Celeste Barber Bitcoin : Has She Invested in Bitcoin Trading Systems?

Celeste Barber Bitcoin : Has She Invested in Bitcoin Trading Systems?Celeste Barber is an Australian actress, writer, and comedian. According to some sources, Barber has an estimated net worth of $450 million, which has led affiliate marketers to spread out rumors that she has invested in automated trading robots. But has Celeste Barber invested in any automated bitcoin trading robot?

The robots linked to Celeste Barber include Bitcoin Evolution, Bitcoin Trader and Bitcoin Code. These robots have been viral recently and continue to attract attention online. In this review, we will provide an answer to this question and conclude whether these robots are legit.

Celeste Barber Bitcoin – Is it True?

Celeste Barber has not invested in any automated bitcoin trading robots. Unfortunately, fake news sites take advantage of the popularity of bitcoin trading robots and celebrities to promote their search rankings. During our research, we could not any reliable piece of evidence to support these rumors. Yet, there’s a reason why bitcoin trading systems have become a viral trend since the bitcoin bubble burst in 2017.

These trading robots claim to have effective trading algorithms that enable the robot to win most of the trades it executes. Some of these robots have a claimed accuracy rate of over 95% and have been said by users to be profitable.

Celeste Barber Bitcoin Systems Associations

1. Bitcoin Evolution

Bitcoin Evolution is a popular fully automatic trading robot. The team behind the robot has developed a trading algorithm that is able to predict cryptocurrency prices. In other words, the robot can automatically scan the crypto market and insert a large number of orders using the high-frequency trading strategy.  That means that there’s no previous trading experience required to start trading with Bitcoin Evolution as the robot conduct market research and the trading operation for users.

From the user reviews we came across, Bitcoin Evolution appears to be legit. The robot also protects clients’ funds and data by partnering with regulated brokers and featuring protection measures. We recommend that you read our full Bitcoin Evolution review.

Celeste Barber Bitcoin Evolution

There are rumors online that Celeste Barber has invested in Bitcoin Evolution. However, these rumors come from fake blogs and are unfounded. We did not find any evidence to confirm these rumors and our investigation shows that Barber has not shown any interest in bitcoin trading robot including Bitcoin Evolution.

Advantages of trading with Bitcoin Evolution

  • Bitcoin Evolution claims to have a win rate of 99.4%. This is, obviously, among the highest win rates among crypto trading robots in the market.
  • The majority of users report having a great trading experience with Bitcoin Evolution including and easy and fast sign-up and withdrawal process.  
  • The robot reports a daily profit of a minimum of $1300 for its members. Testimonials from users reveal even higher profit though you should take into consideration that the return depends on the initial investment.

How to invest with Bitcoin Evolution

As we mentioned the sign-up process is extremely simple. Simply follow the steps to get started:

  • Visit the Bitcoin Evolution website and fill in your personal details on the registration form. 
  • Once you have submitted your personal details, the robot connects you to a regulated broker in your country. On the broker’s platform, you can manage your trading settings, connect to a demo account and deposit funds (trading robots are not allowed to collect investors’ funds due to regulatory restrictions).
  • Bitcoin Evolution has a minimum deposit requirement of $250. Simply deposit the minimum requirement through one of the broker’s payment methods.
  • It takes a few hours to see the funds in your account. Whenever the funds have been transferred into your account, you can turn on the automated software and monitor the account as much as possible.

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2. Bitcoin Trader

Bitcoin Trader logoBitcoin Trader ranks among the most popular trading robots in the cryptocurrency market. This robot is one of the first to be founded in the industry, even before cryptocurrencies have become mainstream. Bitcoin Trader software was designed to help investors entering the volatile crypto market without having to deal with market research and trading activity. As the robot is fully automatic, it removes any human intervention from the system and that is required from users is to monitor the account and adjust the trading settings to maximize the software’s performance.

The most important factor regarding Bitcoin Trader is the general opinion of users who had used the robot. We found users claiming that the robot’s algorithm is able to predict most of the trades and as a result, some of them made profits through this robot. You can read our full review of Bitcoin Trader.

