Crypto Cash Review » Scam Or Quality Trading Robot ? Find Out !

Looking for Crypto Cash Reviews? Is Crypto Cash trading robot another scam ?. Find all the information about this crypto trading platform from this detailed review. When it comes to cryptocurrency trading robots not many manage to so effectively divide opinion. For every positive Crypto Cash review, there’ll be plenty more who instantly declare it to be a scam. We’d remind those interested in cryptocurrency trading to take most reviews with a hefty pinch of salt. Many negative reviews are posted on sites that will happily slate a product for a fee – so if you really want to know the truth about Crypto Cash you need to trust the more independently minded portion of the crypto media.

Crypto CashRead on to discover that while there are some flaws and question marks concerning this Crypto Cash robot, there are plenty of aspects and features here that will appeal to knowledgable traders. Here’s what you need to know.

What Is Crypto Cash? Review Overview

Crypto Cash ReviewCrypto Cash App claims to be based upon successful day-trading software commonly used within Forex and commodity trading. It has been specially aligned to instead work across the notoriously volatile cryptocurrency markets/exchanges, seeking out high-value trades that do not necessarily involve too considerable a degree of exposure. Note that while the software is based upon those used throughout other parts of the mainstream trading industry this software is only compatible with cryptocurrency trades.

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*Remember all trading risks and you shouldn’t risk more then you can afford to lose.

How Does Crypto Cash App Work?

This Crypto Cash platform claims to be entirely automated – and that usually tends to set our alarm bells ringing! The majority of trading scams are based upon entirely ‘hands-off’ systems that will typically see your funds decimated by poor trading decisions and then siphoned into scammer’s untrackable accounts. Something you should be aware of from the start is that Crypto Cash System is not entirely automated! Users still need to configure their trading strategies properly through their broker – and there are quite impressive tutorials and guides for helping to get these right.

It is important to understand that just because a robot claims to be entirely automated (and to an extent this is) it does not mean that the user cannot or should not configure their settings with responsible care. Once you have set these to your exact preferences you can then leave the software running and trading automatically.

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*Remember all trading risks and you shouldn’t risk more then you can afford to lose.

Is Crypto Cash A Scam Or Not?

Chances are that you’ll have already seen quite a few Crypto Cash reviews that are adamant that this is scam software. In our opinion, you cannot rely on those reviews as they miss a large part of what this program is all about. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find that plenty of real people (not those typical phony made up reviews) have used the software successfully and that there is practical evidence of it working to around an 88% trading success rate. That win rate is realistic – if veering a little towards the high end – of what you’d expect to see from a high-quality robot.

Crypto Cash WebsiteAs a general rule of thumb, you ought to be highly skeptical of any platform claiming a win-rate of above 90% as it is almost impossible to achieve those figures over the long term. Glitches and ‘good days’ happen where you may win that number of trades but never accept it for being the norm!

One of our issues with Crypto Cash website is that it claims a staggering 99.4% win rate on their website. Quite frankly that is not a reliable indication of how any trading robot works, and we’re puzzled why they would post that when they already have a perfectly adequate piece of software to begin with. Such figures may appeal to ‘passing trade’ and those entirely new to cryptocurrency who believe losses cannot happen (they can and they do), but not to experienced traders.

So while this is a frustrating ambiguity that does undermine the overall quality of this Crypto Cash platform, don’t immediately write it off just for that reason alone. Under testing, the software can perform very well when configured carefully – and certainly impressively enough to demonstrate that it is not an upfront scam.

Not many platforms go to the effort of warning traders that there are some risks involved with any form of cryptocurrency trading – this one does so repeatedly and recommends that newcomers stick to low initial deposits. They even offer some form of guarantee for those not satisfied with the product, although remember you’ll need to apply for your funds to be returned before starting live trading if you decide that this platform is not for you.

Advantages Of Crypto Cash Software Explained!

Independent testing and user reviews suggest that an approximate trading success rate of 88% is a fair and impressive score for this Crypto Cash platform. It compares very well with much more complicated (often overcomplicated) platforms and while users will suffer occasional losses these should – statistically speaking – be outweighed with successful results. It is always essential to understand those risks with cryptocurrency trading and make sure your software is configured to trade cautiously and pragmatically. Fortunately, even inexperienced traders should have little trouble setting up the Crypto Cash software in an appropriate manner. Once you have done this the software is extremely simple to use.

Other big advantages of this Crypto Cash platform are that users are free to withdraw their profits at any time – something you never see with any scam robot. Transactions are processed back in the same manner used for making the deposit to comply with money laundering regulations. While this is an unregulated product it is positive to see they still adhere to those basic rules for their end user’s protection. Transactions are reportedly conducted quickly (between 3-5 working days or sooner depending on the method being used) and no fees or commissions are applied to these earnings.

