BitQS Review 2021 – Is it a Safe and Profitable Trading Robot?

Trading crypto is proving to be the most lucrative investment option for 2020 as BTC continues to gain significantly.

BTC is already trading past $50,000 and experts are predicting that it will hit $100k in the next few months. This is therefore the best time to get in the game.  But what is the most lucrative way to trade the ensuing volatility?

According to multiple sources, BitQS is the most profitable BTC volatility auto-trading tool today. Users are reportedly earning up to $800 daily by investing as little as $250 through this trading robot.

The question that most of our readers are asking is whether it’s a legit trading system. This review will provide answers and tips to help you fully capitalize on it.

Please note that profits are not guaranteed in crypto trading. You could generate a profit or a loss through BitQS or any other auto-trading system.


What is BitQS?

BitQS is an AI-based web-based service for automated BTC trading. Automation means that the trading bot performs all trading functions on behalf of users.

You are probably aware of the impact of automation in most industries. Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven machines can perform functions that were once only performed by experts.

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In finance, trading bots and investment apps are now all the rage. Examples of popular investment apps include Betterment, Accenture, and Robin Hood. These apps are for long term investment and hence come at little risk. 

Trading bots are the most exciting since they can generate crazy profits within seconds. Some have even contributed to flash clashes such as the one witnessed in 2010.

The flash crash of 2010 involved a trading bot developed by Navinder Sarao spoofing the markets and earning millions of dollars within minutes. While spoofing is illegal, the sheer impact indicates the potential in trading bots.

BitQS competes with top trading robots offered by leading investment banks in global financial hubs. The trading bots offered by the big banks are only available to investors with at least $1 million in investment capital. BitQs, on the other hand, is free and only requires $250 in trading capital.

You should access BitQS if you are in a country that supports retail crypto CFDs trading. Only a few countries do not support this type of trading. You may not be able to use BitQS if you are in the United States.

How does BitQS work?

You are probably aware of the impact of news on crypto prices. In the last few days, the news about Tesla investing $1.5 billion in bitcoin has pushed volatility to greater heights.

Bitcoin is already trading at $51,000 which is nearly a double gain in about three months. Analysts such as Max Keiser are upbeat that BTC will keep climbing to hit $100,000 in the next few months.

If the predictions are anything to go by, this is the best time to invest. BitQS offers the best tool for speculating on BTC volatility.

The robot uses a subset of AI known as Natural Language Processing (NLP) to make meaning of human language. Its algorithms can crawl billions of web-pages within a microsecond to identify news with impact on BTC price.

BitQS can identify legit news sources from fake ones. The robot also crawls social media including Twitter to identify posts with impact on BTC prices. For the last few weeks, Elon Musk’s Tweets on Bitcoin have been a major contributor to volatility.

BitQS users have reportedly been making insane profits in the latest Elon-Musk-driven BTC volatility. The robot is reportedly 0.0001 ahead of the markets and hence beats the markets nearly 99% of the time. 

Speed and accuracy are crucial factors in any trading strategy. BitQS applies the highly-leveraged scalping techniques to make money off slight market movements.

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Advantages of trading with BitQS App

BitQS is a powerful auto-trading system for retail BTC CFDs trading. There are numerous advantages of trading with the BitQS app as explained below.

  1. BitQS supposedly offers a highly lucrative way to trade news. This is the trading robot to register with if you are interested in trading the volatility resulting from Elon Musk Bitcoin tweets. BitQS news trading feature is based on the subset of AI known as Natural Language Processing (NLP).
  2. You don’t have to pay any signup fees or annual license fees to use BitQS. The robot is free, unlike its close competitors. Some close BitQS competitors require investors to have at least $1 million in capital to trade. With BitQS, you only need $250.
  3. BitQS is made for all types of users including complete beginners. No trading skills are required to trade with this system successfully. This is because the entire trading process is fully automated. Sign up is also quite easy for those who are lucky enough to secure a signup opportunity.

BitQS trading system offers a lucrative trading opportunity but it’s not risk-free. You could generate significant losses on a miscalculated trade. Consequently, you should take this trading bot as a high-risk investment and only trade with what you can afford to lose. 


How to Sign up and trade with BitQS

BitQS offers an easy and straightforward registration process. You should be able to sign up with this robot from any country where retail crypto CFDs trading is allowed.

BitQS is available in English, German, Italian, Chinese, and French. Follow the simple steps below to register and start trading.

Register a free account

Visit the official BitQS App website and click the registration button. Sign up as instructed and click the proceed button to redirect to a partner broker’s page.

Complete the registration process by verifying ID with the underlying broker and toggling the proceed button. All your information is safe since this trading bot only works with highly reputable brokers.

Deposit trading capital

You need as little as USD250 to participate in BTC auto-trading through the BitQS app. This review can confirm that the account funding process is straightforward and safe.

You can fund your trading account through Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, and e-wallets such as Skrill. Remember that this bot relies on its partner brokers to facilitate transactions. These brokers are regulated and hence safe.

Trade on a live account

Live trading with BitQS is quite easy especially if you dedicate enough time to the demo. BitQS comes with a demo to help you prepare before starting a live session.

Ensure that you familiarize with the demo first before proceeding to the live trading account. Live trading involves defining the risk per trade and toggling the live trading button. BitQS conducts all trading automatically and at high supposed accuracy.

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Is BitQS Worthwhile? The Verdict!

We have done rigorous background checks on BitQS and confirmed that it’s a legit and trustworthy trading system.

BitQS is among the most popular and reputable trading systems in 2021. This trading robot popularity is a result of its powerful news trading algorithms. Most BitQS reviews allege that it’s a highly profitable and safe trading system.

BitQS offers a safe trading environment powered by AES encryption and blockchain. Blockchain-based trading systems ensure transparent p2p transactions. Try your luck with BitQS through the link below.

Only trade with an amount you can afford to forego since there is a significant risk in all forms of trading.

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Is the BitQS app a fraud?

We have carried out a thorough check on BitQS and found enough proof to support its legitimacy. This trading bot works with the best brokers in the industry and has adequate measures in place to safeguard clients' information.

How much do I need to deposit with BitQS App?

BitQS App is available to all for free. You only need to invest a trading capital of as little as USD250. The more you invest, the higher the potential ROI.

Is BitQS App secure?

Yes! BitQS App is secured through AES security. Moreover, it operates in line with stringent data privacy laws including the UK's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

How much does BitQS App cost?

BitQS App is currently free of charge for all users. You won’t be charged any registration or annual license fees. Only a 2% commission applies to profitable accounts.