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Bitcode AI Review 2022 – Is it a Scam or a Genuine Auto-trading System?

Bitcode AI is a platform that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically identify and place bets on opportunities in the crypto markets.

Many have reportedly used it and earned fortunes in the process. The platform was launched in 2018 and is supposedly the most popular crypto trading system today. It is also said to be the most lucrative bitcoin trading bot in 2022.

Also, Bitcode AI is super easy to use and therefore helps ordinary people venture into crypto and make money from the first day. The number of traders alleging to make fortunes through this bot is rising by the day.

But is Bitcode AI real money minting machine or another of the many scams out there? We have investigated this crypto trading robot for you and presented the answers in this review.

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Bitcode AI Review Summary

Robot Type Fully automated trading system that is completely beginner-friendly. Its superior performance makes it a good bet for experts too.
Minimum investment You can invest USD250 only and reinvest the daily profits to grow your account into a fortune.
Potential profits The daily profitability rate can explode over 100% during high volatility periods. Some reviews allege that the average daily profitability rate is 18%.
Trading platforms You can use Bitcode AI on the web and mobile. The robot only offers a web app. You can use it on any browser.
Withdrawals Bitcode AI offers free withdrawals. You can withdraw up to USD20000 in a transaction. Withdrawals are processed in less than 2 hours.
Reputation Bitcode AI has a nearly perfect reputation with great ratings on all review platforms. The robot is also rated extremely well in experts’ publications.
Security The Bitcode AI site is secured via advanced 256 AES encryption. Also, the bot has a detailed policy dictating how it handles users’ data. This policy is built on the tenets of the GDPR.
Transparency This bot runs on blockchain to ensure full transparency. It has also disclosed all info on its site.


What is Bitcode AI?

Bitcode AI is a platform developed on Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to automatically take advantage of profitability opportunities in the crypto industry.

The robot allows people with no crypto trading experience to earn handsome profits from crypto CFDs speculation. You don’t need any know-how to use Bitcode AI since it’s fully automated.

Users are required to manually adjust the risk management settings before trading. An easy to follow guide is available on the resources page to guide you through the platform. Moreover, this trading bot links all users to a dedicated account manager to walk them through the settings.

Bitcode AI trades the volatility of bitcoin and over 60 altcoins using the CFDs derivatives. We don’t find it important to delve into the technical details behind this robot. This is because this information is not needed in the trading process.

Is Bitcode AI a scam?

We have fact-checked a lot of information relating to this trading robot and confirmed that it’s genuine. The points to justify this trading system’s legitimacy are listed below.

  • Transparency – Bitcode AI is built on DLT to allow users to track their accounts in real-time. Moreover, all its crucial information is disclosed on its site.
  • Reputation – The many reviews praising this crypto trading system further prove its legitimacy. Many of the expert and individual reviewers report huge profitability.
  • Safety – Bitcode AI has put in place adequate safety measures. These include website encryption and adherence to local data privacy laws.
  • Partner broker regulation – Bitcode AI has secured collaboration with top tier regulated brokers. This shows its commitment to high-level transparency.

Any robot that scores well in the factors listed above is undoubtedly legitimate. We encourage you to keep reading to learn some amazing facts about Bitcode AI.

How to trade with Bitcode AI

Trading with Bitcode AI is hustle free, given that 99% of the trading happens automatically. You only need to sign up and seat back and relax as the profits rolls in.

This trading robot offers an amazing trading experience. Many have described the trading experience as easy and fun. The robot’s UI is said to have game-like features. You can access the Bitcode AI website in multiple languages.

The languages supported by this bot include English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, and Urdu. Navigate to the top of the website and click the flag tab to change the website language.

You will automatically link to a local customer support team on changing the website’s language. We have put together all the necessary steps to get you rolling with this trading system.

Register an account with Bitcode AI

Visit their website here and fill out and submit the registration form. During this step, you need to be extra careful since submitting the wrong details could lead to account suspension during the verification stage. 

Any information submitted through the Bitcode AI website is encrypted via military-grade encryption. This is paramount, given that most cyberattacks begin with stolen personal information.

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Verify the account with a local broker

You will automatically match with a local broker in partnership with this robot on completing the registration process. Bitcode AI has partner brokers regulated in all jurisdictions of its operation. These brokers are its links to clients and the crypto liquidity pools.