Celeste Barber Bitcoin Trader

There are also rumors suggesting that Celeste Barber has endorsed Bitcoin Trader. As we all know, there’s a lot of fake news these days and gossip blogs combine popular terms in order to promote their rankings. This review confirms that Celeste Barber has never expressed any interest in bitcoin and bitcoin trading robots and obviously, she did not invest in Bitcoin Trader.

Advantages of trading with Bitcoin Trader

  • Bitcoin Trader is one of the oldest and most well-reputed trading robots in the industry. 
  • Different from many scam trading robots, Bitcoin Trader has its own trading dashboard where users can adjust trading settings and control the risk settings. 
  • Bitcoin Trader offers a wide array of cryptocurrencies including some of the most exotic altcoins. 

How to invest with Bitcoin Trader

It takes a few simple steps to start trading with Bitcoin Trader:

  • Visit the Bitcoin Trader homepage and create a free account by filling in your personal details. 
  • As mentioned, Bitcoin Trader offers its own trading dashboard. The robot redirects you to its trading dashboard where you are able to adjust the risk settings and connect to the robot broker’s trading platform.  
  • Whenever you have completed the account configuration, you can log in to your broker and deposit funds via one of the payment methods. Then, on Bitcoin Trader’s trading dashboard, turn on the autopilot mode and software immediately starts trading. 

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3. Bitcoin Code

Bitcoin CodeBitcoin Code is an automatic trading robot developed by Steve Mckay in 2017. This robot applies some of the most advanced trading programs that enable it to analyze market news and trading charts in order to execute thousands of trades in a day. Bitcoin Code claims to be able to generate the highest payout in the industry of $13,000 per day, which shows the confidence they have in their trading algorithms. There are many factors affecting the alleged high payout such as the initial investment and the trading settings configuration. During this review, we have found plenty of users who claim to had a positive trading experience with Bitcoin Code, though it seems that most of the users have earned a daily profit of around $1500. 

You can read our comprehensive Bitcoin Code review to learn more.

Celeste Barber Bitcoin Code

Bitcoin Code is another viral trading robot associated with Celeste Barber. Rumors online suggest that the Australian actress has invested in several bitcoin trading robots including Bitcoin Code, however, these rumors are false and Barber has never confirmed to have endorsed Bitcoin Code. Our review confirms that the sites spreading the rumors about Celeste Barber are fake gossip platforms. 

Advantages of trading with Bitcoin Code

  • Bitcoin Code reports being able to generate one of the highest payouts in the industry – A $13,000 profit per day. Reviews from users verify that Bitcoin Code is profitable trading software. 
  • Bitcoin Code partners with highly regulated brokers. That ensures that investors’ funds are safe in segregated accounts and will be compensated in the event of default.
  • Bitcoin Code allows users to adjust risk settings and limit their loss per trade as well as the daily loss. 

How to invest with Bitcoin Code

Here are the steps you should follow to get started with Bitcoin Code:

  • Visit the Bitcoin Code website and sign-up for a free trading account. 
  • As we mentioned, Bitcoin Code offers a trading dashboard so immediately when you complete the registration process, the robot funnels you to its trading dashboard. It’s advisable that you adjust the trading settings and set a limit for your daily loss and stop loss per trade.
  • Connect to the broker’s trading platform to deposit funds. Note that Bitcoin Code has a low deposit requirement of $250.  
  • Whenever you can see the funds in your account, turn on the automatic trading mode on Bitcoin Code’s dashboard. Now, the software starts working and all you have to do is to monitor the account for 20-30 minutes per day.

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Celeste Barber has never expressed any interest in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and this review concludes that these rumors are unfounded. Some gossip blogs are responsible for spreading out these rumors and we suggest that you ignore any website publishing these rumors. Yet, bitcoin trading systems have many positive reviews across the web and it seems to be an interesting trading opportunity for investors who are keen to enter the crypto market.