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BitQL Review 2020 – Is it a Scam or can it make you a Millionaire?

BitQL trading robot popularity has shot through the roof in recent days as reports emerge that it is making users millionaires.

We have stumbled upon individual user reviews claiming that the robot makes up to $1500 daily from a $250 investment. But is the BitQL legit and if so, what are the odds of earning a million dollars trading with it?

As usual, we have put this trading system under the microscope to determine if it’s worth investing in. We will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed investment decision.

But first things first, let us look at the key points to note before visiting BitQL website account and creating a trading account.

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BitQL Trading System Review – Key Points!

bitql reviewWe have subjected BitQL trading app to rigorous testing to determine if it’s worthwhile. Below is a summary of our findings.

  • BitQL trading system automates bitcoin trading, and hence no specialized skills are needed to trade with it.
  • The robot users supposedly generate a daily return rate of up to 500%. This implies that a USD250 account can generate $1250 in a single day.
  • BitQL utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to study crypto market data and automatically generate high-quality signals.
  • These signals are said to be 90% accurate. This is almost twice as good as what the best Wall Street trader generates.
  • BitQL app is a free trading system. You only need to plant a seed capital of USD250 and sit back and relax as the robot makes money for you.
  • This trading system depends on top-level FCA, ASIC, and CySEC regulated robot brokers. These brokers link the robot to the market.
  • Regulated brokers assure that your deposit is safe even if BitQL or the broker was to experience bankruptcy.

BitQL has extremely high alleged profitability and is said to involve less risk than trading manually. The robot controls risk through Stop Loss and Take Profit features. However, this does not mean that BitQLis entirely risk-free. There is still a likelihood of making losses when trading with it. It’s therefore prudent that you only invest an amount that won’t devastate your financial health if you lose it.

What is BitQL Trading System?

BitQL trading system is a computer program equipped with intelligent algorithms to automatically trade bitcoin.

The algorithms are developed out of the trading principles applied in fast-paced crypto derivatives trading. These include highly profitable techniques such as scalping, candlestick strategy, and profit parabolic. The robot also applies short-selling techniques to profit off falling bitcoin prices. 

You do not need to master any lingo to use the BitQL app successfully. This is because it conducts all the trading research and execution automatically. You only have to define trading settings, as explained in the trading instructions guide.bitql appBitQL also offers the option to reinvest or withdraw profits automatically. You must reinvest at least 70% of the profits if you are interested in making a million-dollar in about a year of trading. BitQL is also the best liquidity tool since you can withdraw for free as many times as you want.

Some reviewers on TrustPilot allege using the proceeds from this trading system to pay off debt. If lucky enough, BitQL should help you meet your monthly debt obligations without a struggle. BitQL has a supposed 90% win rate, and hence most of its users generate decent profits. 

But as explained earlier, trading on high margin such as the one offered by this robot translates to increased risk.  Consequently, only invest what won’t cause a lot of pain in the event of losses.

Is BitQL a scam or not?

BitQL perfectly meets the criteria for a legit and trustworthy trading system. Legit robots must operate in transparency, have an excellent reputation, and provide a safe trading environment.

Moreover, their customer service must be equipped and readily available.  Here are the justifications to BitQL system legitimacy.

Proven Performance

BitQL app has over 15k consumer reviews on TrustPilot and at least 80% of these report that it is profitable. This trading system is also reviewed by tens of highly reputable crypto publications and is reported to be profitable.

BitQL has won several performance awards in the recent years among them the Best Bitcoin Trading System 2020 award by the Global Society of Auto-traders (GSA).

Regulated partner brokers

BitQL robot brokers are mostly regulated in the EU, Australia, North America, and South. The regulators include top-tier ones such as the FCA and ASIC.

Top tier regulators are highly reputable and trusted globally. Brokers that meet their regulatory requirements are said to be top quality.

With this type of broker, you have an assurance that your deposit is safe even in the event of the robot or the broker going bust.

Transparent trading environment

Apart from partnering with reputable robot brokers, BitQL also enables seamless peer to peer transactions through the blockchain.

Users can follow every aspect of their trading account in real-time and raise and solve disputes through smart contract technology. The dispute raising process is easy.

BitQLis recognized by the International Trading Society for its revolutionary trading technologies.

24/5 customer service 

BitQL customer services are available for 24 hours, Monday through Friday. We have tested them and confirmed that they are easily reachable through phone and live chat.

Calls and live chats are mostly answered in about a minute. As is expected, emails may take up to 12 hours to get a reply.

BitQL also has a comprehensive, well structured, and regularly updated FAQs page. The page comes with a search box to help you find answers easily.

Safe trading platforms

BitQL offers a safe trading environment powered by the industry’s best encryption measures. This makes their platforms foolproof from any form of cyberattacks.

BitQL also complies with regulations meant to safeguard users’ data from misuse. These include the stringent EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR is arguably the most comprehensive data privacy law globally.

Firms that adhere to it prove to be fully dedicated to users’ safety. BitQL is also compliant to data protection measures in Australia, the US, and South Africa.

Getting started with BitQL

You can trade with BitQL from almost anywhere across the globe. This robot is available in all countries that allow CFDs trading.

However, registration slots are opened periodically, and hence you keep checking on BitQL website for registration opportunities. Consider yourself extremely lucky if you can secure a registration slot on the first few attempts.

BitQL attracts hundreds of new registrations per minute and hence the registration limit. The trading system is currently on a free license, but this may not be the case in the coming months. There are rumours that BitQL will introduce a license fee of up to $5000 shortly.

It is therefore prudent that you grab the free license opportunity and register now. Follow the simple steps explained below to get started.

Register a free account

Create a free trading account on BitQL website by submitting your information through the signup form. You must agree to BitQL terms and conditions for your account to be approved.

You will be taken to an underlying broker’s page to submit additional details and verify ID. Remember that this trading system relies on these brokers as its link to the markets.

bitql registerDeposit at least USD 250 in trading capital

The USD 250 is what the broker will use to implement orders as directed by the BitQL app. You can fund your account through bank transfer, credit and debit cards, and e-wallets such as Neteller.

Some of the partner brokers may also support deposits through Bitcoin. Please note that BitQL partner brokers do not charge deposit fees.

Start live trading  

Once you have funded your trading account, you can go ahead and kick start a live trading session.

As stated earlier, this trading robot is said to have the power to generate up to 500% in daily return on investment. You must follow the trading instructions closely to get a positive outcome out of BitQL.

The BitQL demo should help you test if you are conversant with all the settings before going live. Take at least 30 minutes of practise before going live. 

bitql live earningsIs BitQL scam or legit? The Verdict!

We have investigated BitQL and found it to be a legit trading system. Also, most of the reviewers on independent consumer feedback pages such as TrustPilot report great satisfaction with its profitability.

You can give this trading system a try with a deposit of as little as USD 250 and comment below. Please note that while BitQT is highly profitable, it also comes at a risk. Only invest what won’t cause a lot of pain if you make a loss.

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What is BitQL?

BitQL trading system is a computer program equipped with intelligent algorithms to automatically trade bitcoin.

How much profit does BitQL generate?

BitQL robot users supposedly generate a daily return rate of up to 500%. This implies that a USD250 account can generate $1250 in a single day.

How do I withdraw profits?

Click the fund's management button on BitQL website to be taken to the underlying broker’s withdrawal page. Fill a request and wait for up to an hour for the funds to be processed.