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Bitcoin Prime Review 2020: Is this Robot Legit or Scam? Find out below!

Bitcoin Prime is an advanced AI trading app offering automated bitcoin trading services. All you need tobitcoin prime logo do to allegedly make money with this robot is to register a free account and deposit a trading capital of at least $250.

Bitcoin Prime App does all the trading for you and at a supposed win rate of 90%. This means that there is a high chance of generating the said profits when trading with this robot. But is Bitcoin Prime software legit and is it as profitable as claimed?

We will provide the answers in this Bitcoin Prime review. Read this review to the end to determine if this robot is worth your money.

What is Bitcoin Prime?

Big Wall Street banks are known to generate billions of dollars for investors through powerful auto-trading algorithms. These algorithms are worth hundreds of millions of dollars and enjoy the fastest connections to exchanges. This explains why they are only available to investors with at least $1 million in invested capital.

However, with the growth of crypto trading technologies, ordinary people can enjoy the same level of profitability as the big banks. Bitcoin Prime is reportedly one of the few crypto trading computer programs that are highly profitable and available for free.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms power the robot. An algorithm is an automated set of instructions. These instructions include trading strategies such as scalping and short-selling. The AI technology enables the Bitcoin Prime app algorithm to scan big data at supersonic speed and generate signals with a supposed 99% accuracy.

bitcoin prime review

Bitcoin Prime also relies on a subset of AI known as Machine Learning to improve itself with changing market data. As a result, the robot can maintain performance despite changing market conditions. The robot applies short selling strategies to generate profits from plummeting crypto markets.

Bitcoin Prime was founded in 2017 by a former layman’s Brothers investment banker and a quant from MIT.

How does Bitcoin Prime work?

Like any other auto-trading platform, the Bitcoin Prime platform works through robot brokers. These types of brokers are different from the traditional ones since they rely on advanced trading systems with superfast execution speeds.

Moreover, they offer trading conditions that are only suitable for robot trading. Robot brokers act as a bridge between the robot and the markets. The robot conducts trading research and automatically sends trading signals to the broker for execution. Signal execution includes placing the buy and sell orders in an exchange.

Most traditional brokers are not fit for robo-trading since they do not provide instant order execution. Most trading robots bet on small price movements and are therefore significantly affected by slippage. For the sake of beginners, slippage refers to the difference between the expected price of a trade and the price at which it’s executed.

Slippage can either be positive or negative. In negative slippage, the order is executed at a price that is worse than expected. The Bitcoin Prime app also depends on its partner brokers to facilitate transactions with its clients. Its brokers are regulated in all jurisdictions of operations and hence adhere to strict clients protection measures.

Getting started with Bitcoin Prime

Bitcoin Prime is a beginner-friendly trading app that is open for all. This trading robot is currently available on a free license, but it may not remain so for long. You should take advantage and register on the free license today.

bitcoin prime app explainedRegistration slots are limited, and hence you should keep checking for openings on Bitcoin Prime website if not lucky on the first attempt. Follow the simple steps explained below to kick-start your trading journey with the Bitcoin Prime app.

Signup on Bitcoin Prime website

Visit Bitcoin Prime homepage by clicking here and register through the provided signup form. You will be prompted to agree to their terms and conditions and select to be included in their mailing list. The registration process also includes creating a strong password and verifying contact information through a link sent through email and a code sent via SMS.

You will also be matched with a local partner broker in this stage and be prompted to verify identity with them. ID Verification is an important measure implemented by all reputable brokers to safeguard users’ data. Bitcoin Prime complies with data privacy measures in all its jurisdictions of operation.

Deposit at least USD 250 with the partner broker

After ID verification, you can proceed and fund your trading account with at least USD 250. As mentioned earlier, the broker makes the buy and the sell orders in the market as instructed by Bitcoin Prime. It, therefore, makes sense that they handle all transactions with users.

Bitcoin Prime brokers deposit methods include bank transfer, debit and credit cards, most e-wallets and bitcoin. All deposits are free and are facilitated almost instantly.

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Trade with Bitcoin Prime demo account for practice

Bitcoin Prime app comes with an intuitive demo to help you practice its different features before staking real money. Also available is a layman’s guide to trading with the robot.

You must dedicate at least an hour to reading the guide and practising on the demo before going live. Also, you should engage the Bitcoin Prime dedicated account manager during this phase.

Pay special attention to the risk management process during the trading education and practice phase. Bitcoin Prime offers Stop Loss and Take Profit risk management tools.

Adjust trading settings and start a live trading session

Trading with the Bitcoin Prime app is easy if you can read and follow instructions. You are likely to start gaining positive results from the first day of trading if you have taken your time to understand the platform through the demo.

Adjust the risk settings as directed in the trading guide and start live trading by clicking the live trading button. Bitcoin Prime generates the best results when left to run without interruption for eight straight hours daily. Read on to learn how to achieve the best results with this robot.

Bitcoin Prime Review – Trading tips

You are likely to succeed with Bitcoin Prime if you follow the trading tips explained below. Please note that robo-trading involves high leverage and offers high profitability potential at increased risk.

  1. Let the bot run from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM ET for increased volatility – Bitcoin Prime generates the best returns during high market volatility. The ET time zone has the highest crypto volatility due to derivatives trading on Wall Street.
  2. Do not interrupt trading – Let Bitcoin Prime run uninterrupted for at least 8 hours daily for maximum results. Remember that this robot’s profitability is tied to the number of trades placed. The higher the number, the greater the profitability.
  3. Close trading at 4:00 PM ET – Ensure that you end trading by close of the markets in Wall Street. Failure to end a trading session can translate to rollover fees and hence eat on your bottom line.
  4. Plough back at least 70% of your profits – This is important if you are looking to make $1 million in less than a year of trading. Compounding profits is the safest way to increase the size of your trading account.

Is Bitcoin Prime a scam? The verdict!

Our investigation finds Bitcoin Prime to be legit and trustworthy. This trading platform is not only popular with users but is widely reviewed and praised in the mainstream media. Bitcoin Prime has over 10k reviews on TrustPilot with most users praising it for high profitability.

We have conducted background checks on this robot’s trading technologies and found them to be highly reputable. Bitcoin Prime is the 2020 undisputed winner of the prestigious Most Profitable Bitcoin Trading robot by the International Bitcoin Council.

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Is Bitcoin Prime legit or scam?

We have conducted a myriad of tests on the Bitcoin Prime app, and it seems legit. This robot applies blockchain to ensure transparent peer to peer transactions. Moreover, it operates through some of the industry’s best robot brokers.

How much can I make with Bitcoin Prime?

That depends on factors such as how much you are willing to stake and your ability to follow instructions. Under the right trading settings and market conditions, this robot can earn a daily ROI of up to 500%.

How much should I deposit with Bitcoin Prime?

A minimum of USD 250 is enough to get you started. You can grow this small amount to thousands of dollars within a week of trading if you follow the provided instructions.

Can I withdraw from Bitcoin Prime?

Yes! Fill the Bitcoin Prime withdrawal request form and wait for up to 2 hours for the withdrawal to be effected.