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Is Bitcoin Motion a Scam or Genuine and Profitable Trading System? The $250 Test!

If you are interested in making money off crypto, you should try Bitcoin Motion. This auto-trading platform has broken the internet since 2021.

Its popularity is tied to its alleged daily profitability. Bitcoin Motion can reportedly make hundreds of dollars in profits daily from an investment of USD250. Compounding at least 90% of the daily profits could grow the small account into a million within a few months.

An analysis of Bitcoin Motion reviews confirms these claims. It seems that a lot of people are earning profits through this system. This review will answer the pertinent questions below.

  • Is Bitcoin Motion a scam?
  • Are the Bitcoin Motion graphics real?
  • Is Bitcoin Motion UK recommended by Martin Lewis?
  • Are the Bitcoin Motion Deborah Meaden claims true?
  • Is Deborah Meaden invested in Bitcoin Motion?
  • Are the Bitcoin Motion UK reviews authentic?
  • Is the Bitcoin Motion login page secure?

We recommend that you read our review to the end to get the answers to these and many other questions. You should not hesitate to let us know if you have a question not addressed in this review.

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What is Bitcoin Motion?

If you follow tech news, you must know about the disruptions that automation is making in most industries.

The rapid automation take-over is propelled by Artificial Intelligence (AI) advancement. Artificial Intelligence is defined as the ability of a computer to conduct tasks usually done by humans because they need human intelligence and discernment.

AI has grown rapidly over the years, thanks to massive investments by governments and corporations across the globe. One of the industries experiencing massive disruptions from AI-driven automation in finance.

Robo-advisors and trading robots are now controlling trillions of dollars of investors’ money. A robo-advisor is for long-term investing, while trading robots make money off short asset volatility.

Therefore, trading robots are more profitable, albeit at a higher risk. Bitcoin Motion is a super popular trading system for trading BTC. The program is AI-driven and uses sophisticated derivatives to generate returns off bitcoin volatility.

Bitcoin Motion is super easy to use since it’s built to automate all trading. This means that it conducts trading research and signal execution automatically.

  • Minimum trading capital required – USD250
  • Potential daily profits – up to 90% during market events
  • Free withdrawals per month – 10
  • Deposits charges – free for most methods
  • Safety score – 99%
  • Hidden charges – No!
  • Registration and trading license fees – $0
  • Reputation – Top rated on most platforms

The potential of Bitcoin Motion makes it worth the risk. However, don’t risk what will devastate life if a loss is made. You should only invest a portion of your disposable income.

Bitcoin Motion Review – Is it legitimate?

We are confident that Bitcoin Motion is legitimate and profitable after analyzing all the available data on the web.

Bitcoin Motion has proven itself to be a leader in the crypto trading circles. The many positive reviews are enough proof of its popularity. We have studied the Bitcoin Motion reviews from verified users on Trustpilot and Reddit.

  • Bitcoin Motion Reddit – The feedback from the community members on this platform is awesome. We have analyzed the comments on the top 5 viral Bitcoin Motion Reddit communities. The feedback is great.
  • Bitcoin Motion Trustpilot – The ratings on this site are also great. Thousands of Bitcoin Motion users have reviewed it here, and the feedback is great. Bitcoin Motion has an overall star rating of 4.4/5 after thousands of reviews.

Apart from the amazing feedback from users, Bitcoin Motion is also rated highly by experts. Moreover, it observes high-level transparency given that it runs on blockchain. Blockchain ensures that all transactions data is published on an open ledger, albeit anonymously.

Data published on the blockchain ledger is easily verifiable. We have tested Bitcoin Motion for safety, and the results are great. As we will see later in this post, the Bitcoin Motion login page is secured through advanced encryption. The same level of encryption applies to all the pages on the Bitcoin Motion website.

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Advantages of trading with Bitcoin Motion

The advantages of riding the bitcoin volatility through the Bitcoin Motion trading system outweigh the risks.

Firstly, no crypto trading tool can beat Bitcoin Motion in profitability. The many awesome reviews from verified users are enough proof of its profitability. Bitcoin Motion can deliver a decent and consistent daily income from an investment of as little as USD250.

Secondly, Bitcoin Motion is easy to use. The clients’ testimonials are enough proof that no skill is needed to operate this bot. You only need to follow its simple setup instructions to run it as required.

Please note that failure to set Bitcoin Motion as required could lead to losses. As discussed later in this post, the risk management settings greatly influence the trading outcome. You should set the robot to trade at risk per trade level that suits your appetite.

