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Cryptosoft Review » Is Crypto Soft App a Scam? See here !!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Looking for unbiased CryptoSoft reviews? Is CryptoSoft a Scam? Find out all the information from this detailed review. Crypto soft is a piece of software that allegedly makes huge profits speculating on crypto. The bot is said to be 100% automatic meaning that no skill is needed to use it. But is Cryptosoft really legit and is it true that it is that profitable?

Cryptovibes went out in search of answers and has prepared this in-depth review for you. From our investigation, Cryptosoft appears to be legit and worth a try. The bot has a good reputation with most alleging that it can make up to $1500 per day from a deposit of $250.

We have not tested Cryptosoft and therefore cannot guarantee anything.  Even so, there is a high likelihood that you will have a good experience with this robot. Read on to learn why Cryptosoft is legit and what you can do to make the most out of it.

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*Remember that all investment opportunities carry a certain risk. This especially applies to cryptocurrencies, which are still relatively young in the financial markets.

What Is Cryptosoft? Review Overview

Cryptosoft is a cryptocurrency trading platform that automatically analyses the crypto markets based on trading strategies and technical analysis indicators. This automated trading application was founded in 2012 by trading experts and web developers who eventually programmed a trading robot that takes market decisions and executes market orders.

CryptoSoft WebsiteThere are some appealing advantages to trading with Cryptosoft. First, you do not need any previous trading experience. Not everybody has the skills, knowledge, and time to trade the volatile cryptocurrency market, and therefore, the automated trading robot allows new traders a smooth entrance to the online trading market. Cryptosoft claims that with an average of 20 minutes a day or less, you can allegedly have a high probability of profitable trades.

Cryptosoft also provides you to control and adjust your trading settings based on your preferences. Take note that Cryptosoft recommends the following settings, however, you can adjust these setting to meet your needs :

  • Risk: Medium
  • Indicators: Trend-MACD-RSI
  • Max trades: 2

While each software has developed different trading algorithms, Cryptosoft programmed its algorithm to search for anomalies in the market.

Another major advantage is the wide variety of crypto coins of more than 100 trading pairs, which is much higher than what competitors in the industry offers, including some of the most exotic crypto coins in the market.

The most astonishing fact about Cryptosoft is the claimed win rate of 88%. This means that, according to Cryptosoft, their app offers users a high probability of making consistent profits. Human trading involves emotions and stress, which is why automated trading is said by many to significantly reduce human errors in your trading operation.

Yet, you must be aware that this type of investment involves a high risk of losing your capital and therefore, you should not trade with an amount you cannot afford to lose. CryptoVibes suggests starting with the minimum requirement of $250 and growing your account once you see positive trading results.

Cryptosoft software is available in English, German, Spanish and Italian.

How Does Cryptosoft App Work?

As mentioned previously, Cryptosoft is a crypto automated trading robot powered by a sophisticated algorithm that analyses the cryptocurrency market in order to allegedly produce profitable trades. The robot claims to scan the entire crypto market within milliseconds and find trading opportunities.

The Cryptosoft application is a web-based trading platform compatible with all devices meaning you are not required to download a desktop application. Cryptosoft claims to have an accuracy rate of 88% which is an outstanding success rate in the trading market.

Crypto Soft how does it work


Cryptosoft links traders with its partner regulated brokers, meaning your funds are being held in a segregated account according to the regulatory compliance. These brokers can offer leverage ratio of up to 1:500 which enables you to get a much larger capital than the amount you initially deposited. A high leverage ratio is said by Cryptosoft to increase profitability but also increases your risk and therefore, we recommend that you start trading with low leverage levels.

Is Cryptosoft Legit? CryptoVibes Findings

Following our review, Cryptosoft seems to be a legit automated trading software. As we mentioned before, we have reviewed the testimonials of this automated trading robot and tested its platform, and it is working and real.

Our review is based on users’ feedback, the robot's claimed trading accuracy rate and the software's features.

There are several features that distinguish Cryptosoft from other competitors in the industry:

  • Trading customization - Cryptosoft robot's algorithm uses five trading indicators to identify trading opportunities in the market. Those include Trend, Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD), Relative Strength Index (RSI), Commodity Channel Index (CCI), and Stochastic oscillator (Stoch). Unlike other trading robots that limit the ability to customize trading strategies, Cryptosoft provides traders with a high level of customization.
  • An extensive range of crypto coins - Cryptosoft has an extensive range of cryptocurrencies, in particular when comparing to other crypto robots in the industry. Users can trade more than 100 cryptocurrencies while other robots offer around 60-70 crypto coins. That, according to the robot, increases your chances of long-term success as altcoins are said by many experts to have the potential for incredible profits. Altcoins usually have less volume and as a result, more trading opportunities.
  • Simple and intuitive trading platform - Cryptosoft has developed its trading software so that anyone can easily use it. The user interface is clear and you do not need to be an expert in the field of trading to use it.

