Bitcoin Compass Review 2020: Is this Trading App Profitable? Find out here!

bitcoin compass logo Nearly 10,000 people have allegedly earned over $1 million in profits each since the meteoric rise of bitcoin in 2016. The majority of these have done so through advanced automated trading tools such as Bitcoin Compass.

Bitcoin Compass is a computer program founded by a team of former Layman Brothers investment bankers and quants from MIT. The program was released to the public in late 2015 and is said to have been a key driving force in the crypto boom of 2016/2017.

At least 80% of Bitcoin Compass users have allegedly earned fortunes since launch. But is the Bitcoin Compass app a scam and is it profitable? We have thoroughly investigated this trading robot and confirmed that it’s legit.

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Read on for an in-depth look at Bitcoin Compass features and factors that make it a trading robot worth a try.

Bitcoin Compass Review Summary

There are many auto-trading robots out there, but only a few meet the standards of Bitcoin Compass. Here is a summary of the key points to note before signing up with this trading robot.

  • Bitcoin Compass is a trading service that allegedly generates profits for users by automatically speculating on bitcoin.
  • You do not need to be a trading guru or to understand complex crypto lingo to trade with Bitcoin Compass successfully.
  • There are no registration fees with this robot. You only need to fund your account with a trading capital of at least USD250.
  • Bitcoin Compass charges a flat 2% commission on profits made through it. Professional traders charge a commission of up to 20% plus 2% wealth management fee.
  • When you register with Bitcoin Compass, you get redirected to a local broker’s page to verify ID and fund your trading account.
  • The partner brokers act as the robot’s bridge to the crypto markets. They also handle all transactions with users.
  • Bitcoin Compass only works with tier-one brokers. These brokers are under the regulatory mandate of some of the world’s best regulatory bodies.
  • Regarding cybersecurity, this trading bot has invested in top-grade encryption measurers. It also seems compliant with data privacy laws, including the GDPR.
  • This trading bot is reportedly less risky and more profitable than the traditional ways of trading. However, there is still a possibility of making losses, and it’s therefore prudent to only trade with what you can afford to lose. Get started with Bitcoin Compass through the link below or keep reading to learn more.

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What exactly is Bitcoin Compass?

The Bitcoin Compass app is a powerful AI-powered computer algorithm that predicts BTC price direction relative to other cryptos and fiat.

The application of AI algorithms in trading is a trend in Wall Street with the big banks investing billions of dollars in them. Unlike professional wealth managers, trading bots are cheaper to maintain and are proving to be ten times more profitable.

While a wealth manager will charge a 2% management fee and 20% commissions on profits, a trading robot only charges a 2% commission. Most top-performing trading bots require annual license fees of up to $10,000.

There are only a few that are license-free, and Bitcoin Compass is one of them. You only need to fund your account with USD 250 and the robot will do the rest for you. Bitcoin Compass has supposed daily profitability of up to 500%. This means that it’s possible to earn up to five times your invested capital in the first 8 hours of trading.

High returns translate to high risk. The Bitcoin Compass app is accompanied by a myriad of risk management tools to help users manage risk. It’s important that you learn the risk management process and understand these tools before starting a live session.

How does Bitcoin Compass work?

Auto-trading robots derive trading signals from analyzing thousands of charts and identifying trends. Market trends usually repeat themselves, and hence proper analysis translates to signals with an accuracy of above 90%.

bitcoin compass performanceAdvanced robots such as Bitcoin Compass also conduct news trading. The robots are powered by Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing based algorithms. These two subsets of AI enable the robot to read and understand human language and to differentiate authoritative news sources from the fake ones.

Bitcoin Compass conducts technical and fundamental analysis through powerful AI algorithms. These algorithms can study market data with precision and implement orders within a microsecond. Research and order implementation speed is a key determinant of success in fast-paced derivatives trading.

The Bitcoin Compass app applies a trading strategy known as scalping to profit off small price movements. This trading strategy requires powerful trading algorithms and order implementation systems. Bitcoin Compass is in partnership with some of the industry’s most advanced robot brokers.

