Bitcoin Formula Review: Is this Trading System Profitable or Not?

Bitcoin Formula is allegedly helping thousands of users get rich. But what is it and is it legit? A thorough analysis of information about Bitcoin Formula shows that it’s a popular trading platform.

The system reportedly uses Artificial Intelligence to predict bitcoin volatility and place highly profitable trades. This review finds enough evidence to support Bitcoin Formula. It also seems consistently profitable given the hundreds of positive reviews on the internet.

Some reports indicate that over 60% of those who try Bitcoin Formula are profitable. We will take a deep-dive into these claims in this review to determine if they are true.

Bitcoin Formula Review Summary

This trading system allows you to invest in bitcoin easily and reportedly more profitably. You can hit a home run with it from the first day even if you have never traded before.

It comes with tools to help you master the live trading platform. These include a fully-equipped demo account and a tutorial video explaining the trading process. Take time to understand how the system works before proceeding to live trading.

Bitcoin Formula depends on Artificial Intelligence (AI) based algorithms to read market data and place corresponding trades. These algorithms are developed on volatility trading strategies such as scalping. The scalping technique involves making bets on small price movements. Bitcoin Formula can bet on both rising and falling BTC prices.

All forms of crypto trading are considered as high-risk/high-return. It’s a general rule of life that you can’t expect much without risking something. You may make a fortune or lose your entire capital when trading with Bitcoin Formula.

Consequently, consider the potential risks when deciding how much to invest. Depositing all your savings in a margin trading system is foolhardy. A deposit of $250 is enough to test the waters in fast-paced crypto trading.

What is Bitcoin Formula?

 Bitcoin Formula was launched in early 2017 to help ordinary people trade bitcoin. It’s reportedly the world first AI-powered bitcoin trading system.

Bitcoin Formula trades BTC volatility by predicting its direction against fiat and crypto. The bot claims to offer exposure to over 70 pairs, including highly volatile ones such as BTC/USD. Moreover, it trades through robot brokers that provide leverage of up to 5000:1.

Leverage is crucial in any fast-paced trading approach. This is because it helps users take positions that they couldn’t otherwise afford with their investment capital. Think of it as a loan offered relative to the trading capital.

Leverage of 5000:1 implies that the trader gets up to $5000 for every $1 of deposit. Amazingly, a $250 account can bet on positions worth up to $1 million. The high leverage is one of the key justifications of Bitcoin Formula’s alleged profitability.

High leverage, of course, comes with increased risk of blowing a trading account. That’s why the Bitcoin Formula app offers a risk control tool known as Negative Balance Protection. Also available are the Stop-Loss and Take-Profit risk management features.

We insist that you dedicate enough time to understand the risk control process. Bitcoin Formula offers a 10 minutes tutorial video explaining the whole process. Make sure that you watch it and try the different settings on the demo account.

How does Bitcoin Formula work?

Let’s discuss the technical aspects of Bitcoin Formula. Please note that you don’t need to understand everything to trade with this system.

As mentioned earlier, Bitcoin Formula is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). This is the technology behind automation in most sectors. AI is known to enable machines to conduct functions that were previously dedicated to professionals.

Data from developed markets such as the US and the UK show that investors are opting for robot-advisors rather than wealth managers. Robo-advisors have proven to perform better than human wealth managers and are amazingly cheaper to maintain.

Analysts estimate that robots will be managing over $5 trillion of US investors’ money by 2025. The same trend is shown in the UK with investors flocking to leading robo-advisors. Bitcoin Formula is a trading robot for crypto.

This means that it’s only suitable for those looking to make money in crypto trading. The crypto markets are highly volatile. This means that users can beat most of the trading tools in the market today. However, it comes at significant risk and therefore, experts advise not investing more than 10% of personal savings in it.

We find $250 to be enough to test the waters. Make sure that you follow the trading guide carefully to avoid a negative trading outcome as a result of unavoidable mistakes. Plough back any profits that you earn through the system for growth.

How to trade with Bitcoin Formula

This trading robot is suitable for the general public. In other words, it doesn’t require any specialized skills to operate.

As mentioned earlier, it automates all the technical bitcoin trading functions. These include trading research and signal implementation. It also comes with an option to allow users to automate non-technical functions such as opening and closing of trading sessions.

You can opt for this option if you can’t dedicate about 15 minutes daily to manually set the system for trading. However, you must check your trading account at least thrice a week to withdraw or reinvest the supposed profits.

Bitcoin Formula is available in 120 countries across the globe. Traders in the UK, Australia, and South Africa can register at any time. Registration slots for traders in other regions are offered periodically.





Register a free trading account

The first step to trading with Bitcoin Formula involves registering a trading account. Bitcoin Formula doesn’t charge any registration fees.

Registration is fast and involves verifying contact details. Users are matched with the underlying broker at this point and redirected to their page. You will need to provide additional details to the broker and verify ID.

This is an important measure implemented by all financial institutions to prevent money laundering. You can proceed to the next steps as your ID is processed.

Fund your trading account

Deposit at least USD250 with the recommended partner broker. The deposit is your trading capital.

Bitcoin Formula brokers are regulated and have a highly transparent fee mechanism. They do not charge any fees for deposits through debit and credit cards, wire transfer, and some e-wallets.

All deposits happen instantly meaning that you can start trading immediately after deposit. However, we insist that you take the demo practice first before starting live trading.

Start a live trading session

You can proceed to live trading after deposit. Bitcoin Formula is extremely easy to operate, especially if you have taken the time to understand it.

The trading tutorial video and the demo should help you prepare adequately before going live. Bitcoin Formula reportedly generates the most profits during high market volatility. Experts recommend trading with this time when live trading is happening on Wall Street.

This is because there are huge bitcoin-related derivatives contracts traded there and they are a key driver of volatility. You should, therefore, run Bitcoin Formula from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM EDT.


Bitcoin Formula Review: Is it legit or not?

We have done a thorough check on Bitcoin Formula, and it seems to be legit. As mentioned earlier, this trading app is among the best rated on most review platforms.

For instance, it has a 4.8/5 rating on TrustPilot after over fifty thousand reviews. This makes it the best rating trading system on the platform. A simple Google search also reveals that this platform is reviewed positively by leading expert platforms.

Bitcoin Formula has also secured top quality partnerships with leading robot brokers. These brokers are reportedly highly regulated and therefore, safe. You can try your luck in AI-powered bitcoin trading by clicking the link below.

Keep it in mind that Bitcoin Formula is a high-risk/high-return robot. This means that you may make profits or losses when trading with it. Invest wisely!



Is Bitcoin Formula safe?

Yes! Bitcoin Formula has put into place robust measures to ensure clients safety. These include top encryption and partnership with regulated brokers.

How much does it take to invest with Bitcoin Fortress?

You can get started with Bitcoin Fortress with a deposit of just 250 USD. This amount is enough to gauge the potential of this robot.

Is Bitcoin Formula profitable?

An analysis of data from all over the web shows that most people are happy with Bitcoin Formula performance. It’s said to generate up to 60% in daily profits.

How much does Bitcoin Formula cost?

NBitcoin Formula is offered for free to all users. However, registration slots are not always available. You need to keep visiting their website to determine when opportunities are available.