Thirdly, Bitcoin Motion is secure. Several experts have conducted penetration testing on its platforms and concluded that they are foolproof. We can confirm that the official Bitcoin Motion website is safe. Moreover, the trading platform seems to adhere to data protection laws in the EU and other jurisdictions.

Fourthly, Bitcoin Motion is affordable. You don’t pay a dime to create an account with it. Moreover, you won’t be charged any trading license fees. You only need a minimum of USD250 in trading capital to use Bitcoin Motion.

  • Proven performance track record
  • Consistent profitability
  • Secure trading environment
  • No hidden charges
  • Partnership with well-regulated brokers
  • Up to 10 free withdrawals every month

Don’t assume that returns are guaranteed. Any approach to volatility trading involves significant risk. Invest wisely!

Bitcoin Motion Graphics – Are they real?

Most of our readers ask if the graphics projecting Bitcoin Motion performance in 2022 are dependable.

We have gone through them and confirmed that they are prepared by reliable experts. Some of the experts who have prepared these graphs have a track record of accurately predicting crypto booms.

The graphs confirm that Bitcoin Motion is super profitable during volatility triggering market events. Bitcoin price swings are rampant during these events. The Bitcoin Motion trading system generates profits by speculating on these price swings.

How to use Bitcoin Motion

Many people are happy with how easy this BTC trading system is to operate. There are no technical skills requirements to trading with Bitcoin Motion.

Bitcoin Motion claims to have a presence in over 120 countries. The robot has its roots in the UK. Its global reach is made possible through partnerships with over 15 well-regulated partner brokers.

Bitcoin Motion is available in 10+ languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. You can select your language of choice by clicking the flag tab on the website’s header.

After changing the website’s language, you will access the customer support services in your language.

Register a trading account

Sign up for free with Bitcoin Motion by submitting the required info through the registration form on the top right corner of the page.

You have a guarantee of information safety since Bitcoin Motion has invested in the best website safety measures. These include full encryption to prevent data theft and compliance with data safety laws in all countries of operation.

You will automatically connect to one of the brokers working with this trading bot on completing the signup.

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Verify your account

Verification takes place through the assigned broker. Scroll to the bottom of the broker’s verification page and upload the requisite documents.

The brokers working with Bitcoin Motion offers an easy verification process. Take a photo of your ID and upload it with the broker. The verification could take up to 3 hours, but this shouldn’t prevent you from proceeding to the next step.

You can fund your account and start trading while the verification takes place. The only thing you can’t do from an unverified is to withdraw the profits.

Fund your trading account

Bitcoin Motion is affordable since you can start trading by depositing as little as USD250. Most of this robot’s top competitors charge registration fees on top of hefty trading capital requirements.

Deposit takes place on the assigned broker’s page. This is because the broker is responsible for placing the orders sent by the trading system. Trading capital is required to take positions in the market.

You can fund your Bitcoin Motion account through a variety of payment methods. Please note that you are only allowed to withdraw through the method used to deposit. This requirement cements the safety of your account. The payment methods supported by most Bitcoin Motion partner brokers are listed below.

Payment method Instant deposit? Fees
Wire transfer Yes Free
Visa Yes Free
Master Card Yes Free
Maestro Yes Free
Web money Yes Free
Neteller Yes Free
Skrill Yes Free


Test Bitcoin Motion on the demo

The Bitcoin Motion demo account is built on technologies that mimic those of the live trading platform.

This means that the demo accurately simulates the live trading platform. Most Bitcoin Motion reviewers have described the demo experience as strikingly similar to the live trading platform.

You will find a video explaining the features of Bitcoin Motion on the trading resources page. Watch the video carefully to fully understand the trading process. Take the demo to test the features as explained in the video.

Start a live trading session

Live trading should be extremely easy if you have put enough effort into understanding the platform during the previous step.

Set Bitcoin Motion to trade at a risk level that aligns with your risk appetite. Risk appetite is defined by your financial status and attitude towards risk. A trader with a low-risk appetite is better off starting small and ploughing back the returns for growth.

You can invest more if you have a high-risk appetite. However, don’t put all your savings in one basket since there is a possibility that you could lose everything.

Bitcoin Motion Popularity Score

We give Bitcoin Motion a 99% popularity score. There are many posts on the internet discussing this trading system.

These posts are from users as well as experts. Bitcoin Motion has made headlines many times in the last year. It has trended on Twitter in some countries. Bitcoin Motion accepts clients from over 120 countries.

However, it offers very limited registration slots. Some reviews claim that the robot only accepts less than 1% of the registration requests. You may not find a slot on the first signup attempt, but don’t give up.

