any interest in bitcoin trading robot including Bitcoin Era. As we mentioned, fake blogs use popular terms to create false titles and attract link clicks.

Advantages of trading with Bitcoin Era

  • Bitcoin Era applies sophisticated computer algorithms to scan, analyze and execute trades in the cryptocurrency market.
  • The robot reports to have a win rate of 99.4%.
  • Bitcoin Era has a great reputation among users and trading experts. These users report that Bitcoin Era provides great customer service and instant withdrawal process.  
  • Reviews indicate that some users have made an average daily profit of $500-$1500. The robot states that users typically make $1300 per day.

How to invest with Bitcoin Era

The account creation process with Bitcoin Era is secure and straightforward. Simply follow these steps to get started:

  • First, visit the Bitcoin Era’s official website and submit your personal details on the registration form. The robot immediately redirects you to one of its partner brokers that is regulated in your country. 
  • Once you have logged in to the broker’s platform, you can adjust the risk settings, practice on a demo account and deposit funds. Note that Bitcoin Era maintains a minimum deposit requirement of $250 and once you feel ready to start trading, deposit funds through one of the payment methods offered by the broker.
  • Whenever the funds have reached your account, simply turn on the software by clicking the auto-trading button.

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2. Bitcoin Revolution

Bitcoin Revolution is another top-ranking trading robot that was linked to Patrice Mosetep. This robot has a claimed daily payout of $1100 and a win rate of 99.4%. This means that the robot allegedly is able to predict 9 out of 10 trades the software detects. Bitcoin Revolution is one of the first automated trading robots to be founded in the industry and is considered by many trading experts as a reliable and accurate trading robot. The software was designed especially for inexperienced traders that want to enter the cryptocurrency market. According to Bitcoin Revolution, the robot is fully automatic and is able to conduct market research and execute trades in the market.

Furthermore, this robot partners with well-known highly regulated brokers that ensure instant order execution, provide leverage ration and keep investors’ funds in segregated accounts. You can read our full review of Bitcoin Revolution.

Patrice Motsepe Bitcoin Revolution

The claims about Patrice Mostep endorsing Bitcoin Revolution appear to be false. As explained above, some affiliate marketers use popular terms to create clickbait search titles and therefore, we recommend that you ignore any publications on these sites. Following this investigation, we are convinced that these rumors are completely unfounded and misleading.

Advantages of trading with Bitcoin Revolution

  • Bitcoin Revolution is one of the most reputed automated trading robots in the industry. 
  • Unlike scam trading robots, Bitcoin Revolution allows users to adjust risk settings on its own proprietary trading dashboard. This feature enables traders to set a daily stop loss and stop loss per trade.  
  • Bitcoin Revolution reports that members typically make an average daily profit of $1100. The majority of users report similar earnings.  

How to invest with Bitcoin Revolution

It takes a few simple steps to register and start trading with Bitcoin Revolution:

  • First, go to Bitcoin Revolution’s homepage and sign up for a free trading account. The robot requires you to submit your first and last name, email address, and phone number. You will be immediately redirected to Bitcoin Revolution’s trading dashboard. 
  • On the robot’s trading dashboard, you will be able to deposit funds, adjust the risk settings, connect to the robot broker’s trading platform and turn on the auto-pilot trading mode.  
  • On this step, we suggest that connect to the broker’s trading platform and open a free demo trading account. The demo account allows you to trade in real-time and get familiar with the platform.
  • Once you feel you are ready to start trading, go to the broker’s trading platform and deposit the minimum requirement of $250 via one of the provided payment methods.
  • As the funds reach your account, turn on the autopilot mode and software immediately starts working. 

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3. Bitcoin Loophole

Bitcoin Loophole is an automated trading robot that claims to help traders make profits by speculating cryptocurrency prices. It was founded in 2016 and reports the highest daily payout in the industry. With Bitcoin Loophole, traders can simply deposit funds and allow the software to do all the trading work on behalf of the user. This robot allegedly uses top-notch trading technologies that can scan the crypto market, analyze the market by using both technical and fundamental analysis, detect trading signals and execute a large number of orders simultaneously. 

As we mentioned, Bitcoin Loophole claims to be able to generate the highest payout in the industry of $13,000 per day. We cannot guarantee the robot’s alleged payout, however, user reviews indicate that it is possible to make high profits with this robot. Moreover, the robot appears to be legit and discloses crucial information on its website. You can read our comprehensive Bitcoin Loophole review to learn more.

Patrice Motsepe Bitcoin Loophole

We haven’t found any proof that Patrice Mostepe has invested in any automated trading robot including Bitcoin Loophole. Patrice Mostepe has never approved these rumors and therefore, it is likely that he has never endorsed Bitcoin Loophole.

Advantages of trading with Bitcoin Loophole

  • Bitcoin Loophole reports being among the top-leading trading robots in terms of profitability. This robot claims that users can make a daily profit of over $13,000 in a day. 
  • There are plenty of positive user reviews online about Bitcoin Loophole. The majority of those who have tried the software report making high profits.
  • Bitcoin Loophole does not have any withdrawal restrictions. According to the reviews, the withdrawal process is reliable and secured.

How to invest with Bitcoin Loophole

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to start trading with Bitcoin Loophole:

  • Visit the Bitcoin Loophole website and sign-up for a free trading account. 
  • Once you have completed the registration process, Bitcoin Loophole funnels you to its trading dashboard.
  • Click on the Deposit button and you will be redirected to the broker’s deposit funds page. After verifying your account, Deposit the minimum requirement of $250.   
  • Whenever you can see the funds in your trading account, switch back to the robot’s trading dashboard and turn on the automatic trading mode.

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Our review finds no evidence that Patrice Mostepe has invested in bitcoin trading robots. He has never approved to have invested in any trading robot, neither in bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. Fake gossip blogs take advantage of the popularity of bitcoin trading robot and the South African businessman to create fake titles and promote their sites’ rankings.  Nevertheless, it appears that the robots associated with Patrice Mostepe are legit and real. These bitcoin trading systems have plenty of positive reviews online and the majority of the users claim it is possible to make profits with these robots.