The partner broker will require you to submit your ID photo for verification. The ID document can be your government-issued identity card or driving license. The verification process doesn’t take long.

Fund the account with USD250

The minimum trading balance required to run Bitcode AI is USD250. You need to deposit your trading capital to get started.

Funding your account should be extremely easy. Select your preferred account funding method with the broker and initiate the deposit. Most brokers offer a variety of deposit options. These include Visa, Master Card, Wire Transfer, Skrill, Neteller, bitcoin and many others.

You won’t pay a dime in deposit fees on the side of the broker facilitating the transaction. However, a small fee is likely to apply on the side of the bank facilitating the transaction.

Test Bitcode AI on the demo

Take advantage of the robot’s demo platform to familiarize yourself with the real trading platform. The robot’s demo is 99.9% similar to the live account.

This means that you should be fully prepared for the live trading session after the demo practice. Watch the video tutorial explaining Bitcode AI features before the demo test. Also, read the 3 page PDF guide and test the explained risk management tools on the demo.

Dedicate at least an hour to prepare to avoid mistakes. Remember that a small mistake during the risk control tools settings could translate to huge losses. 

Start a live trading session

This should be extremely easy if you took the demo seriously. Adjust the settings as explained in the trading guide and toggle the live button to get started.

Bitcode AI will automatically trade crypto for you and deliver the profits straight into your account. You can choose to withdraw or reinvest the profits depending on your investment goals.

We recommend starting small and reinvesting a portion of the profits for growth. You shouldn’t invest more than 10% of your savings in Bitcode AI given the level of risk involved in crypto trading. This trading bot assigns all new users to a dedicated account manager.

The dedicated account manager should help you understand the risk involved and come up with a plan to manage it. Risk control is defined by the trader’s risk appetite. Risk appetite should be dictated by your financial status and trading psychology.

Bitcode AI and Celebrities

The crypto industry has attracted a lot of attention from celebrities across the globe. Many celebrities have thrown their weight behind bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

These include Elon Musk, Mark Cuban, Jack Dorsey, Mark Tyson, Richard Branson, Ashton Kutcher, and Jeff Bezos. Elon Musk is the world’s richest man and one of the celebrities with the biggest influence in crypto.

His tweets on crypto are known to trigger massive crypto volatility. Musk is heavily invested in BTC as an individual and through Tesla. Tesla is one of his most successful companies. Jeff Bezos is the second richest man globally.

He is the founder of Amazon, a global conglomerate heavily invested in retail and technology. There are rumours that he is also heavily invested in bitcoin. However, he hasn’t confirmed these rumours. Mark Cuban, a billionaire entrepreneur and one of the Shark Tank panellists, is also invested in bitcoin.

However, he is yet to disclose how much he has invested. Mark Cuban has in the past encouraged investors to dedicate not more than 10% of their investment portfolio to crypto. Many other celebrities have either invested in or endorsed crypto.

But did any endorse automated crypto trading through the Bitcode AI auto-trading system? We will find out below.

Bitcode AI Carrie Bickmore

Carrie Bickmore is an Australian TV star and radio presenter. She is among the most popular presenters in the country and is best known for The Project show.

Some reviews claim that Carrie Bickmore has disclosed trading with Bitcode AI. The reviews allege that she has made tens of millions in the last few months through this robot. But does Carrie Bickmore has any interests in bitcoin and is she invested in Bitcode AI?

We have fact-checked the Carrie Bickmore Bitcode AI rumours and concluded that they are fake. She hasn’t expressed any interest in bitcoin or crypto in general. It’s therefore not likely that she would trade through an automated system.

Carrie Bickmore has warned her followers on Twitter about these posts. She has distanced herself from any crypto-related project. As explained above, some unscrupulous marketers are using celebrity linked clickbait titles to market clones.

Bitcode AI’s popularity has made it a victim of these clones. Avoid the clones by visiting the official Bitcode AI website here. You should never make an investment decision based on celebrity endorsement. This is because they can also make mistakes.

We have investigated Bitcode AI for you and concluded that it’s legit. Our investigation takes into account many factors including the general consumer feedback.

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Bitcode AI Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is another celebrity associated with Bitcode AI. Reynolds is a renowned Canadian-born American actor and comedian. He has been in the film industry for over 30 years and is best known for his role in Dead Pool.