One final point worth noting is at the time of writing this Crypto Cash review the platform currently works with a good number of different cryptocurrency pairs. Users are not just stuck with BTC, but can also trade Ethereum, LiteCoin, Dash, Monero a handful of others. Those who follow the markets closely will appreciate that this means savvy traders who like to diversify their assets will be well catered for by this platform.

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*Remember all trading risks and you shouldn’t risk more then you can afford to lose.

How To Get Started With Crypto Cash Robot

First of all, establish whether or not you can use this Crypto Cash software in your country. Those running this Crypto Cash platform adhere closely to international restrictions, which is another positive feature by our estimation. If you are able to be accepted to the platform just follow these simple steps to get started.

1) Signup & Registration

Crypto Cash App is free to signup. You’ll also need to be prepared to fund your first deposit by at least $250 (we recommend this amount to begin with). The site accepts a wide variety of payment options and you’ll need to provide some accurate contact information for account verification. Remember to opt-out of receiving unsolicited emails if that is a big deal. Once this membership fee has been processed you’ll be free to deposit trading funds.

2) First Deposit

Stick to that $250 minimum for your first deposit and choose one of the various options that best suit your requirements. Remember that payouts tend to be processed more quickly to online wallets but feel free to use credit/debit cards if you prefer. It should only take a moment for those funds to register with your Crypto Cash member’s account and then you are free to start trading…

3) Live Trading

Frustratingly there is no demo version of the Crypto Cash software so we recommend you watch one of the various online tutorials before going live. You should be able to set the robot to trade in a manner that suits your style quite simply. Remember that profits can be withdrawn whenever you choose. We’d suggest a 50/50 split between withdrawal and reinvestment until you get to grips with this kind of trading and become more confident using the software.

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*Remember all trading risks and you shouldn’t risk more then you can afford to lose.

Key Features Of Crypto Cash

Let’s quickly summarize the five key findings of this Crypto Cash review so far:

1) A claimed powerful and relatively reliable cryptocurrency trading tool.

2) Ability to invest and trade with a broad variety of cryptocurrency markets.

3) Straightforward profit withdrawal that works faster than most.

4) Based on proven trading software that can be especially effective with turbulent crypto markets.

5) All transactions are SSL encrypted for additional security.

Has Crypto Cash Been On TV?

You may have first discovered Crypto Cash App on social media accounts and blog articles that claim this platform has featured on the likes of Dragon’s Den. The bad (or arguably good) news is that these are not true! Such rumors are spread by sketchy affiliate marketers who seek to attract traffic and interest in a legit operation so they can hijack a share of advertising revenue. None of these sites have anything to do with the platform and you should not base your decision to trade with Crypto Cash upon such sources.

Has Crypto Cash Been Endorsed By Celebrities?

Exactly the same as above applies to any posts or blogs you’ll see purporting that the likes of Richard Branson or other high profile businesspeople specifically endorse this Crypto Cash platform. If they do use this robot or invest in cryptocurrencies then that’s entirely their own business. None of them will actually ever come out and claim to have successfully used this Crypto Cash robot themselves.

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*Remember all trading risks and you shouldn’t risk more then you can afford to lose.

Crypto Cash Review Verdict

There are a couple of issues with this robot’s marketing that really undermine the truth that behind the gloss this is actually a pretty impressive piece of trading software. It is not perfect by any means – and you should never trust anything that claims to be otherwise – but there do appear to be a good proportion of people who have used this platform successfully. The lack of a Crypto Cash demo feature is slightly offset by that refund policy (applicable to the membership fee, not trading deposits) but we’d still recommend that new traders – who this product is largely designed for – keep to low initial deposits while they learn the ropes. So overall, pretty good but not entirely perfect!


How Much Can I Make Using This Software?

Trading is a risky business and you should appreciate this fact when choosing to deal with cryptocurrencies. Some people do very well indeed, while others less so. Only trade with what you can afford to risk. 88% success rate is good - but remember that does not factor in the amounts of profit generated by trade. Stick with lower risk strategies wherever possible to begin with.

How Much Time Need To Spend With Crypto Cash System?

We highly recommend novices read up on the basics of trading and watch some good quality tutorial videos first. Once the software is set to trade it is entirely automated - so not very much further work needs to be done although it's a good idea to keep up with market news throughout the day.

What wallets are accepted by Crypto Cash?

At the moment this platform allows for deposits and withdrawals via Neteller, Skrill, and Webmoney alongside more standard banking methods.

Is My Data Safe With Crypto Cash?

This site uses SSL encryption that is verified by Norton and McAfee. Your data should be entirely safe.