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Crypto Group Review 2020: Is This Trading Robot Legit Or Scam?

Crypto Group is a powerful crypto trading tool allegedly helping ordinary people get rich investing in bitcoin. We have conducted thorough investigations on Crypto Group, and it seems legit.

The platform is founded on advanced trading strategies and has a proven track record. Users reportedly generate up to $2500 daily by investing as little as $250. Amazingly, no special skill is required to trade with Crypto Group.

You only need to sign up and fund your account, and the robot will do the rest for you. But is Crypto Group legit or scam? Find out below!

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What is Crypto Group?

It is a highly- regarded brand that belongs to the renowned Crypto Group Foundation. Crypto Group was officially launched in 2016 in the United Kingdom, and immediately gained popularity among Bitcoin fans worldwide because of its purported high returns.

The trading system has significantly contributed to the number of ordinary investors who have become rich as a result of crypto trading. Crypto Group’s popularity is partly attributed to its trustworthy partner brokers.  

According to experts, it is the most suitable tool for raking in profits in the 2020 BTC boom.

Is Crypto Group a scam or legit Robot?

Generally, the trading platform appears to be legit. It has been trending on Google for a long time and is highly rated on platforms such as TrustPilot. Furthermore, it’s widely reviewed on the mainstream media and top crypto publications.

Additionally, Crypto Group operates in partnership with top robot brokers. These brokers are monitored by leading regulatory bodies such as the FCA, ASIC, and CySEC.

How does Crypto Group make money?

Trading signals are primarily generated from historical charts and emerging news. Crypto Group forecasts future prices by analyzing historical data. This concept is commonly referred to as technical analysis.

The robot makes use of artificial intelligence algorithms to examine big data within split seconds. Courtesy of machine learning, it swiftly adapts to changing information regarding the market.

The platform uses scalping and other advanced HFT trading techniques to capitalize on small price variations. Additionally, it makes use of artificial intelligence to read emerging news and foresee their effect on the direction of cryptocurrency prices.

If the head of a giant company such as Amazon announces exciting news on crypto, Crypto Group algorithms pick this news and translate them into a trade. As a result, an investor rakes in high returns without breaking a sweat.

How to sign up with Crypto Group

Trading using the robot is purportedly easy. However, it is important to first go through trading instructions.

To begin, visit the official website and then complete the simple process by filling in the requisite information. The robot uses the provided contact information to reach out to users. You should, therefore, provide your best email and phone number.

Your account is only approved when your contact details are verified. You will be matched with a local broker to verify ID and deposit the required trading capital.

How to trade with Crypto Group

To commence trading, you must first deposit funds into your account. The minimum amount is $250. Most partner brokers allow deposits through wire transfers, electronic wallets, debits cards and credit cards, among other options.

It’s advisable to start with a demo account. It allows you to test your understanding of the platform without risking your trading capital. Test out different settings until you find what works best for you.

You don’t need any special skills to make money with the real Crypto Group account since all trading activities are automated. Only 15 minutes are needed every day to set the robot for live trading.

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Surprisingly, you can even automate all functions, including reinvestments and withdrawals. The robot does everything else for you.

Crypto Group customer reviews and testimonials

The following are reviews and testimonials from people, and the information supports claims regarding the robot’s great reputation and profitability.

Mr Grover H. had been looking for a platform that would provide attractive ROI by trading assorted financial assets. His desire was for a passive investment vehicle. All the software he used required payment of unbelievably high fees. He discovered that Crypto Group was significantly different from all the others since it generated high profits for investors while charging little or no fees. Grover is impressed with the fact that he can consistently rake in profits without necessarily spending lots of time on the robot. It appears that the robot fulfils its promises. Grover lives in Greenville, AL.

Ms Mildred, a cryptocurrency investor living in DOVER, DE, had been unlucky in currency trading for a while. This is because she had lost colossal amounts of money because of poor trading choices and inadequate experience. Her experience with Crypto Group, however, has been substantially different. Mildred was happy to learn that the trading signals given by this robot are accurate. All the generated signals are lucrative, and she can trade all by herself or let the platform do it on her behalf. Generally, it makes the whole process easy, and she is so happy and grateful to finally make money without breaking a sweat.

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Crypto Group profitability

Crypto Group is purported to be superior to and more profitable than other robots because of various reasons.

Firstly, users of the trading software have been giving positive reviews in large numbers on TrustPilot and many other review sites. The reviews appear to corroborate Crypto Group’s claims of being very lucrative.

Secondly, there will be a huge crypto boom in the next few months. This is according to cryptocurrency analysts. A good example is that of Robert Kiyosaki, who has foreseen a situation whereby Bitcoin will climb to an impressive USD 75K within a few months.

Max Keiser, the host of Keiser report, has also expressed optimism about the possibility of Bitcoin going to as far as $100K by 2021. The price of BTC has been steadily increasing in the last quarter of 2020.

It is important to note that Crypto Group was among the most lucrative trading platforms during the 2016/ 2017 bitcoin rise. Cryptocurrency analysts have expressed optimism that in the forthcoming market boom, performance of BTC will improve further.

The third reason is that Crypto Group software happens to be one of the high-performance software that members of the general public can make use of at absolutely no cost. Please note that the free license offer won’t last forever. For this reason, investors should take advantage of it while it lasts by signing up for their accounts.

Why is Crypto Group better than other robots?

Crypto Group is uniquely designed with exceptional features. As a result, it is superior to many other trading platforms and is extremely beneficial to users.

  1. Virtual Private Server– the trading platform makes use of unique VPS technology that makes it possible to implement orders instantaneously. This is possible even when the user’s device is switched off or is disconnected from an internet source.
  2. Automated trading– this unique feature allows trading to take place within the shortest time possible. Once trading parameters are put in place, an algorithm automatically identifies lucrative trading opportunities available in the market and implements them to generate maximum profits.
  3. Time leap– the microsecond advantage given to traders on this platform is possible courtesy of this inimitable feature. It enables the Crypto Group App to identify the direction in which the market would take long before it happens. As a result, the robot remains useful while traders keep raking in profits.
  4. Customizable software– investors can easily adjust trading parameters to be in line with their investment objectives and risk appetite.


Crypto Group: Is it reliable?

The trading system appears to be lucrative and legit, and there is adequate proof to support this claim. It has been trending on Google for a long time. Additionally, leading publications have awarded Crypto Group with excellent ratings.

It appears that the trading system has created and maintained strong networks with highly-regarded robot brokers. Therefore, they make sure that auto trading is conducted safely.

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How legitimate is Crypto Group?

It appears that the trading system is genuine. We have conducted thorough background checks on this platform, and it perfectly fits our criteria for a legit system.

How much should I deposit with Crypto Group?

You are required to deposit USD 250. Of course, you can invest more for a higher ROI but remember that this system isn't risk-free.

Is the trading system regulated?

The answer is yes, and the regulation is through its exceptional partner brokers. According to several review platforms, the partner brokers are tier-one and include the likes of FCA.