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BitQZ Review 2021 – Is it Worth Your Money?

If you are looking for lucrative ways to make money online, then the BitQZ app could be your best bet. This auto-trading system is utilizing the power of AI to make money out of crypto price swings.

The bot is said to be so powerful that it can apply arbitrage trading techniques to place up to 25 trades per minute. BitQZ has a supposed win rate of up to 90%. This implies that most of the trades are profitable.

This bot is also rated highly for news trading and price trend analysis. These techniques are highly profitable when implemented by a fast-paced robot.

BitQZ is said to be completely beginner-friendly since most of the trading is automated. You should, therefore, not worry about the trading lingo used in this review. Let’s take a deep dive on BitQZ to determine if it’s legit and worth an investment.


Is BitQZ legit? Key Findings

We have tested BitQz and concluded that it’s a legit, safe, and probably a highly profitable trading system.

Our tests of BitQZ were based on several important factors, including the platform’s safety, customer service, ease of use, partner brokers’ reputation, and performance. Here is an overview of our key findings:


BitQZ has a mostly positive reputation from the majority of its users worldwide. It is a popular subject in crypto trading forums, and it has tens of thousands of reviews. Most of these reviews are positive, praising it for profitability and ease of use.

These reviews are very encouraging, considering that they come from users’ real-life experience using the tool.


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The majority of users also report that BitQZ is profitable. It uses advanced AI-powered cryptocurrency trading algorithms to identify the best trades.

The initial investment of $250 can reportedly earn you thousands of dollars within a short time if you compound all profits. There is even a possibility of growing the small investment into a million dollars if you reinvest all profits.

Great performance is achieved during periods of high volatility. Please note that profits aren’t guaranteed. Crypto volatility trading is highly risky.


Safety is of big concern in the crypto trading industry. Fortunately, BitQZ is safe and can be trusted.

For starters, this platform partners with independent brokers worldwide. These brokers are licensed and regulated by various authorities internationally and in their respective countries. Some of their responsibilities include facilitating transactions and ensuring that the robot is accountable to users.

Additionally, BitQZ employs some of the best and latest cybersecurity solutions. Its website and servers are encrypted to keep hackers out. Additionally, the platform is compliant with cybersecurity and data privacy laws in the EU and elsewhere across the world.

BitQZ also has a dedicated customer support department. The department is equipped to solve any problem the user may have, including technical trading issues. Every new user also gets an account manager to help them make the most of this tool.  

What is BitQZ?

Crypto enthusiasts believe that bitcoin and other top coins are the money of the future. The mainstream is already accepting crypto in large numbers.

Bitcoin is the most popular crypto. Several big global conglomerates now accept bitcoin as a mode of payment. Tesla is also one of the many companies that accept Bitcoin as a mode of payment.

Other companies that accept payments via Bitcoin include Home Depot, Microsoft, Starbucks, KFC, and Name Cheap. Many SMBs, including entertainment, joins in the developed world, are also accepting payments via Bitcoin.

Additionally, major institutional investors have recognized Bitcoin’s value as an asset. Some of the world’s biggest banks, including Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, and Bank of America, support crypto trading.

These institutions have enjoyed good profits from the cryptocurrency, thanks to their advanced AI-powered trading robots. However, the big banks and hedge funds offerings are out of reach to the ordinary person.

BitQZ bridges the gap by offering an AI-driven trading system to the masses. Users don’t have to pay thousands of dollars in premiums or get a license to start trading on this platform. Trading with it is fully automated, and only a 2% commission is charged on the profits generated through the trading system.

How does BitQZ Work?

BitQZ is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and equipped with advanced HFT trading strategies. It uses advanced algorithms to analyze the markets for the most profitable trading positions.

Automation isn’t a new concept. It is taking over many industries, including finance. Many big banks today offer automated trading solutions. However, their solution is highly priced and therefore out of reach for most people.

BitQZ charges a commission of only 2%, as mentioned earlier. This is despite generating a daily ROI of up to 70%. To put this into context, the world most revered trader has an average daily ROI of 15%. BitQZ is said to make money in every 9/10 trades.

This means that the chance of hitting the home run with it is extremely high. The bot can place up to 100 trades per minute through scalping and arbitrage trading. Moreover, it applies high leverage to magnify the trades. The partner brokers provide the leverage.

Getting Started with BitQZ

BitQZ is designed for anyone seeking an easy and profitable way to trade crypto. It’s extremely easy to operate since live trading starts at a click of a button.

All trading happens automatically, but you need to set the risk management tools before going live. This is extremely easy if you read and follow the provided risk control guide. You can continue with other things as BitQZ does all the trading for you.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can get started with BitQZ:

Sign Up

Registering on BitQZ is quick and easy. Fill the signup form with your name, email, and phone number as required. It is important to provide the correct information, as the platform’s partner brokers will require you to verify your identity.

Registration opportunities are few, and therefore you would be very lucky to be able to register on the first attempt. Keep checking the website for new slots if not lucky on the first try.


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Deposit $250

You must fund your account before you can start trading with BitQZ. A deposit of at least $250 is needed to get started.  Please note that the partner brokers handle all deposits and withdrawals.

They accept a range of payment options, including wire transfers and major credit and debit cards. Users can also deposit via a range of e-wallets, including Skrill and Neteller. Deposits are almost instant, and the money will reflect in your live account in less than a minute.


BitQZ is easy to use. However, new users are advised to familiarize themselves with the platform using the demo trading account and other educational materials.

The demo account simulates trading on the real account in every aspect. Additional education materials include a video tutorial. What’s more, you can always call customer support or talk to your dedicated account manager to get personalized help and guidance.

Trade Live

Trading cryptocurrencies using BitQZ is automated, meaning that you don’t have to do much. All you have to do is set the ideal stop loss and take profit values before clicking on the trading button. The platform will start analyzing the markets and execute multiple trades.  

BitQZ seems to perform well during high bitcoin price swings. The higher the price

 swings, the more you can expect. You should follow crypto-related news to determine volatility-driving market events.

BitQZ Verdict

BitQZ is indeed legitimate. Users can be confident that their money is safe. More importantly, users have a chance of generating fortunes by riding crypto volatility.

BitQZ makes crypto trading easy and less time-consuming. It does everything, from analyzing the markets to placing and closing trades. Consequently, it is ideal for all traders, from beginners to experts.


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Where is BitQZ available?

BitQZ is available in over 120 countries worldwide. You need to be in a country that supports CFDs trading to use this

How much does BitQZ charge?

BitQZ does not charge users premiums or licensing fees. Instead, it charges a commission of 2% on any profitable trade.

How much can I make using BitQZ?

Your profits will vary depending on a range of factors. However, the platform could generate a daily ROI of up to 60%.