Other roles played by the partner brokers include providing leverage and facilitating transactions with clients. Register and trade with Bitcoin Compass through the steps explained below.

Register a free account

Visit Bitcoin Compass website and signup for a free account. The process only takes a few minutes and involves accepting the robot’s terms and conditions and verifying contact details.

Bitcoin Compass will match you with a local broker, and you will be prompted to furnish the broker with more details. The robot brokers adhere to strict Know Your Customer (KYC) measures and hence require all users to verify identity.

Your data is safe with Bitcoin Compass and its brokers since their platforms are foolproof, and they are compliant with data privacy measures.

Deposit a minimum of USD 250

Fund your trading account with at least USD 250 to access the markets through Bitcoin Compass. As mentioned above, you will be matched with a local broker and asked to deposit through them.

The broker is the one to place orders in the market, and hence that’s why deposits must happen through them. You can deposit through any globally accepted debit and credit card, bank transfer, major e-wallets, and bitcoin.

Account funding through most options is free on the side of the broker. However, transaction fees may apply on the side of the bank.

Prepare for live trading

Bitcoin Compass offers a fully intuitive demo and a trading guide to help you master its platform before staking real money.

The trading instructions are easy to follow since they are presented in layman’s terms. The demo, on the other hand, offers a true perspective of what to expect in live trading. It would be helpful if you can dedicate at least an hour to preparation before starting live trading.

Bitcoin Compass through its partner brokers, assigns each new user a dedicated account manager to help them make the first steps of trading.

Risk management and live trading

The final step involves adjusting risk management tools and clicking the live button. Bitcoin Compass offers tools such as Take Profit and Stop Loss to help users control emotions in trading. Read the trading instructions guide to learn how to apply these features. 

Once you are comfortable with the risk management process, you can click the “Live Trading” button to start a trading session.

You only need about twenty minutes daily to trade with Bitcoin Compass. All you need to do is adjust the settings as instructed and switch on the robot. Let Bitcoin Compass run without interruption for about 8 hours daily.

Bitcoin Compass and celebrities

Rumour has it that several celebrities have invested millions of dollars in Bitcoin Compass. The said celebrities include:

Elon Musk and Bitcoin Compass – The founder of SpaceX has in the past revealed that he has some bitcoin holdings. However, we haven’t found any authoritative source connecting him to Bitcoin Compass.

Martin Lewis and Bitcoin Compass – Martin Lewis is a British billionaire with vast investment interests in emerging tech. However, he hasn’t disclosed any information about investing in bitcoin or trading robots.

Peter Jones and Bitcoin Compass – Peter Jones is one of the venture capitalists in the Dragons Den UK reality TV show. There is no evidence of Peter Jones investing in Bitcoin Compass.

Bitcoin Compass is a viral trading app and it’s therefore not unexpected that it’s a target for gossip. Avoid the bait by reading comprehensive and unbiased Bitcoin Compass reviews like this one.

Is Bitcoin Compass a scam or not? The verdict!

We have investigated the Bitcoin Compass app and concluded that it’s legit. This robot scores highly in our legitimacy tests.

Bitcoin Compass ensures high-level transparency by providing a blockchain-powered trading ecosystem. Moreover, this bot collaborates with regulated brokers and is hence under the scrutiny of the world’s best regulatory bodies. You can try Bitcoin Compass now by registering through the link below. 

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Is Bitcoin Compass trustworthy?

Yes! Bitcoin Compass is top-rated by users and reviewed as legit and profitable by experts. It’s the 2020 winner of the Best Auto-trading Robot Award by the International Society of Auto-traders.

Is Bitcoin Compass affordable?

Yes! This robot is free. You only need to invest a seed capital of $250, and Bitcoin Compass will do the rest for you.

Can I withdraw profits from Bitcoin Compass?

Yes! Bitcoin Compass allows users to withdraw their money whenever they want. Fill the request form, and your funds will be processed within 2 hours. 

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