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Crypto Profit Review 2019 » Comprehensive Sign Up Guide !

Read this unbiased Crypto Profit review. Unsure if Crypto Profit is a scam or not? Frankly, you’re right to be a little concerned, as not much has been circulated regarding this brand new cryptocurrency trading bot just yet. Having just completed testing and now gone live, the brains behind the CryptoProfit platform could probably use some sensible marketing advice! If you have noticed that this site is starting to gain a little traction – perhaps via Facebook or Twitter – then you may be wondering whether it presents a valid new way of getting into cryptocurrency trading.

We’ve done most of the legwork for you already and chances are that you’ll be a little surprised at the potential we’ve discovered in the Crypto Profit software. Is it going to revolutionize crypto trading? Probably not just yet. Is it a candidate for those looking to get started in cryptocurrency trading and make realistic returns? Quite possibly so. Here is what we have discovered from using their Crypto profit software so far.

What Is Crypto Profit? See Our Detailed Crypto Profit Review 

Crypto Profit ReviewThe Crypto Profit App is a trading tool that allegedly helps traders (experienced and newcomers) to trade proactively across the cryptocurrency markets. Crucially, users are able to speculate that currencies will both increase and decrease in value – meaning that the direction of the market is irrelevant for the robot’s performance. This is an essential factor when dealing with cryptocurrencies as many people have purchased these coins as assets that have suddenly and enormously dropped in value. Now you can bet against those currencies (and there are plenty to choose between) according to market trends.

It is worthwhile mentioning at this point that Crypto profit is an automated trading program. It does not require users to have much prior knowledge about how the markets work or even be always available to approve a selected trade. We recommend that anyone interested in opening a Crypto Profit Account takes the time to do a little homework first. You should at least be familiar with basic trading terminology as you’ll need this when configuring your trading profile and strategies. We don’t fully trust robots with our money – and nor should you!

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How Does Crypto Profit Work?

Crypto Profit SystemThe Crypto Profit System is a highly engineered trading robot that reportedly monitors the live performance of the markets and automatically predicts how they are going to move. We won’t blind you with the science behind this trading robot – and frankly/understandably the Crypto Profit creators aren’t too keen to share that information anyway – but it uses similar technology to that employed in professional Forex trading rooms. Speed is what it’s all about. Crypto Profit software claims to be able to make very fast trades that will generate a small but secure profit (This is what they state on their official website).

Once you have joined the Crypto Profits trading program you’ll be offered a choice of brokers to work with – and we suggest you research these carefully to choose which one best matches your trading philosophy. Not all brokers partner up with robots – so those who do work with Crypto Profit are going to understand how best to make use of this powerful Crypto profit software. To put it bluntly, that’s a good thing. Robots in the hands of the wrong brokers are notorious for resulting in poor performance – and we’re happy to report that our research suggests that those who do work with this Crypto Profits system are some of the best in the business.

Be aware that they almost all work with very high leverages – meaning you can make substantial returns but are obliged to adopt an aggressive trading strategy to do so. Without wishing to sound remotely ‘bullish’ that is arguably the best way to approach cryptocurrency trading as the potential profits can be so high compared to typical markets/exchanges. To make serious money you need to really go for the jugular – and the theory is that the Crypto Profit software places users in the best possible position to do this.

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Is Crypto Profit Software A Scam or Not?

Crypto Profit PlatformSounds a little risky right? In some ways, you’d be right for thinking so and it is essential to understand that everyone encounters some level of exposure when trading. One of the few things Warren Buffet tends to agree with other big-name traders is the fact that the best lessons are your losses, and never your wins. The Crypto Profit App is not going to win every trade – and the important thing to understand here is that it does not claim to be able to. Instead, it reports 85-88% trading success rate depending on the strategies employed by their users. That compares favorably with other professional-grade trading software that adopts a similar outlook (low risk/low return/high speed).

If the Crypto Profit platform claimed to offer 90%+ trading success rates we’d be calling it out as a scam right away. Major corporations spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year trying to gain a single percentage point – and usually, they do not make a great deal of actual progress! However, in our experience that 88% figure is reasonable and indicative of a high performing cryptocurrency trading robot. Also, check similar robot Bitcoin Revolution review here.

As mentioned at the top of this Crypto Profit review, the fact that not many people are talking about this platform is probably a good thing. Crypto traders tend to play their cards close to their chest – and a lack of exposure, coupled with a refreshingly modest amount of social media coverage/exposure is a good thing. We are confident that crypto Profits is not a scam product – although as with any financial investment you should start carefully and approach with a degree of caution. Nothing is flawless!

Pros OR Advantages Of Crypto Profit System!

Basically speaking this Crypto Profits platform provides a straightforward and hassle-free way to speculate on the cryptocurrency exchanges. It is an automated software that will be used by your broker to allegedly conduct trades on your behalf (they take a small slice of your profits in case you were wondering). Once you have set up the Crypto profits software – we’ll discuss this shortly – you simply authorize the robot to start working and withdraw profits as they accrue. Remember that your leverage is an important consideration when using this type of trading software. We’d suggest a 50/50 withdrawal/reinvestment approach to profitable trades to start with as a way of securing monies and also speculating towards higher returns. You are – of course – free to configure those however you wish.

