Is Bitpal a Legit and Profitable Trading Robot? The USD250 Test!

One of the most lucrative online investment opportunities today is bitcoin trading. Many people have become wealthy, trading it manually or through trading systems such as Bitpal.

Manual bitcoin trading requires skills and is therefore out of reach for most people. A trading bot known as Bitpal aims to bridge the gap by offering an easy and yet super-profitable way to invest in bitcoin.

This robot’s popularity has exploded in 2021 with wide media coverage in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Users and experts review it as the world’s most profitable bitcoin trading robot. But is it legit and profitable?

We have tested Bitpal, and the results are amazing. This trading bot operates transparently, and there is substantial data to indicate that it’s highly profitable. Keep reading to learn more.

Minimum deposit – USD250

Average daily profitability rate – 15% (subject to confirmation)

Withdrawal fees – $0

Registration fees – $0

Supported countries – $120

Is a demo platform provided? Yes!

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What is Bitpal?

As stated above, Bitpal is a computer program that uses AI to automate crypto speculation. The program offers both fully automated and semi-automated trading.

You don’t need any skill to use the fully automated option. However, a substantial trading background is required to use the semi-auto. We do not recommend the semi-auto option since it has proven to underperform the fully automated option.

Bitpal is a powerful robot with a proven track record. We have gone through most of its reviews on platforms such as Trustpilot and confirmed that most of its users are making good profits. The average daily return, according to some reviews, is 15%.

Some users have made up to 90% during high volatility. However, profitability is determined by many factors and, therefore, not assured.

How popular is Bitpal?

We are amazed by the popularity of this trading robot. There are many Bitpal reviews on the web, and the feedback is awesome.

Bitpal Trustpilot – This bot has a 4.4/5 rating on Trustpilot after over 2500 reviews. This signifies great satisfaction among users.

Bitpal Reddit – We are also amazed by the many Bitpal communities on this platform. The feedback is also great.

Bitpal is also widely featured in the media with experts rating is among the best bitcoin trading platforms in the UK.

How to trade with Bitpal

Trading with Bitpal is not only easy but also enjoyable. This trading platform comes with a very interesting user interface.

Some Bitpal users have described the trading experience as addictive. This trading bot is equipped with intelligent algorithms capable of conducting all trading on autopilot. Bitpal users have an option to automate the entire process or input some of the trading functions manually.

The fully automated function involves Bitpal performing all the technical trading functions. On the other hand, the semi-automated trading option allows users to select the trading signals implemented in their accounts.

You need substantial trading know-how to succeed with the semi-auto option. However, no trading experience or skill is required to use the fully automated option. We recommend the full-auto option to all since it has proven to deliver better returns than the semi-auto option.

Register a trading account

You need to register on the official Bitpal site to use the platform. This trading bot currently supports registrations from over 120 countries across the globe. Click here to determine if the bot is available in your country.

Bitpal is available in English, Spanish, German, Italian, and Chinese. Please scroll to the top of their website and click the flag to select your language of choice. You will be linked to a customer support agent that speaks your language after selecting your language.

Signup with Bitpal involves submitting personal details via the signup form and verifying your ID via an attached broker.

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Deposit trading capital

Fund your Bitpal account through the linked broker. All trading bots must operate under brokers since they lack the legal capacity to take deposits from the public.

A legit trading robot only works with reputable and well-regulated partner brokers. Bitpal only works with high-quality brokers. A background check on its 15 partner brokers shows that they are all monitored by tier-one regulators such as the FCA.

Moreover, they implement advanced client protection measures, including deposit segregation through tier one banks. Most Bitpal brokers claim to segregate funds via HSBC, BNP Paribas, and the National Bank of Australia.

Test Bitpal through its demo

Bitpal is automated, but you need to set it for trading manually. The tools that must be adjusted manually include Stop Loss and Take Profit.

These tools are quite important since they help you manage risk.  Bitpal provides a video explaining the tools and a risk appetite test to help you define the risk that suits your investment psychology.

Test the robot on the provided demo to determine what risk suits your appetite. The platform offers a perfect simulation of the real-time account. Most reviews claim that the results attained through the demo are very close to what you should expect in live trading.

Start a live session with Bitpal

You should be ready for live trading after taking the risk appetite test and testing the platform.

Live trading takes place in a few simple steps. Adjust the Stop Loss and Take Profit and click the live session button to get started. Bitpal will do the heavy lifting for you and deliver profits straight to your account.

You can choose to automate withdrawals to happen when certain profitability levels are attained or during given days. Bitpal has entered into a pact with its partner brokers to ensure withdrawals happen within five hours.

Bitpal is a super-powerful trading bot, but profitability with it shouldn’t be taken as assured. There is a possibility of losing money in any form of crypto trading.

Is Bitpal worth my money? Final word!

We are happy with everything about this trading bot. Our team of experts has investigated Bitpal thoroughly and unearthed substantial proof of its legitimacy and profitability.

This trading bot remains an online sensation in Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Americas. It has received many clients’ reviews since its launch. We have analyzed these reviews thoroughly and concluded that 90% of people find this bot profitable.

Bitpal is reviewed on Trustpilot by over six thousand clients. The bot has a general rating of 4.5/5. This makes it one of the most popular trading robots on the internet. We have also come across many Bitpal communities on Reddit. The feedback from this platform is also great.

Bitpal has also attracted many expert reviews on high traffic alternative and mainstream publications. An analysis of the expert feedback shows that this bot is a great performer. The majority of experts claim that it’s revolutionary.

Bitpal is said to generate daily returns of up to 90% on a good day. A good trading day is defined by the level of market volatility. The higher the volatility, the more profits you could make.

But profitability isn’t assured, and the risks associated with crypto trading aren’t eliminated. Do not invest what you can’t afford to lose.

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Do I pay any money to use Bitpal?

It’s free to create an account with Bitpal. The only amount to pay when using this bot is a 2% commission on profitable trades.

Is Bitpal a regulated trading system?

Bitpal operates in a highly controlled environment, given that the world's best-regulated brokers back it. These brokers are FCA, ASIC, CySEC, and FSB regulated.

Do I quit my day job to use Bitpal?

Bitpal is an auto trading system, and hence you don't have to interfere with your daily schedule to use it. It takes as little as ten minutes to set it for live trading.

How many hours do I dedicate to trading with Bitpal daily?

You only need a few minutes every morning to set it for live trading. Click the live button and let the bot do the trading for you without interruption.

How do I access the Bitpal app?

You will receive the app download link via email after signing up. You can also find it on the trading resources page.

Does PayPal own Bitpal?

No! Bitpal is not owned or operated by PayPal. The trading system is reportedly a product of a global trading software conglomerate.