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Bitcoin Lifestyle Review: Is it legit?

Bitcoin Lifestyle Review: Is it legit?
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In the last three years, the crypto industry has generated more millionaires than any other sector.  Today, there is a strong global movement comprising of people who have become rich through cryptos trading.

Bitcoin Lifestyle is a trading robot that allegedly aims to help people join this movement by making them crypto millionaires. But is Bitcoin Lifestyle legit and can it make you a millionaire?

We have investigated this robot and can confirm that it is legit. It is also true that it is highly profitable. However, we can’t guarantee that it is possible to generate a million dollars in a year from a deposit of less than $1k.

We suggest that you try it for yourself and let us know about your experience. Perhaps there you will be among the few who have managed to join the crypto millionaire club through this robot.

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What exactly is Bitcoin Lifestyle?

Bitcoin Lifestyle is a trading piece of software built through the intelligence of the world best crypto traders. In other words, it is an algorithm coded using the trading strategies of the world most revered crypto millionaires.

The robot can read big data both at a technical and fundamental level and automatically execute the insights derived from this data. For the record, technical analysis involves the software analyzing tens of thousands of charts for patterns and predicting the market direction using these charts.

This happens within a microsecond hence making it possible for the robot to capitalize on even the slightest market movement.

Bitcoin Lifestyle uses the Natural Language Processing technology to read tradable news and tweets from authoritative sources and act on them. With tweets from Donald Trump making the markets go haywire now and then, this is the best robot to trade with.

We followed Bitcoin Lifestyle performance during the recent Trump outburst about cryptos and were amazed by how the robot performed. The robot took a short-selling strategy reporting profitability of about 200%. A trading account with a stake of $250 can generate up to $800 in less than ten minutes. Highly volatile market events are a common thing in the crypto industry, meaning that traders can expect to make such a windfall more often.

How does Bitcoin Lifestyle operate?

As mentioned above, Bitcoin Lifestyle is a trading piece of software that speculates on cryptos with a 90% win rate. Such a high win rate guarantees traders a profit of up to 50% per day. We did a live test on Bitcoin Lifestyle with a deposit of $250 and generated a profit of $149 in 8 hours of trading. Some traders report a profit of up to $200 from the same amount of capital.

Moreover, Bitcoin Lifestyle robot is fully auto. What this means is that you do not have to be a professional trader to use it. Once you set up an account and make a deposit, the robot does everything else for you. Your role is to click the live button and watch as money flows into your account. In our live test, we made $33 in the first five minutes of trading.

Bitcoin Lifestyle should not be confused with a crypto broker. The robot is just but a tool to help you make good profits when trading through specified brokers. Consequently, this robot collaborates with several brokers. CryptoVibes has reviewed these brokers and confirmed that they are legit. An adequately regulated broker is a guarantee that your money is protected even in the event where the broker goes bankrupt.

For the record, Bitcoin Lifestyle does not handle clients’ money. All deposits made through the robot go to the underlying broker. The role of a robot broker includes executing robot orders and facilitating transactions.

Is Bitcoin Lifestyle legit? CryptoVibes findings

CryptoVibes finds Bitcoin Lifestyle to be trustworthy and profitable. Our conclusion is from a real-time test, a review of feedback from users, and a background check of information on their website. We can guarantee that Bitcoin Lifestyle robot is easy to use and consistently profitable. Moreover, it has excellent customer services, and it is safe to use.

  • People who try Bitcoin Lifestyle robot make up to $1k in daily profits from a deposit of $500 or less. We did a real-time test and made a profit of $149 in eight hours.
  • CryptoVibes has verified that the information on Bitcoin Lifestyle website is 100 percent accurate. The testimonials on the website are real, and the robot potential is real.
  • Bitcoin Lifestyle offer 24/5 customer services. The robot collaborates with its partner brokers’ customer service departments to ensure that clients get an answer to all their questions. Bitcoin Lifestyle responds to live chats and calls almost instantly. Emails may take 2 days or more to get a reply.
  • CryptoVibes finds Bitcoin Lifestyle to be easy to use. We recommend this bot to anyone, including those who are looking for a passive way to earn money online. You do not have to be a professional trader to use it.
  • Bitcoin Lifestyle takes users privacy with seriousness. CryptoVibes confirms that their website is SSL secured and they have a watertight data protection policy. Moreover, they are GDPR compliant.

