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BitSignal Trading App Review – Is this Trading System a Scam?

BitSignal Trading System is going viral in 2020 as analysts continue to predict a huge crypto boom that will go until the mid of 2022.

Experts are fronting BitSignal as the best strategy to invest in bitcoin. This trading system reportedly speculates on bitcoin to generate handsome profits for users. You are reportedly highly likely to make money if you follow BitSignal trading instructions.

But is the robot legit? Our team of experts have investigated BitSignal thoroughly and prepared this review to help you make an informed decision. We conclude that this robot is legit after analyzing big data, including over 10,000 user reviews.

Read our kickass BitSignal review to the end to learn the tricks of making money through this amazing trading system.

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BitSignal Review – Key points to note!

This trading robot is six years old and therefore, among the pioneers in applying artificial intelligence (AI) in bitcoin trading.

BitSignal is probably the most popular crypto trading system in 2020. It’s top-rated on most review sites and has won 3 performance awards this year alone. The most notable award is the prestigious Best AI Robot Award by the Global Council of Algorithmic Traders (GCAT).

BitSignal can reportedly make an average user a millionaire if they reinvest at least 60% of their daily profits. This trading robot is said to double or even triple trading accounts within the first day of trading.

For most people, the reported profitability is unbelievable until the technologies behind the robot are taken into account. BitSignal is powered by AI, a technology that has for years helped Wall Street banks generate insane profits for clients.

The likes of Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, and Goldman Sachs have invested billions in AI-driven trading systems. You need at least $1 in capital to trade through an AI robot owned by the big investment banks.

BitSignal is making AI-powered trading accessible to all by offering a license-free trading system. The robot is accessible to the majority of people given that only a capital deposit of $250 is required to use it. A big number of BitSignal users report generating insane profits in a few hours of trading.

What is BitSignal?

A study published by CNBC shows that robots will take over 20 million jobs by 2030. Automation is already a reality in many industries, but the financial sector has witnessed the highest level of disruption.

BitSignal trading system automates bitcoin volatility trading. Intelligent AI algorithms power the system and hence can read market data with a supposed accuracy level of 90%. This is huge since the best expert human traders are not even able to achieve a 50% accuracy level.

Volatility trading involves betting on the rise and fall of asset prices without necessarily owning the asset. Consequently, BitSignal users do not need to go through the tedious crypto buying process to make money through the system.

Moreover, users can still earn good money, even when bitcoin prices are on a free fall. BitSignal applies the short-selling strategy to capitalize on the bear market.

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Is BitSignal a scam or legit platform?

We have done rigorous background checks on BitSignal and confirmed that it’s a legit trading platform. Firstly, the robot has thousands of individual consumer reviews on TrustPilot with at least 90% of reviewers giving it a positive rating.

Secondly, BitSignal is widely reviewed by experts on reputable crypto publications and most report that it’s a revolutionary trading system. It has also reportedly been featured on popular TV shows such as Good Morning America and This Morning Show.

Thirdly, BitSignal works with the industry’s leading brokers. These brokers are monitored by the FCA, ASIC, and CySEC. These are tier-one regulators with a global reputation. BitSignal partner brokers are said to segregate clients’ funds through top banks such as the National Bank of Australia, Bank of America Merril Lynch, and HSBC Holdings.

Getting started with BitSignal

BitSignal is available internationally in over 15 languages. Anyone can sign up with this robot even though registration slots are scanty.

You should count yourself very lucky if you can access the registration form on the first attempt. Signing up with BitSignal is no different from registering with any online financial platform.


Register a free account

Create a BitSignal trading account by clicking here and authenticate it by confirming contact information as instructed.

You will redirect to one of BitSignal’s partner brokers to complete the registration by verifying identity. The ID verification is a mandatory regulatory measure aimed at preventing financial crime, mostly money laundering.

Deposit a minimum of $250

Fund your BitSignal account through the matched robot broker.  You only need as little as USD250 to trade with the system.

It’s possible to earn up to three times the invested capital in a few hours of trading under favourable market conditions.

BitSignal brokers are safe since they are subjected to regular external audits as required by the regulator. Moreover, they are part of a deposit protection scheme to ensure that clients are compensated in the event of bankruptcy.

Trade on a demo account

BitSignal offers a 10-minute trading tutorial video, a 12-page trading guide, and a demo account to help you get set for live trading.

We find the demo trading to be very helpful since it gives you a feel of the live account. Moreover, it comes with $5000 in virtual money and runs on historical market data. The results you get on the demo are not very far from what you get on the live account.

Set the risk management tools and go live

After the demo, you should be able to define your risk appetite and apply the risk management tools accordingly.

Live trading is easy since you only need to toggle the “Trade Now” button. Ensure that you select a trading time zone and stick to it. We recommend that you run BitSignal from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM EDT since this time zone comes with high volatility.

Remember that BitSignal performs exceptionally well during high market volatility. The EDT time zone is highly volatile due to bitcoin-futures trading on Wall Street. Try BitSignal now through the link below.

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BitSignal in the mainstream media

BitSignal has reportedly been featured over 15 times in top-rated TV shows in Australia and the UK. However, it did not appear on the Shark Tank and the Dragons Den as some gossip blogs claim.

BitSignal is a brand name of BitSignal International, a billion-dollar conglomerate selling white label trading solutions in the UK, Australia, North America, and Asia. Visit BitSignal website to learn more about their appearance in the media.


BitSignal Review 2020: The Verdict!

This review finds BitSignal to be trustworthy and profitable. The robot is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and applies the scalping trading strategy.

Scalping is a fast-paced trading strategy that involves betting on small price movements. The leverage of up to 5000:1 provided by BitSignal brokers makes it possible to generate profits from the small price movements.

BitSignal is affordable to most since only a USD250 deposit is needed to use it. There are no license fees in trading with this robot. Moreover, the underlying robot broker offers competitive spreads and zero commissions.

You can try BitSignal today by clicking here. As stated severally in this review, trading with BitSignal involves significant risk. This is expected of any highly profitable venture. Never commit more than 10% of your savings in highly leveraged trading.


Is BitSignal profitable?

Yes! Experts recognize BitSignal as the best tool for trading bitcoin. Anyone can reportedly generate immense wealth trading through this system.

How much do I deposit?

You can deposit as much as you want, but the minimum required to trade with BitSignal is $250. The underlying broker facilitates all deposits.

Is BitSignal regulated?

Robots are usually regulated through their partner brokers. BitSignal partner brokers are regulated by globally reputable bodies such as the UK's Financial Conduct Authority.

How much can I make?

Profitability with BitSignal depends on several factors, including the invested capital, the trader's risk appetite, and of course, the current market conditions.

Is BitSignal a scam or not?

No! BitSignal is not a scam. This trading system is powered by powerful trading technologies to generate the reported profits.

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