Is Coin Kong Trader a Scam, or is it Legit and Profitable?

Coin Kong Trader is a platform that reportedly offers highly profitable crypto trading services. This platform uses AI algorithms to automate the crypto trading process.

It’s extremely easy to use and is reportedly the most profitable tool to make money online. Moreover, it’s free and therefore accessible to all. You only need a trading capital of USD250 to get started with this bot.

This trading capital is what Coin Kong Trader uses to make trades in the crypto markets. The bot relies on high-quality brokers to access the markets. Coin Kong Trader also relies on these brokers to process transactions with clients.

Trading with this bot is easy and doesn’t require any trading knowledge or skill. Its trading guide is in layman’s language and, therefore, quite easy to follow. The technical trading language used in this review is for demonstrative purposes only. It should, therefore, not scare you away from this platform.

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Is Coin Kong Trader a scam?

We have thoroughly investigated Coin Kong Trader and concluded that it’s a trustworthy auto-trading system. Our conclusion is based on the points below.

  • Coin Kong Trader is highly reputable, as is evident with the thousands of positive reviews.
  • This trading robot provides a highly transparent trading ecosystem.
  • We have tested all its associated brokers and concluded that they are reputable and regulated.
  • Coin Kong Trader offers a safe trading environment secured through advanced encryption measures.
  •  This trading system offers top-rated customer support services.

How Coin Kong Trader makes money

Coin Kong Trader applies highly powerful trading techniques to place bets on crypto prices. The main trading strategies applied by this bot are explained below.

Price Trend Analysis

The Coin Kong chart analysis tool uses the Deep Learning (DL) subset of AI to analyzed historical price charts for insights.

It’s said to analyze up to a hundred charts per minute and generate up to 20 trades. At least 90% of these trades are reportedly profitable. This supposedly makes it the best technical analysis crypto trading robot.

Price trend analysis involves identifying and generating trades from historical price patterns. This trading technique is derived from the premise that asset prices are cyclical. Coin Kong Trader identifies the factors revolving around certain price behaviour to determine the price trends that are likely to repeat.

The price trend trading technique is popular in traditional assets such as forex, stock, market indices, and commodities. Coin Kong Trader is the first auto-trading system to implement in crypto trading.

News and sentiment-driven Trading

You are probably aware of the impact of news on crypto volatility. This asset class is highly sensitive to news and celebrity sentiments.

Case in point, the insane volatility witnessed in 2021 is largely driven by news and Elon Musk bitcoin-related news. Elon Musk is the world second richest man and the brain behind Tesla, SpaceX, OpenAI, and Neural Link.

His sentiments influence the decisions of millions of people across the globe. This explains why his comments on bitcoin, Dogecoin, and the crypto industry, in general, cause a lot of volatility. For instance, Elon Musk tweet about bitcoin going to the moon caused a lot of market activity, with BTC rising by over $1000 within hours.

Also, the news about Tesla investing $1.5 billion in bitcoin and announcing to accept bitcoin for car payments triggered a lot of volatility.

Coin Kong Trader news-trading feature can capture volatility-driving news and sentiments and place bets on them. Most of its users are making insane profits riding the Elon Musk driven crypto volatility of 2021. As mentioned earlier, this bot applies sophisticated trading strategies, including short-selling. This technique allows it to make money off plummeting crypto prices.

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Arbitrage Trading

Big banks use the arbitrage trading technique to make money from small price discrepancies.

This technique involves buying from the undervalued exchange and selling on the overvalued exchange. The price discrepancies are usually very small and can therefore only be captured by powerful trading robots.

Coin Kong Trader is the first to apply the arbitrage trading technique in crypto trading. The trading bot utilizes highly powerful AI algorithms to execute these trades. Coin Kong Trader scans over 20 crypto exchanges and places up to 50 arbitrage trades per minute.

This makes it the world fastest arbitrage trading system.  The high volatility witnessed in crypto trading makes this asset class the best for this type of trading. Coin Kong Trader can place thousands of arbitrage trades per day and reportedly profit in 90% of them.

As mentioned earlier, this trading bot automates all trading. This means that you don’t need to master any trading lingo or skills to use it. Simply register and read the simple setup guide to get started. All trading involves risk!

How to trade with Coin Kong Trader

Coin Kong Trader offers an easy and yet highly profitable way to trade bitcoin. As mentioned earlier, this platform is equipped with AI algorithms to automate the entire trading process.

The fact that all trading is automated means that anyone can use it. Coin Kong Trader is accessible from over 110 countries in Europe, Australia, Asia, the Americas, and Africa. You may also access this trading bot from some parts of the Middle East.

Coin Kong Trader is available in a highly intuitive web-trader. This web-trader can install on smartphones as a hybrid app. You will find the download link to this app on the welcome email sent after signup. The download link is also accessible through the trading resources page.

Most Coin Kong Trader users report a perfect trading experience. The web-trader works on nearly any browser, both on mobile and desktop. You can install the mobile app on any Android or iOS device. The app is lightweight and, therefore, won’t take much space on your phone.

Coin Kong Trader will link you to a local broker on signup. Remember that this trading platform relies on these brokers to access the crypto markets. Also, these brokers facilitate all transactions with clients on behalf of the trading bot.

Trading robots aren’t financial institutions, and therefore, they are not legally supported to take deposits from the public. They must therefore operate through brokers.

Coin Kong Trader Review– Final word!

We are amazed by the measures put in place by Coin Kong Trader to protect clients. This trading platform is undoubtedly legit and worth a try.

Coin Kong Trader offers automated trading services on crypto. It has gone viral in 2021 as users continue to rate it highly on performance. Coin Kong Trader is arguably the tool to help you make your first million in crypto faster.

The bot alleges a daily ROI of up to 70%. Some expert reviewers allege that it generates an average daily profit of 25%. This makes it a high-performance robot. A consistent daily ROI of 25% is enough to generate a fortune within months of compounding the returns of a $250 account.

It’s very important to note that crypto volatility trading involves high risk. Coin Kong Trader minimizes the risk, but it doesn’t eliminate it. Consequently, there is a chance of losing money when trading with this bot.

We insist that you start small and reinvest daily earnings for growth. Investment experts strongly advise against committing more than 10% of your savings in such a high-risk investment. Read the Coin Kong Trader risk management guide carefully before going live.

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Coin Kong Trader Review– Final word!

Is Coin Kong Trader profitable?

Coin Kong Trader is reviewed by many as highly profitable. Some experts allege that it’s the most lucrative bitcoin trading tool in 2021.

Does Coin Kong Trader charge hidden fees?

No! Coin Kong Trader doesn’t charge any other fee apart from the 2% commission on profitable trades. Moreover, we haven’t come across any complaints about its fees.

How do I withdraw profits from Coin Kong Trader?

Coin Kong Trader allows frictionless withdrawals. The withdrawal process involves submitting a request through the assigned broker. All withdrawals facilitate within a few hours.

Does Coin Kong Trader provide a trading app?

Yes! Coin Kong Trader web-trader is also available as a hybrid mobile app. You can download the app through the link at the bottom of the welcome email. The link is also available at the top left corner of the trading resources page.

How much do I pay to use Coin Kong Trader?

You don’t pay a single cent to register with Coin Kong Trader. Moreover, there are no annual license fees. You will only pay a small commission of 2% on any profitable trade.