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Mike Hosking Bitcoin : Has He Invested in Bitcoin Trading Systems?

Michael Hosking is a hugely successful television and radio broadcaster from New Zealand. His estimated net worth of $2 million has led some affiliate advertisers to spread rumors that Hosking has invested in Bitcoin. Some gossip blogs have linked Mike Hosking to bitcoin trading robots including Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Evolution, and Bitcoin Rush. 

Mike Hosking Bitcoin – Is it True?

There have been rumors claiming Hosking has made his wealth through bitcoin auto-trading robots.

However, the Mike Hosking Bitcoin rumors are incorrect. Mike Hosking has not in fact invested in any bitcoin systems to this day.

Having said that, many online testimonials and user reviews claim that many bitcoin systems are highly effective and that it is in fact possible to make high returns using these tools for trading cryptocurrencies. In this article, we will go through the Mike Hosking Bitcoin associations and determine whether each of these bitcoin systems are reliable or not.

Mike Hosking Bitcoin Systems Associations

Many bitcoin trading systems claim to have a 90% win rate and to be able to generate thousands of dollars per day. Below is a list of a few of them.

1. Bitcoin Trader

Bitcoin Trader logo
The Bitcoin Trader software is considered by many one of the most popular software in the cryptocurrency industry and it claims to have an accuracy rate of 88%. The robot is based on cutting-edge technology and claims to provides investors an easy way to trade cryptocurrencies. 

Be sure to read our detailed Bitcoin Trader review to learn more about this tool.

Mike Hosking Bitcoin Trader

As we mentioned, the Mike Hosking Bitcoin Trader link is false. Nevertheless, Bitcoin Trader is a trading robot that reportedly has a win rate of over 88% and that claims to win 9 out of 10 trades. The software claims to provide investors easy access to the crypto market without the need to manually execute your trades. Note that the initial investment requirement is just $250.

Advantages of trading with Bitcoin Trader

Bitcoin Trader is considered by many investors as a legit trading robot. Here are some advantages of this robot:

  • Bitcoin Trader claims to have an accuracy rate of 88%
  • The robot claims to have a cutting edge programming technology based on technical and fundamental analysis
  • An advanced and easy to use trading platform

How to invest with Bitcoin Trader

Trading with Bitcoin Trader is super simple and does not require a complicated sign up process. Follow the steps below to get started.

2. Bitcoin Evolution

Bitcoin Evolution is a bot that claims it can analyze thousands of trading charts within a microsecond and respond accordingly. This means that anyone will have the opportunity to get in the crypto market and start trading.

The robot claims to have an algorithm that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning in order to analyze market data. It is considered by many as one of the most successful and popular automated trading robots in the market.

Bitcoin Evolution has a low minimum deposit requirement of $250. Read our detailed Bitcoin Evolution review to learn more.

Mike Hosking Bitcoin Evolution

Bitcoin Evolution is another bitcoin trading robot that Mike Hosking has been linked to. However, these rumors have not been confirmed and there is no concrete evidence that the TV and radio broadcaster has invested in this bot.

Regardless, this trading robot claims to have a success rate of 88% and to be able to generate high returns. 

Advantages of trading with Bitcoin Evolution

Here are the main advantages of the Bitcoin Revolution automated trading system:

  • Some users have reported earnings of up to $5,000 per day with this software
  • Bitcoin Evolution claims to have an accuracy rate of 99.4%
  • Top notch programming technology
  • Easy and fast sign-up process that takes less than 10 minutes

How to invest with Bitcoin Evolution

Simply follow these steps to get started with Bitcoin Evolution.

3. Bitcoin Rush

Bitcoin Rush is an automated trading software that is built on an advanced mathematical algorithm in order to execute successful orders in the crypto market. The Bitcoin Rush trading robot claims it can earn an average daily profit of $1500, which makes it stand out among competitors.

Read our detailed review of Bitcoin Rush for more information.

Mike Hosking Bitcoin Rush

Mike Hosking has been associated with Bitcoin Revolution on several tech sites and media networks. However, we did not find any information to support these claims.

Even so, Bitcoin Rush claims to have 88% accuracy and to be able to automatically execute orders in the crypto market. Investors can make an initial deposit into the Bitcoin Revolution system with just $250, and the automated trading robot will work on its own. 

Advantages of trading with Bitcoin Rush

Here are the main advantages of Bitcoin Rush:

  • Bitcoin Rush provides a free demo account
  • The robot claims to provide a high precision rate
  • Bitcoin Rush claims it is able to generate an average daily profit of $1500

How to invest with Bitcoin Rush

Trading with Bitcoin Rush is super easy. Simply follow these steps to get started:


Although Mike Hosking has not invested in any of these automated bitcoin trading systems, these software claim to be able to effectively execute market orders. Some of these automated trading systems claim to have over 90% success rate and to be able to gain a consistent revenue for its users.

However, please bear in mind that investing in these robots involves a significant level of risk and it is important to find the safest automated trading system out there.