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Crypto Method Review: Scam or Legit robot? 2020 Results Now!

Crypto Method Review: Scam or Legit robot? 2020 Results Now!It is impossible to ignore the interest that has been created around cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. As the crypto market is a new market in its growth stage with many new opportunities, cryptocurrencies trading may be profitable. One of the recent inventions to enter the cryptocurrency trading market is bitcoin trading robots that claim to be able to predict price movements and generate consistent profits.

Crypto Method is an automated trading app that claims to help investors enter the crypto market and make consistent profits without any previous trading experience.

In this review, we will investigate the Crypto Method trading application including its features, fees, trading algorithms, trading performance, win rate, withdrawal process, and reputation.

What is Crypto Method?

Crypto Method is an automated trading software developed by Mike Lewis, an ex-software developer. This robot claims to use powerful and innovative trading technologies that are based on a preset of statistical parameters to enable the software to scan the cryptocurrency market, conduct market research and detect successful trades. Crypto Method claims to be able to generate a daily profit of $13,000 though the majority of users report an average of $1000-$1500.

Crypto Method is fully automatic trading software, which means it is able to read market news and analyze trading charts. By doing that, the software does all the trading operations on behalf of the user and according to user reviews, a user should spend around 15-20 minutes per day to monitor the account.

The robot’s algorithm allegedly relies on sophisticated technologies that work independently, meaning the robot is supposedly able to identify trading signals and then execute these signals in the crypto market. Crypto Method reveals a live test video on its official website to present the process and the alleged success of its trading software.

Crypto Method Homepage

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Is Crypto Method robot legit?

As an automated trading robot, Crypto Method claims to be able a lot of money with minimum intervention from the user. Obviously, it raises the question of whether this trading robot is legit and reliable? There are also many scammers out there in the cryptocurrency market which requires you to investigate a trading robot before you deposit your trust in this platform.

We have reviewed the key factors to determine if Crypto Method is a scam including the withdrawal process, regulated brokers, safety and security, and the robot’s reputation among users. It appears that Crypto Method is a legit trading robot that efforts to provide a secure trading environment. Crypto Method is transparent about the risk involved with this type of investment and discloses a risk note, terms and conditions, and users’ privacy policy.

How does Crypto Method work?

As we mentioned, Crypto Metrix applies advanced trading algorithms to analyze data in the crypto market and take trading decisions. The robot claims to be able to take more accurate trading decisions than any human trader by using AI and ML trading algorithms that analyze big data in the market and execute successful trades. In other words, the Crypto Method application is a computer program based on a set of technical and fundamental trading signals that help determine whether to buy or sell at a given point in time.

Crypto Method reports that its trading software is able to predict most of the trades the software executes and as a result, to generate consistent payouts for the members of the platform. The robot requires a minimum of $250 which has to be deposited through a regulated broker. The partner robot broker is responsible to hold clients’ funds, provide a leverage ratio, and execute the software orders in the market.

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Advantages of trading with Crypto Method

Crypto Method is among the top-ranking crypto trading robots in the market with a high claimed payouts and win rate. Here are the main advantages of this trading software in comparison to other trading robots.

Payouts and win rate

Crypto Method has a high claim win rate, which means that the software’s algorithm is able to predict most of the trades the robot executes. As a result, Crypto Method reports that users can make an average daily profit of $13,000. Reviews from users indicate that it is possible to make high returns with this robot, though we must inform you that there is always a risk of losing your capital when investing in trading robots.

User testimonials

User testimonials find Crypto Method’s trading platform and website highly secure and easy to use. Users also report that the withdrawal process with Crypto Method is easy and fast and that Crypto Method has responsive and knowledgeable customer support.

Crypto Method user testimonials

A safe trading platform

That is perhaps the most important factor when choosing a trading robot. First, Crypto Method partners with well-known regulated brokers. That ensures that your funds are kept in safe accounts and you will be compensated if the robot or the broker will default. Furthermore, it appears that Crypto Method is a transparent trading robot as it discloses essential information on its official website and allows users to choose the partner robot before the deposit.

A wide range of crypto coins

While most of the crypto trading robots offer a narrow selection of crypto coins, Crypto Method provides a wide range of cryptocurrencies to trade on. Those include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, NEO, Zcash, Bitcoin Cash. in addition, Crypto Method allows users to trade other markets such as indices, stocks, commodities, and forex.

Crypto Method cryptocurrencies

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*Remember all trading risks and you shouldn’t risk more then you can afford to lose.

Getting started with Crypto Method

To start trading with Crypto Method, you need to open a free trading account but before we show you the sign-up process, you must try the Crypto Method sign up to determine whether you can with this trading robot in your country. If your able to proceed with the sign-up process, simply follow the steps to complete the registration process and start trading.

Step One: Registration

First, visit the Crypto Method official website and submit your first and last name, your email address, and phone number. Then, click the Get Started button. Crypto Method immediately redirects you to a regulated broker’s trading dashboard.

Crypto Method Registration

Step Two: Get connected to a regulated broker

On this stage, you get connected to a robot broker that partners with Crypto Method. Due to regulatory restriction, Crypto Method must connect you to a CFD broker that is allowed to collect and hold investors’ funds, and ensure that funds’ are safe in segregated accounts. The good thing with Crypto Method is the fact that unlike scam robots, the robot channels you to regulated brokers only. For example, Crypto Method connected us UFX, a broker that is regulated by CySEC and is fully compliant with the EU-MiFID Directive and ESMA standards.

Take note that Crypto Method offers a demo account and therefore we recommend that you get familiar with the platform before you deposit funds.

Step Three: Deposit funds

Following the successful account creation, you will be able to deposit funds to your account through one of the broker’s payment methods. We remind you that Crypto Method requires you to deposit a minimum of $250. Yet, as the robot broker is regulated, you might have to upload further documentation to verify your identity.

Crypto Method deposit

Step Four: Live trading

That’s it, you are ready to start trading. Whenever the funds have been deposited in your account, you can simply turn on the autopilot mode and enable the software to scan the market and find trading signals. Although the robot is entirely automatic, we suggest that you stay tuned to any crypto-related news and monitor the account as much as possible.

Crypto Method Live Trading

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Is Crypto Method Legit? The verdict!

Crypto trading robots can be useful, however, you will have to be careful when choosing a trading robot. From the reviews we have analyzed, we find Crypto Method to be a legit trading robot. Most users report to make high returns with Crypto Method and we can confirm that the company behind the Crypto Method trading app makes sure to provide a safe and secure trading platform. Yet, we advise our readers to be reminded that there are risks involved with automated trading robots and you should only trade with a capital you can afford to lose.


Is Crypto Method legit or a scam?

This review confirms that Crypto Method is a legit trading software.

Do I need to have a trading experience and skills to start trading with Crypto Method?

No, you do need any previous trading experience or any special trading skills. The robot was designed to be utilized by anyone.

How much should I deposit with Crypto Method?

Crypto Method has a minimum deposit requirement of $250. We suggest that you start with the minimum requirement of $250.

Can I withdraw my funds from Crypto Method?

Yes. The majority of users report that withdrawal process is fast and reliable.