Cryptosoft is without a doubt one of the most well-reputed crypto robots in the market. Its trading platform is simple and intuitive and does not require the effort of studying the platform. This review compares Cryptosoft with Bitcoin Future, a similar crypto trading robot. You can read our Bitcoin Future review to learn more about this trading robot.

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*Remember that all investment opportunities carry a certain risk. This especially applies to cryptocurrencies, which are still relatively young in the financial markets.

Getting Started With Cryptosoft Platform

You will be required to complete a simple registration process with Cryptosoft and deposit a minimum of $250 before you can start trading. The registration and deposit funds process is super simple and takes less than five minutes.

Unfortunately, Cryptosoft is not available in some countries but you can scroll down to the bottom of this page for other legit automated trading robots.

STEP ONE: Create a Crypto Soft Account

Crypto Soft Registration

The Cryptosoft does not require a lot of personal details for the account registration. You will be asked to fill your name, phone number, email and password. Then, you'll have to confirm your account through the confirmation email that will be sent to your inbox. Once you enter the confirmation, you can open the Cryptosoft trading dashboard.

STEP TWO: Connect With A Broker

After you finish the registration process, Cryptosoft allows you to enter the trading software and connect you with a regulated broker within your region. By trading through a regulated broker, you can be certain that your funds will be segregated and protected. The reason for the partnership with regulated brokers is that automated trading robots cannot act as a financial broker.

STEP THREE: Deposit A Minimum of $250

Crypto soft requires users to deposit a minimum of $250 in order to start using the automated trading robot. The payment methods vary based on your partnered regulated broker in your region. Simply click on the deposit button on the bottom right corner of the trading dashboard and you'll instantly be able to deposit funds through a regulated broker.

STEP FOUR: Risk Management Setup And Live Trading

Cryptosoft App allows you to set up your trading preferences including the amount of capital you wish to risk, trading indicators, and the maximum trades per session. For example, if you click the signal button on the live quotes window, you can choose the trading indicators based on the automated analysis. Crypto soft algorithm is based on five technical analysis trading indicators: Trend, Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD), Relative Strength Index (RSI), Commodity Channel Index (CCI), and Stochastic oscillator (Stoch). Crypto Soft Risk Management

Traders also can decide on the most convenient trading method. The platform allows you to switch between manual and automated trading. Once you switch to the auto trading, you can choose the following settings: risk, max trades, invest per trade, and profit per trade.

After specifying your trading settings, you can click the start auto-trading button and the robot will automatically execute orders in the market.

It's important to switch off the auto trading mode at the end of each trading session to avoid unexpected market movements.

How To Make The Most Out of Cryptosoft App

Crypto soft App is 100% auto but there are several things that traders can do to make it perform better. These include;

  1. Trade for at least 8 hours per day – You need to let the Cryptosoft robot run for at least 8 hours per day to get the most potential out of it. Trading robots have the capability to place multiple trades within a minute and hence take advantage of any trading opportunity that presents. Moreover, Cryptosoft has an alleged win rate of above 90% meaning that it is likely to generate good results when left to run for long.
  2. Trade the US markets – Ensure that you run Cryptosoft system when it is day time in the US. Crypto prices are strongly correlated with Wall Street given the many crypto-related derivatives traded on this bourse. You should time when it is daytime in New York and run the bot for 8 straight hours.
  3. Deposit $250 only – Do not deposit more than $250 when starting to use Cryptosoft. Remember that this bot comes at significant risk and committing a lot of money is likely to cause emotions that lead to bad decision making.
  4. Reinvest all profits for at least a year – When trading with a robot such as Cryptosoft, you have the magic of compounding at your disposal. Take advantage and reinvest all your profits. We have found individual consumer reviews alleging that it is possible to grow a $250 deposit to hundreds of thousands of dollars in less than a year.

Is Cryptosoft Software Legit? Our Verdict!

There's an extensive list of crypto robots scams around the web at the moment. Many of them report making up huge profits and operating under a pyramid scheme. Following our in-depth review, Cryptosoft appears to be a legit trading robot with a claimed win rate of 88%, a secure web-based trading platform, and a positive reputation among users.

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*Remember that all investment opportunities carry a certain risk. This especially applies to cryptocurrencies, which are still relatively young in the financial markets.

How Much Does Cryptosoft Cost?

Crypto soft is free of charge. Users are not required to pay for the use of the software but a small fee on any successful trade they make through the robot.

How Much Can I Earn With Cryptosoft?

This robot claims it can generate a minimum profit of $13,000 daily. However, your returns vary based on your initial investment.

How much capital should I deposit with Cryptosoft?

In the beginning, you should deposit the minimum requirement of $250. Once you feel more confident with the trading robot, then you can increase your investment

Can I withdraw my profits from Cryptosoft?

Absolutely, you can withdraw your funds anytime. You simply click on the withdraw button and you will be redirected into your account on the broker's website.