Some of Bitcoin Motion reviewers allege securing a slot after trying many times. You could enjoy a handsome signup bonus if you are trying to sign up with this bot from the UK.

Bitcoin Motion has experienced a deluge of fake news in the last few months. Today, any popular subject is targeted by fake news.

Bitcoin Motion Deborah Meaden

You must know Deborah Meaden if you are a fan of the Dragons Den show. This prime-time BBC reality TV show is watched by tens of millions across the globe.

It’s aired on BBC Canada and BBC UK, and it is unique to each country. Dragons Den helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses by proving a platform to pitch their ideas to a panel of investors.

Deborah Meaden is one of the panellists on the Dragons Den UK show. Highly popular fake news posts claim that she is invested in Bitcoin Motion. The posts allege that she did so during one of the 2016 episodes.

Bitcoin Motion Martin Lewis

Lewis is a popular British personal finance guru and media personality. He is best known for personal finance programs on radio and TV.

He is also popular through his widely read Money Saving Expert blog. Some reviewers allege that Martin Lewis is a paid influencer for Bitcoin Motion. However, this is fake news. Bitcoin Motion has released a statement clarifying that it doesn’t market itself through influencers.

Also, Martin Lewis has expressed a lack of interest in crypto in a post on his Money Saving Expert blog.

Bitcoin Motion Holly Willoughby

Holly Willoughby is a TV celebrity. She is the co-host of highly rated programs such as Dancing on Ice and This Morning.

The rumour that Holly Willoughby has disclosed putting half of her savings in Bitcoin Motion in a recent This Morning episode is fake news. Holly Willoughby could be interested in the trading system, but she hasn’t made any official statement about it.

Bitcoin Motion Dragons Den

As explained above, Bitcoin Motion hasn’t appeared on the Dragons Den. The posts claiming so are therefore spreading lies.

There is a chance that the Bitcoin Motion Dragons Den claims are used as clickbait to clones. Bitcoin Motion’s popularity makes it highly targeted by clones. It’s quite important that you avoid fake news by verifying all information before taking it as gospel truth.

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Bitcoin Motion This Morning

We are also surprised by the trending Bitcoin Motion This Morning rumours. As explained earlier, these rumours are fake news.

Bitcoin Motion hasn’t engaged in any advertising on the This Morning show. This Morning is a highly rated breakfast show aired in the UK and Ireland. It features a discussion of trending news and celebrity interviews.

We are amazed by the many fake news posts alleging that Bitcoin Motion is marketed on this show. These posts seem to include links to cloned sites. The aim is to trick unsuspecting potential clients into sharing their personal information with scammers.

Is Bitcoin Motion Real? Final Word!

The profitability association with Bitcoin Motion has made many people sceptical about its legitimacy.

This review proves that Bitcoin Motion is legitimate and could be insanely profitable. The robot is one of the most reviewed and best-rated trading systems on the internet. A closer look at the feedback reveals that most users are profitable.

Bitcoin Motion brings the power of AI and Quantum Computing in bitcoin speculation. These two technologies are the backbone of automation. Until recently, only the big banks in WST and other financial hubs could afford AI-driven trading.

Bitcoin Motion is one of the extremely few AI-driven trading robots for bitcoin. It’s also among the very few that are affordable to the masses. Bitcoin Motion has made some of its users’ filthy rich. 

Earning a million dollars via BTC speculation is possible through this bot. Some of its reviewers claim to turn their humble investment into $1 million within months of compounding returns. The Bitcoin Motion graphics are enough proof of its potential.

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Is Bitcoin Motion legit?

An analysis of the data on the web confirms that Bitcoin Motion is legitimate. This bot is not only reputable but has measures in place to ensure full transparency.

Does Bitcoin Motion offer a trading bonus?

You could enjoy a trading bonus for signing up with Bitcoin Motion from certain countries. However, the bonuses aren’t assured.

Is Bitcoin Motion worthwhile?

Bitcoin Motion is worthwhile! There is enough evidence to show that it’s transparent, safe, and super profitable.

How much can I earn daily with Bitcoin Motion?

There is a chance that you will make good profits if you invest with Bitcoin Motion. Many people have tried it and earned huge profits. Even so, don’t assume that profitability is guaranteed.

How do I withdraw my money from Bitcoin Motion?

You can withdraw your profits to your bank account by submitting a request through the provided form. Bitcoin Motion also allows you to automate withdrawals when a certain profitability level is achieved.

Can I use Bitcoin Motion on my smartphone?

You can use Bitcoin Motion while on the go since it works well on any smartphone. The Bitcoin Motion web-trader is in HTML5 and can work on a smartphone device.