We dislike predicting estimated figures and income simply because the Crypto profit robot is going to have different rates of performance between users/brokers and their strategies. On the grapevine, we’ve heard some people claim to make a steady income of around $100/day from a basic $250 initial deposit. That’s a fair return that matches the proven qualities of this system – but don’t take it from us. What matters is that people have successfully used this robot to make money – and that is all that really matters.

How To Get Started With Crypto Profit Robot? 

The good news is that you can register to use the CryptoProfit software pretty quickly. Note that there are no licenses involved here and it is entirely free at this stage. You should be aware that some countries may be exempt from membership due to money laundering legislation. Most people should have no problem providing they follow these simple steps:

1) Register On The Crypto Robot Website

Crypto Profits Account

You only need to provide some simple information for verification purposes (no need to upload ID/proof of residence etc). Just an email address and a phone number. Once this is done they’ll be contacted for verification. It took us 2 minutes but perhaps allow for longer.

2) Deposit With Your Broker

Crypto Profit DepositYou do not need to deposit unless entirely satisfied by the quality of the brokers on offer. Our selection was excellent but we can’t say for certain that is always the case. Expect to be asked for some extra information here before making your initial deposit. First deposits are the industry standard minimum of $250 and we’d suggest that newcomers to the Crypto Profit platform stick to that figure until they are entirely satisfied. You can always add additional funds later.

Bank Transfer, Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro are accepted alongside some online wallets such as Skrill & Neteller. You can also opt for a cryptocurrency (BTC & ETH) transfer if you wish and providing they are accepted by your broker service. Deposits are processed immediately.

3) Use The Demo First!

Hold your horses here. Tempting as it might be to get trading right away, this is a crucial step towards using the Crypto Profit software successfully. All new users can enjoy the demo feature for their first 30-days and see how their ‘fantasy’ trades would have performed on the live exchanges. It is an important step because you can use the exact same settings as you’d use in the live configuration. Try out different options and see which best suits your style and ambitions.

4) Go Live

Once you are ready to trade – hit the live button and the Crypto profit software will do the rest in partnership with your broker service. We’d suggest keeping those setting to quite conservative limits, at least to begin with – but it’s your call.

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Key Features Of Crypto Profit Explained!

Crypto Profit AppLet’s quickly recap and run through some of the key features of this cryptocurrency trading robot:

  • Payouts

As mentioned previously we don’t like to speculate or make guarantees to our readers but anecdotally speaking, the robot reports between 20-35% returns on average on your capital each day you use this Crypto profit software. There will be some good days and some less good days.

  • Verification

Data protection policies are strictly adhered to with this trading platform and you should not need to worry about this process whatsoever. Your broker is going to be more specific because they have to follow strict regulatory rules. That is a good thing and serves to help protect your funds.

  • Withdrawing Profits

Withdrawals are refreshingly straightforward and usually conducted within 24 hours/1 business day. You may find those quicker if you’re using an online wallet.

  • Costs/Fees

Anyone can use Crypto Profit free of charge. They make money from their brokers, not from their software users. You will not be directly charged any commission or fees on your trading. Be aware that policy is likely to change once the platform hits a certain number of users or generates significant exposure.

  • Customer Service

Not bad but hardly groundbreaking. We used the Crypto Profits customer service desk (online only) to answer a few questions regarding software updates and they responded promptly and professionally. As an international operation, they do not list a specific phone number although can offer telephone feedback if required at any stage.

  • Trustpilot Ratings

At present they have a good rating on TrustPilot – 4.6/7. That is a pretty fair score and you should remember two things. Firstly – successful trading robots are always targetted by scammers looking to knock down those ratings in order to boost their own. If you take the time to read the actual Crytpo Profit customer reviews you’ll find that the vast majority are pretty positive. Crucially – those reviews are from active TrustPilot members and not bot/fake accounts.

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Crypto Profit Review Verdict

We hope you have found this Crypto Profit review informative and to have answered most of the questions you may have to ask about this impressive piece of trading software. Overall, it may not have garnered the same kind of exposure and traction as other platforms on the market but we are quite pleased about that fact. What we have here is a decent quality robot that could very well play a key role in allegedly helping people successfully trade and navigate across those treacherous cryptocurrency markets. It could very well be a useful addition to any diverse trading portfolio – and that’s good enough for us. Thanks for reading this Crypto Profit review and we wish you well for using the software.

FAQ’s on CryptoProfits Website? 

How much should I start trading with?

We recommend that new traders begin with the $250 minimum.

Has Crypto Profit Been On TV? Any Celebs Recommend?

To the best of our knowledge we have not yet seen any mention of this robot on TV such as Dragons Den or Shark Tank - or even very much online for that matter! Exposure on TV is not always a good thing and we're happy to report that this software continues to fly low under the radar.