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Getting started with Bitcoin Lifestyle

You need less than 15 minutes to open an account, setup the web-trader, and start trading with Bitcoin Lifestyle. It is important to note that this robot is only available in a few select countries. Click here to determine if this robot is available in your country.

Read our Bitcoin Trader review for an alternative robot if Bitcoin Lifestyle is not available in your country. Follow these steps to get started with Bitcoin Lifestyle.

STEP ONE: Create an account

Visit the Bitcoin Lifestyle home page and register your name, phone number, and email in the provided form. You also need to create a strong password as instructed. This should not take you long.

We find Bitcoin Lifestyle to be highly secure. CryptoVibes defines a safe platform as the one with encryption and well-defined data protection. Bitcoin Lifestyle website is SSL secured, and they have a data protection policy stating that they do not share data without the permission of owners.

STEP TWO: Get linked to a broker

After creating an account, you will automatically connect to a broker with regulation in your jurisdiction. We are certain that the brokers, in partnership with Bitcoin Lifestyle, are adequately regulated and highly reputable.

It is important to note that Bitcoin Lifestyle does share your data with these brokers. However, there is no reason to be worried since all of them are well regulated. Moreover, we have confirmed that most are compliant to data protection laws such as the GDPR.

STEP THREE: Deposit a minimum of $250

You need a trading capital of at least $250 to trade with this robot. This amount is your seed capital and not the license fee. Bitcoin Lifestyle is currently a free robot that makes money by charging a small commission on the profits that you make through it.

However, the company behind this robot has stated that it will soon introduce a license fee. We suggest that you grab the free license opportunity by opening an account now.

It is important to note that all funds deposited via Bitcoin Lifestyle go to the underlying broker. As mentioned previously, these brokers are required by law to adhere to strict deposit protection guidelines. Consequently, your money is safe with them.

STEP FOUR: Real-time trading

The Bitcoin Lifestyle web-trader is only available after making the deposit. Live trading with this bot involves setting the amount of capital you intend to risk per trade and clicking the live button. CryptoVibes can confirm that the process is simple and straightforward.

For the record, the Bitcoin Lifestyle risk management features enable you to specify the amount of cash you are willing to stake per trade. The more you risk, the higher the likelihood of blowing your account after a few trades.

We recommend that you do not risk more than 10% of your capital per trade. There is risk in trading with Bitcoin Lifestyle, and it is, therefore, advisable to only invest an amount you can afford to lose. We suggest you start small and grow gradually by reinvesting your earnings.

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How to make more money with Bitcoin Lifestyle

There are several tips you can explore to earn more with Bitcoin Lifestyle. These include;

  • Follow market news – Read the news to determine market events that might trigger high volatility. Ensure that the robot is running during these market events.
  • Trade the US markets – The US markets are the most volatile meaning that they offer the best opportunity to make money. Bitcoin Lifestyle is entirely auto, meaning that you can set it up and go to sleep if you are not in the US time zone.
  • Start small – As explained above, starting little gives you the peace of mind to learn how the robot responds to different market events. You should grow your account gradually by putting back your profits.


Bitcoin Lifestyle Review: The Verdict!

Bitcoin Lifestyle is a trustworthy robot. Moreover, it appears to be consistently profitable. CryptoVibes test shows that it is possible to make at least $100 per day from a deposit of $250 using this robot. This robot is accessible to anyone, including those with zero experience in trading. Once a user sets up their account, all they need to do is to click the live button and monitor their account for less than 20 minutes per day.

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Is Bitcoin lifestyle a scam?

No! CryptoVibes investigation shows that Bitcoin Lifestyle is legit. We have done a test on this robot and revealed that it is profitable.

How much do I need to trade with Bitcoin Lifestyle?

You need a trading capital of at least $250 to use this robot. We strongly suggest that you start small and grow your account via plowing back profits.

Is Bitcoin Lifestyle profitable?

Yes! Bitcoin Lifestyle is a highly profitable bot. We did a real-time test and made a profit of $149 from a deposit of $250 after 8 hours of trading.

Does Bitcoin Lifestyle allow seamless withdrawals?

Yes! Fill the withdrawal request form on their site and wait for 24 hours for your request to process. We can confirm that there are no withdrawal fees or limitations with this robot.