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Brexit Millionaire Trading Platform Review – Is it Scam?

You have a high chance of making handsome profits by speculating on bitcoin, among other assets using the Brexit Millionaire system.

Brexit Millionaire reportedly uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate cryptocurrency trading. But is this trading system legit, and is there any proof of its profitability?

We will find the detailed answers in our objective review. You must peruse to the end before taking any action.

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What is Brexit Millionaire?

Brexit Millionaire is powerful forex, stock, and crypto CFDs trading system. It was founded in 2016. 

Moreover, it’s reportedly insanely profitable, with daily returns of up to 90%. Brexit Millionaire was initially launched to bet on the volatility resulting from the news relating to crypto Britain’s exit from the European Union.

It gained insane popularity immediately after its launch and became a household name in the UK in 2017. The bot was updated to trade news and sentiment-driven volatility in general in 2019. It has since then reportedly tripled its performance rate.

Today, Brexit Millionaire is ranked by experts and individual consumers among the most profitable bitcoin trading bots. Brexit Millionaire speculates on crypto using the CFDs derivatives.

It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate all trading and is therefore completely beginner-friendly. Take an in-depth dive into auto-trading systems in general by reading our comprehensive bitcoin trading robots guide here.

Advantages of Trading with Brexit Millionaire

There are many advantages of investing your money with Brexit Millionaire. Firstly, Brexit Millionaire has proven to be a super performer with a daily profitability rate of up to 80%.

Such a high rate of return is mostly associated with the billion-dollar trading platform used by WST banks and hedge funds. Brexit Millionaire is the first to offer such a highly profitable robot for retail use.

The most amazing this is that the robot is free. You only need as little as USD250 in trading capital to start making money with Brexit Millionaire. This is awesome given that competing WST trading systems require huge trading capital deposits.

Moreover, hefty fees are required to register with most of these robots. No registration fee is charged to use Brexit Millionaire. Furthermore, no trading fees are taken from your account until you start making money.

Profitable trades are charged a 2% commission.  This is insignificant when compared to the 20% commission charged by most trading systems. Our investigation shows that Brexit Millionaire is committed to transparency.

They seem ready to disclose everything about their charges and have a two-week notification policy on fees changes. We can confirm that they have never revised its fees since its launch in 2016. This means that you don’t have to worry about unexpected trading fees.

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Did Brexit Millionaire Feature on top TV shows?

Brexit Millionaire popularity has attracted all manner of news. We have gone through a lot of posts discussing this trading system.

Some popular social media posts and celebrity gossip blogs have attracted our attention. These are explained below.

  • Brexit Millionaire on Dragons Den – The Dragons Den show airs on BBC UK every Thursday. It features a panel of angel investors receiving presentations from entrepreneurs seeking funding for their innovative ideas. We haven’t found any proof of Brexit Millionaire fundraising through the Dragons Den show.
  • Brexit Millionaire on Shark Tank – Another viral rumour claims that Brexit Millionaire was pitched on the Shark Tank. The Shark Tank is a franchise of the Dragons Den and therefore adopts a similar model. We have investigated this rumour, and it seems to be false.
  • Brexit Millionaire on This Morning – This Morning is another popular British daytime TV program aired on ITV. Rumour has it that Brexit Millionaire was featured on the paid advertisement part of the show. However, this isn’t true.
  • Brexit Millionaire on the Daily Mirror – Millions of people read the Daily Mirror tabloid. Some posts allege that Brexit Millionaire has paid to be reviewed on the publication. However, this is fake news since this bot has categorically stated that it doesn’t feature any paid media.

Did Brexit Millionaire receive celebrity endorsements?

We have also identified social media posts claiming that Brexit Millionaire has received endorsements from some UK celebrities.

But are these claims true? We have conducted in-depth background checks and concluded that most are false. A recent statement from the Brexit Millionaire team indicates that it doesn’t rely on celebrity endorsements for marketing.

This trading platform is already a viral trend thanks to its alleged profitability. It’s therefore unlikely that it would pay influencers to promote it. The fake celebrity endorsement claims are explained in detail below.

  • Brexit Millionaire and Martin Lewis – Martin Lewis is probably one of the world’s most popular personal finance bloggers. He is the founder of Money Saving Blog, a publication with hundreds of thousands of visits daily. Martin Lewis is popular in the UK and Australia. The rumour linking him to Brexit Millionaire is fake news.
  • Brexit Millionaire and Gordon Ramsay – The rumour linking Gordon Ramsay with Brexit Millionaire is also fake news. Gordon Ramsay is an international chef, restaurateur and TV personality. He has various business interests, but fast-paced CFDs trading are not among them.
  • Brexit Millionaire and Holly Willoughby – The rumours claiming that Brexit Millionaire has received endorsements from Holly Willoughby on This Morning show is fake news.

How to trade with Brexit Millionaire

You will find Brexit Millionaire quite easy to use since most of the trading happens on autopilot.

This trading bot seems to work in most countries. However, registration slots are quite limited, with only less than 3% of people managing to register. Brexit Millionaire is currently offering extra signup slots to users in Australia, North America, and Asia.

You can also try your luck in other regions, but there is a high likelihood that you won’t secure a slot on the first attempt.

Brexit Millionaire comes in web and mobile versions. The mobile version is hybrid and therefore works well in both Android and iOS devices. You can get started with Brexit Millionaire now through the simple steps below.

Signup for free on the official Brexit Millionaire site

Visit the official Brexit Millionaire website here and create an account. The account creation process is straightforward.

You will need to provide additional info and upload verification documents through the assigned broker to complete the registration.

Brexit Millionaire relies on fifteen highly regulated brokers to access the best global liquidity pools. Quality liquidity is a necessity in any fast-paced trading.

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Deposit trading capital of at least USD250 via the assigned broker

You can fund your Brexit Millionaire account as you wait for the verification documents to be verified. The minimum you can deposit to trade with Brexit Millionaire is USD250.

 Surprisingly, some Brexit Millionaire users have managed to turn the minimum trading capital into a fortune. The secret to making fortunes from a small deposit is reportedly in compounding most of the profits.

You can invest more money if you would prefer to withdraw a portion of the daily profits. Some reviewers allege that you can withdraw at least $300 daily from the profits of a $1000 account and still plough back a significant amount.

Test Brexit Millionaire and start a live session

Watch the Brexit Millionaire introduction video and take a tour via the highly intuitive demo. You need to spend at least an hour on the demo to familiarize yourself with the platform.

Live trading should be very easy after watching the video and testing the platform on the demo. Start trading live by clicking the trade now button on the live trading dashboard.

Brexit Millionaire is a super-performer, but trading with it involves a high degree of risk. We strongly advise against putting more money than you can afford to lose.

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Brexit Millionaire Review – The Verdict!

We have scrutinized Brexit Millionaire under and found it to be legit. There is also enough proof of its profitability given the great reviews from clients across the globe.

Brexit Millionaire operates under high-level transparency as ensured by blockchain. It’s among the very few auto-trading systems that operate on this technology. Brexit Millionaire website is protected through military-grade level encryption.

Moreover, it operates on a stringent data privacy policy. We have dived this policy and confirmed that it’s in line with GDPR requirements. Give Brexit Millionaire a try now by signing up through the link below.