Ryan Reynolds is one of the celebrities that have thrown their weight behind bitcoin and crypto. He has recently told Bloomberg that he believes that the crypto industry is headed in the right direction in terms of mainstream adoption.

Ryan Reynolds is rumoured to be invested in bitcoin, but he hasn’t confirmed the claims. We have also identified posts linking him to the Bitcode AI project. However, there is no evidence to support these claims and it’s therefore highly likely that these are fake news.

Bitcode AI Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon is another celebrity actress and producer linked to the Bitcode AI project. Witherspoon is a crypto fan with investments in Ethereum.

But did she invest in the trading robot as some posts claim? We have fact-checked the claims on Reese Witherspoon’s personal website and found them to be fake. Witherspoon hasn’t expressed any interest in any automated trading platform.

The posts alleging so must therefore be treated as fake news unless there is a confirmation from the celebrity. We strongly advise against relying on celebrity rumours when seeking information. Celebrity endorsements should never inform investment decision making.

This is because there is a likelihood of a celebrity endorsing a scam project. Some celebrities such as Floyd Mayweather and DJ Khaled have found themselves in trouble for endorsing fake ICOs.

Bitcode AI is a legitimate trading system that doesn’t rely on celebrity influencers for marketing. All the facts about this robot are explained here.

Bitcode AI Login Page Security

The login page safety is crucial since this is where most of the cyberattacks begin. We have investigated Bitcode AI to determine if it’s secure.

Our investigation proves that this platform is invested in the best safety technologies. These include the military-grade 256 AES website encryption. This encryption protocol is the best for the login page.

A login page secured through this protocol is impenetrable by most cyberattacks. Bitcode AI claims to have a standby cyber incident team to address any loopholes on the platform.

Also, the robot has a data protection policy in place that is in line with GDPR compliance. This policy governs how Bitcode AI interacts with clients’ data in different jurisdictions.

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Bitcode AI Review – Final Word!

We have put Bitcode AI under thorough study and didn’t find anything to suggest that it’s not worthwhile. The available information proves that it’s super reputable and highly profitable.

Many of the Bitcode AI reviews on the internet confirm that it’s insanely profitable. The expert reviews rate it number one in the coveted list of the best bitcoin robots in 2022. We have carried out a series of tests on this platform and are convinced that it’s indeed a force to reckon with.

Bitcode AI brings a unique approach to crypto trading. This approach includes the application of AI in the analysis of crypto volatility. The robot identifies profitable volatility trading opportunities by analyzing swathes of price data.

Bitcode AI mines this data from top crypto price data sources. The robot combines multiple emerging technologies to clean out the data and improve its analysis accuracy. In every ten trades generated by this bot, at least nine are reportedly profitable. This explains why most Bitcode AI users end up being profitable.

The likelihood of making money with Bitcode AI is huge. There is a strong positive correlation between risk and reward. Consequently, there is also a huge possibility of losing trading capital with this bot. You should always have this in mind when investing in any crypto-related project.

Bitcode AI is worth the risk but never with all your savings. Invest a small portion of your savings and remain disciplined to avoid staking more than you could afford to lose. Click here to visit the Bitcode AI website.


Is Bitcode AI genuine?

Bitcode AI has put all the data needed to prove its legitimacy in the public domain. We have studied this data and concluded that the robot is legit. None of the expert reviews published on high traffic sites has reported otherwise.

Does Bitcode AI provide an app?

Bitcode AI is only offered as a web trader. However, the web trader is also available in the HTML5 version. This version installs as an app on Android, iOS, and Windows smartphones. The download link to the Bitcode AI hybrid app is published on the trading resources page.

Is Bitcode AI profitable?

We conclude that Bitcode AI is super profitable after going through its reviews. Both individual and expert reviewers report that it’s super profitable, albeit highly risky. Bitcode AI has reportedly made some of its users super-rich.

Do I need a lot of money to trade with Bitcode AI?

No! A deposit of USD250 is all that you need to kick start your trading journey with Bitcode AI. You won’t pay any signup or account maintenance fees. Only a small commission is charged on every profitable trade made through the trading system.

How do I withdraw my profits?

Withdrawing your profits with Bitcode AI shouldn’t be a hustle if you have already verified your account. You won’t be able to withdraw until you complete the verification process. The withdrawal on a verified account happens in a few simple steps.