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Dick Smith Bitcoin – Did he Invest $1.5 Million in a BTC Trading Robot?

Dick SmithViral social media posts alleging that Dick Smith has invested in bitcoin through popular BTC trading roots have emerged on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. Those spreading these rumours allege that Smith has invested $1.5 million in a robot known as Bitcoin Up.

Bitcoin Up is a computer program that makes money for users by speculating on bitcoin through a financial contract known as CFD. It is a well-known platform with widespread media coverage and over 10k positive reviews on TrustPilot.

The platform runs automatically, and hence anyone can make money with it. Moreover, it is build-upon the blockchain technology to ensure a transparent trading environment. This article will take a deep dive on Dick Smith Bitcoin rumours.

We will also provide a snapshot of the Bitcoin Up robot and offer tips to help you make profits trading with it.

Who is Dick Smith?

Dick Smith is an Australian business and the founder of Dick Smith Holdings among other ventures. He is also a record-breaking aviator, political activist, and philanthropist.

As of September 2020, Dick Smith is estimated to be worth approximately $60 million. Smith is a technology lover having founded Dick Smith Electronics. Popular computer brands formerly associated with his company include System 80, Dick Smith Cat, VZ-200 and VZ-300, among others.

Dick Smith holding was listed on ASX stock exchange until 2016 when it went into receivership. As a technology lover, Smith has been very vocal about emerging technologies, but it is not evident if he endorses bitcoin.

He is also a traditional investor, and hence it is unlikely that he would invest in highly volatile assets such as bitcoin.


Why are gossip blogs linking Dick Smith to Bitcoin Up?

Perhaps the reason celebrity gossip blogs are linking Bitcoin Up with Dick Smith is that both are popular subjects in Australia. Black hat marketers are known to link two unrelated but popular topics as clickbait to visit their platforms.

Bitcoin Up app has recently released a media briefing warning its users against the rampant use of its name in fake news. Users are advised to always confirm any piece of news on the Bitcoin Up website before embracing it as the truth.

Bitcoin Up software never discloses the identity of its investors. It is therefore unlikely that they would disclose such information even if it were true. We have tried to contact Dick Smith to get his perspective on this rumour, but he was yet to get back by the time of going to press with this review.

Even so, we haven’t found any evidence linking him to bitcoin, and hence it is unlikely that he has invested in any robot. Moreover, those spreading the Dick Smith Bitcoin Up rumours are only doing it through the social media and celebrity gossip platforms.

Bitcoin Up App Review – Overview

bitcoin up app logoThis trading robot was founded in 2015 by the International Bitcoin Council. The robot went viral during the crypto boom of 2017 after it emerged that its users were making thousands of dollars per day in profits.

Some of its users are said to have joined the dollar millionaire club during the bubble. Bitcoin Up app has remained popular since then and has reportedly helped hundreds of users become millionaires.

Its popularity is going through the roof in 2020 as another bigger crypto boom is expected. BTC price is already past the $12k mark, and analysts are predicting that it will hit $50k by mid next year. Volatility is at its peak and hence there is more money-making potential when trading with Bitcoin Up. 

Benefits of trading with Bitcoin Up

Bitcoin Up software is the best bet for you if you are interested in an easy way to make money online. The robot is the 2020 winner of the coveted Most Profitable Trading Robot by the American Association of Auto-traders (AAA).

It has also won various awards among them the best robot in trading platforms 2020, the best robot in customer service 2019, and the most user-friendly trading robot 2019. Here are the top benefits of trading with this robot.

Highly profitability

If you are lucky enough, you should be able to build a decent daily income when trading with this robot. The minimum capital you can trade with is $250, and this amount is enough to earn you up to $1500 daily.

Bitcoin Up software magnifies users’ trades through leverage. Its partner brokers provide a leverage of up to 5000:1. This means that users can earn profits of a $5000 account for every $1 of invested capital. Through the power of compounding, you can grow a $250 deposit to over $500k in about six months of trading.

Easy to use platform

You do not need to have a background in trading to operate Bitcoin Up. The robot requires very little manual input, and there is a trading manual to guide you through the setup and trading.

There is also a dedicated account manager to answer all your questions and guide you through the first steps of trading. You should take chance and engage them fully during demo trading to ensure that you are fully prepared for live trading.

Seamless withdrawals

You can withdraw your profits from the Bitcoin Up platform whenever you want. It takes about an hour for the funds to reflect in your bank account.

Please note that the partner broker facilitates all withdrawals. There are no withdrawal charges on the side of the partner broker. However, the bank facilitating the transaction may charge a small withdrawal fee.

Excellent customer care services

Unlike most robots, Bitcoin Up provides 24/7 customer service available through phone, live chat and email.

Our tests show that it takes about five seconds to connect to their customer agents through phone and live chat. Bitcoin Up customer service collaborates with the underlying brokers’ agents to offer all help in one place.

Safe trading environment

As mentioned earlier, Bitcoin Up app is powered by blockchain to ensure a transparent trading environment. The distributed ledger technology (blockchain) enables transparent peer to peer transactions. Bitcoin Up users can use the DLT Smart contracts technology to solve any disputes with the robot or the underlying broker.

We can also confirm that the Bitcoin Up website has the RSA encryption and hence foolproof from most forms of cyberattacks. It also works with tightly regulated brokers, and hence clients are assured that their money is only used for the intended purpose.

Most of its brokers are under the regulatory mandate of tier-one regulators such as the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).

Who can trade with Bitcoin Up?

Bitcoin Up is the platform you should register with if you are looking for a hands-free way to earn money online. The platform relies on powerful algorithms to conduct trading research with 99% accuracy and execute trades.

Investing in bitcoin through the Bitcoin Up software is easier than buying directly from an exchange. Firstly, the robot runs automatically and therefore, doesn’t require any special skills to operate. You only need to watch the provided 15-minutes video tutorial and follow it religiously to get the best results out of this robot.

Secondly, the robot trades BTC volatility through a contract for difference (CFDs) and hence doesn’t involve the tedious bitcoin buying process. Traditionally, you need to secure a crypto wallet and directly buy bitcoin from an exchange. The process is complicated for most people.

Thirdly, it is safer to invest in bitcoin through Bitcoin Up robot than through the traditional ways. Bitcoin Up trades volatility and hence doesn’t involve any crypto wallets and key fobs. Crypto exchanges and wallets have been hacked in the past and bitcoin holdings stolen.

How to trade with Bitcoin Up

Bitcoin Up trading robot is 99% auto and hence easy to use for all types of traders. It takes the following simple steps to get started with this robot.

  1.     Create a free account on Bitcoin Up website
  2.     Verify account through the underlying broker
  3.     Deposit at least $250 with the underlying broker
  4.     Practice with Bitcoin Up demo trader
  5.     Define risk settings and click the live trading button

Bitcoin Up app is available in over 150 countries in Europe, the US, Australia, Middle East, and Africa. Create your account by clicking here

Dick Smith Bitcoin – Final word!

The rumours about Dick Smith investing in Bitcoin Up are false. However, this doesn’t mean that the Bitcoin Up software isn’t legit. Our tests find it to be reputable and worth a try. There are no prerequisites to trading with this robot, and hence anyone can try it. You need as little as $250 to access the Bitcoin Up trading platform.