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Is British Trade Platform a Scam? The $250 Test Results Revealed!

Making money online through bitcoin trading is now a dream come true for many, thanks to the advancement of automated trading systems.

British Trade Platform is one of the most popular bitcoin trading robots. This system offers superior returns and doesn’t require any skill to operate.

It’s rated by many as insanely profitable and has attracted much attention both in the alternative and mainstream media. But is British Trade Platform a good bet for anyone looking for an easy and profitable way to trade bitcoin?

We have investigated it and presented our findings in detail in this kickass review. It would be great if you can read the review to the end before signing up.

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What is British Trade Platform?

British Trade Platform is an online-based tool to help you invest in bitcoin easily, profitably and safely. The tool leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) among other technologies to ensure lucrative trading.

British Trade Platform popularity has exploded in 2021 as reports emerge about its superior returns. This bot has reportedly proven that it can earn a million dollars by riding the bitcoin volatility.

Many British Trade Platform clients have come forward and reviewed it amazingly well on top review sites. Experts have also reviewed it widely both on alternative and mainstream media. The expert reviews are generally great.

British Trade Platform is highly specialized on bet on bitcoin. It trades BTC through the CFDs derivatives. The bot alleges to bet on up to 130 CFDs pairs with bitcoin as the base currency. Read our auto-trading guide for the basics of automated trading.

How British Trade Platform works

You don’t have to worry about skills in crypto, given that all trading with this bot is automated.

The only thing you need to do is register, deposit trading capital, set the trading system as instructed, and click the live button. British Trade Platform trading algorithms automatically combs the internet to identify trading opportunities.

The platform is AI-driven and hence generates highly accurate signals. British Trade Platform simultaneously generates up to a hundred signals every minute. Surprisingly, about 90% of the signals are reportedly accurate.

The high accuracy level makes this trading bot a top competitor of AI-driven Wall Street banks and Hedge funds. British Trade Platform is open for the masses, unlike the algorithm managed funds offered by the behemoths of Wall Streets.

Some of the trading techniques implemented by this bot include arbitrage trading, short-selling, and scalping. In arbitrage trading, British Trade Platform algorithms simultaneously study multiple exchanges to identify and trade price discrepancies.

Many experts rate this bot among the best in crypto arbitrage trading. British Trade Platform is also a highly rated scalping bot. The scalping technique involves placing bets on small price movements.  There are less than five scalping bots for crypto, and British Trade Platform is rated as the best.

Finally, this bot ranks high on short selling. The short-selling trading strategy helps maintain performance in falling prices. It involves borrowing an asset and selling it in the open market when the prices are high, buying it back, and returning it when the prices fall.

There is no need to dive deeper into the technicalities of trading since no trading know-how is needed to trade with this bot.

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How to trade with British Trade Platform

British Trade Platform scores amazingly well on transparency, performance, reputation, and ease of use.

It’s therefore legit and perhaps worth a try. The steps below should kick-start your trading journey with this bot.

  • Create an account with British Trade Platform on their official website
  • Verify ID and fund your account through an assigned broker
  • Watch the 20 minutes intro video and Test British Trade Platform using the provided demo account.
  • Set your British Trade Platform account as explained in the account setup guide.
  • Click the Trade Now button, and British Trade Platform will start trading for you.

You need to run the British Trade Platform for about eight hours daily to get maximum results. We have studies tens of expert reviews, and it seems that the best time to run it is between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM EDT. The EDT time zone comes with high volatility due to heavy crypto derivatives trading on Wall Street.

British Trade Platform Media Coverage

This trading platform ranks top on most experts best UK’s trading platforms list. It’s reviewed extremely well by individual consumers too.

  • British Trade Platform Trustpilot – This trading bot has the most reviews in its category on Trustpilot. It’s has a general rating of 4.5/5 after thousands of reviews.
  • British Trade Platform Reddit – There are tens of Reddit threads discussing this bot, and the feedback is awesome.
  • British Trade Platform money saving expert – Most money-saving experts classify bitcoin trading through this bot as lucrative but highly risky. Over 10 high traffic money-saving blogs have reviewed this trading bot.

British Trade Platform popularity has made it prone to fake news. We have come across popular posts spreading fake news, as explained below.

British Trade Platform on This Morning

This Morning is one of the best-rated TV programs in the UK. It’s broadcasted on ITV and features a discussion on trending topics in politics, finance, technology, health, and entertainment.

The main hosts include Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby. A viral Reddit thread claims that Phillip Schofield has hinted at trading bitcoin through the British Trade Platform system.

However, we didn’t find any proof to support these claims. Neither British Trade Platform nor Phillip Schofield has released an official statement about these rumors.

British Trade Platform and Martin Lewis

Martin Lewis is one of the UK’s most revered money-saving experts. Millions of people follow his saving advice through his Money Saving Expert blog.

We have come across a popular post claiming that Martin Lewis has endorsed bitcoin trading through the British Trade Platform bot.

However, this isn’t true. Martin Lewis has categorically stated that he has no expertise in crypto and therefore can’t talk about it. Avoid the fake news by getting all your facts on the official British Trade Platform website.

Final Word!

We have gathered substantial proof in favor of British Trade Platform legitimacy. This trading platform has won the hearts of many of its users.

It’s among the best rated trading systems on the internet in all categories. There are over 100k British Trade Platform reviews on the web. As much as 90% of the reviewers report making fortunes through the platform.

British Trade Platform is also hailed as completely beginner-friendly. Most of its reviewers claim not having prior trading experience. The bot falls in the fully automated trading systems category. This implies that all the technical trading with the bot is automated.

British Trade Platform is among the global leaders in automated crypto trading. It was launched to serve the UK’s market only but later started accepting clients from other countries. Today, British Trade Platform serves over 100,000 clients in over a hundred countries.

The bot reportedly receives up to ten thousand signup requests daily. Unfortunately, only less than 2% of the requests go through. You will be very lucky to get a signup slot on the first attempt. Try your luck now by clicking the signup link below.

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Is British Trade Platform a con?

We have put British Trade Platform under rigorous testing and found it to be worthwhile. There is nothing suspicious about this trading system.

Do I pay any license fees to use British Trade Platform?

You don’t pay any fees to register with British Trade Platform. Also, this trading robot doesn’t charge any account maintenance fee. You only pay a 2% commission on any profits generated through the trading platform.

Can I become a millionaire trading with British Trade Platform?

Yes! It’s possible to grow your investment to a million dollars through compounding. You need to plough back all profits to make a fortune out of the minimum deposit.

Where do I find the British Trade Platform app download link?

British Trade Platform web-trader has a HTML5 version and can therefore install on mobile devices as a hybrid app. You will receive the download instructions after registration.

Is British Trade Platform regulated by the FCA?

British Trade Platform is a trading research tool and not a financial institution. It’s therefore not directly monitored. However, all its UK brokers are monitored by the FCA.