Bitcoin Up Review: Is it a scam? Find out here!

Bitcoin Up was founded in 2018 to help ordinary people trade bitcoin. The robot allegedly makes up to $3k in daily profits from an investment of below $500. But is Bitcoin Up legit?

Cryptovibes went out in search of answers and has prepared this comprehensive review for you. We find Bitcoin Up to appear to be legit. Moreover, there is a potential of making the alleged profits if you follow the tips that we will present in this review.

For the record, Bitcoin Up is fully auto and beginner-friendly. This means that anyone can trade with it. Ensure that you read this review to the end before signing up with Bitcoin Up. You can go ahead and visit their website through the link below if you are not new to crypto trading bots.

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*Remember that all trading opportunities carry significant risk. This especially applies to cryptocurrencies, which are still relatively young in the financial markets. Trade wisely!

Bitcoin Up review: Overview

As mentioned in the introduction, this robot has been around for about 2 years. During this period, it has managed to grow its user base to over 100k. Bitcoin Up appears to be popular with most users. It has a nearly perfect score of 4.8/5 on TrustPilot after over 2500 reviews.

Only a few crypto robots have managed to reach such a high score on this platform. Most of those who have reviewed Bitcoin Up report satisfaction with its performance and ease of use. There are also a lot of compliments on its customer service and seamless withdrawal process.

Our test on Bitcoin Up customer service shows that they respond to inquiries almost instantly. Moreover, they can easily be reached through the phone and live chat. We do not recommend emails since they can take up to 24 hours to get a reply.

The most interesting thing about Bitcoin Up is that it doesn’t require any license fee. Most robots in the same category require users to pay an annual license fee of up to $5000. Bitcoin Up is free for all and appears to be more popular with ordinary people with no crypto trading background. This means that this is the robot for you if you are looking for a passive way to earn online.

Even with the high supposed win-rate, Bitcoin Up isn’t risk free. This means that you should invest wisely. Do not deposit an amount that you can’t bear to lose. It is foolhardy to commit all your life savings to margin trading. Cryptovibes recommends that you begin with the required 250 USD and grow by ploughing back earnings.

How does Bitcoin Up work?

Bitcoin Up relies on advanced AI technologies to read and glean insights from bitcoin (BTC) related news. The robot bets on BTC against a number of crypto and fiat currencies. With this robot, users can trade over 15 BTC pairs. Some of these pairs include BTCETH, BTCXRP, BTCBCH, and BTCLTC. The fiat pairs include BTCUSD, BTCGBP, and BTCEUR.

Simply put, trading these pairs involves speculating on how the price of bitcoin will fair against cryptos such as Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. The fiat pairs include bitcoin against the USD, GBP, and EUR.

Bitcoin Up has a supposed win rate of above 90%. This means that it can make winning bets most of the times. Furthermore, the bot relies on several brokers to provide trading leverage of up to 1:5000. With such a level of leverage, traders can take trading positions that are worth up to 5000 times their capital.

It is through this level of leverage that a small account of $250 can generate the alleged daily profit of up to $3k. High leverage is undoubtedly the gamechanger for robots such as Bitcoin Up, but it can also lead to devastating losses.

Bitcoin Up applies risk management features such as Stop Loss, Take Profit, and Negative Balance Protection to shield users from huge losses. Even so, a significant level of risk remains, and hence you should only invest what you are willing to lose.

Is Bitcoin Up legit? Cryptovibes findings

Bitcoin Up seems legit, and it may be a good idea to give it a try. You need at least 250 USD to trade with this robot. The bot is license-free, but this may not be the case for long. We suggest that you grab the opportunity by registering with this robot now.

  • Bitcoin Up has a nearly perfect score on TrustPilot and ForexPeaceArmy. This means that most users find it worthwhile
  • Cryptovibes has tested Bitcoin Up trading platforms and confirmed that they rely on the said artificial intelligence technologies
  • Bitcoin Up relies on highly reputable and adequately regulated robot brokers. The majority of these brokers fall under the regulatory mandate of the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).
  • Cryptovibes can confirm that Bitcoin Up trading platform and website is highly secured. Their website has standard level encryption, and they are adherent to data safety measures such as the GDPR.
  • Bitcoin Up can allegedly turn a deposit of 250 USD to more than 1000 USD in less than 24 hours of trading. At least 90% of reviewers on TrustPilot support this claim.

Like any other margin trading robot, Bitcoin Up is not risk-free. It is therefore crucial that you only trade with what you can afford to lose.

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Getting Started with Bitcoin Up platform

Bitcoin Up is made for the ordinary person and hence doesn’t require any special skill to operate. Follow the steps below to start investing with this robot.

Register a free Bitcoin Up account

Go to Bitcoin Up homepage and register a free trading account. Ensure that you submit all details as required and click the proceed button. Bitcoin Up registration process only need your name and a working email and phone number.

You will be prompted to verify the email and the phone number. This bot handles user information with strict confidentiality.

Deposit a minimum of 250 USD

Like in any other venture, you need to invest some money to generate a return. Bitcoin Up requires as little as 250 USD. You can fund your account using a debit or a credit card or Wire Transfer.

Bitcoin Up also accepts Western Union, MoneyGram, and e-wallets such as WebMoney, Skrill, and Neteller. You will not be charged any deposit fees.

Trade with a demo account

After deposit, you can access a free demo account for practice. While Bitcoin Up is fully auto, it comes with a lot of functionalities that can be confusing to complete beginners. The demo account helps you familiarize with these features.

Bitcoin Up also provides a dedicated account manager to guide you through the features of the live account. You should take full advantage by asking them all the trading questions that you might have.

Trade live

Live trading with Bitcoin Up is straightforward. You need to adjust risk settings as instructed in the trading guide before clicking the live button. Do not hesitate to contact the dedicated account manager for any clarifications.

Bitcoin Up trading tips

This robot is entirely auto, but this doesn’t mean that there is nothing you can do to get good returns out of it. The following are some of the things you should do to hit a homerun with Bitcoin Up.

  1. Trade for not less than 8 hours daily – You should leave Bitcoin Up running for at least 8 hours daily, Monday through Friday. By doing so, you will be able to capitalize on all trading opportunities that present during trading.
  2. Trade the US markets – These markets are the critical driver of bitcoin volatility. Remember that Bitcoin Up performs well during periods of high volatility.
  3. Invest what you can afford to lose – Bitcoin Up comes at a risk, and it is, therefore, essential that you invest what you are willing to lose. This will allow you the peace of mind to observe and capitalize on how the bot responds to market trends.

Is Bitcoin Up legit? The verdict!

Bitcoin Up is legit and maybe worth a try. This review confirms that this bot is popular with users. There are a lot of great reviews about its performance and easy to use trading platforms. We can also confirm that it is powered by real AI technologies and has all the measures in place to safeguard users’ data.

Bitcoin Up is free and available to all. You can start using this robot via the link below. Please let us know about your experience in the comment section.

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Is Bitcoin Up trustworthy?

Yes! We have tested Bitcoin Up and found it to appear to be legit. This robot has great reviews from users.

How much should I deposit with Bitcoin Up?

A minimum of 250 USD is enough to get started with Bitcoin Up. You can always add capital later on as you get used to the robot.

How much profit can I make with Bitcoin Up?

Bitcoin Up earning rate depends on how much you invest and the trading settings you apply. The bot can allegedly generate up to 4 times the invested capital per day.

Does Bitcoin Up allow withdrawals?

Yes! You can withdraw your money by submitting a request form through the provided portal. All withdrawals are facilitated within 5 hours.