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Is Big Money Rush Trading System Genuine or a Scam?

Big Money Rush is a tool that reportedly helps users make good profits trading bitcoin. The tool depends on Artificial Intelligence-driven trading algorithms.

These algorithms analyze crypto exchanges for arbitrage trading opportunities. Big Money Rush is said to be 90% accurate and therefore insanely profitable. Thousands of users claim-making amazing profits trading with it.

Big Money Rush has attracted a lot of attention lately, with experts reviewing it on high traffic crypto publications. Some of the expert reviews call it revolutionary money minting machine. 

But is Big Money Rush a scam, or is it legit? We have done everything necessary to prepare a comprehensive and unbiased Big money Rush review for you.

Big Money Rush Review – Key takeaways

We have done a thorough check on Big Money Rush and concluded that it’s worthwhile. Below are the key takeaways from this review.

  • Big Money Rush uses AI to ensure highly profitable automated bitcoin trading. Many users have reportedly made good money with it.
  • You don’t need any trading expertise to trade with Big Money Rush successfully. All trading is automated.
  • Big Money Rush is affordable since only the $250 deposit is needed to get started. You only pay commissions on profitable trades.
  • We find this platform to be safe. There are adequate data privacy measures in place, and it only operates through reputable brokers.
  • Big Money Rush has award-winning customer service. They are reachable 24/7 through phone, live chat, callbacks, and email.

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What is Big Money Rush?

Big Money Rush is simply an intelligent computer program that trades bitcoin on behalf of users.

It’s powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and, therefore, can accurately make highly complex decisions. Big Money Rush uses techniques such as arbitrage trading to place bets on bitcoin.

Arbitrage trading is extremely lucrative and involves taking advantage of price discrepancies on different crypto exchanges. Big Money Rush also uses NLP to place bets on the impact of breaking news on crypto prices.

This trading technique is also highly profitable when applied accurately. Big Money Rush speculates on crypto on leverage of up to 4000:1. The partner brokers provide the leverage.

Is Big Money Rush a scam?

We rate Big Money Rush highly on nearly all the areas that determine a legit trading system. Firstly, this trading platform operates under strictly regulated brokers.

Only a legit auto-trading system can secure a partnership with such brokers. Regulators require these brokers to adhere to a litany of transparency and safety measures. Among these are deposit segregation and regular audits.

Deposit segregation ensures the separation of the broker’s working capital with clients’ deposits. This prevents the broker from using deposits as working capital. Regulated brokers must deposit a certain amount of money with the regulator to prove their financial capability.

The brokers must also conduct regular external audits and submit the reports to the regulator. These audits ensure that the broker is adhering to the set regulatory guidelines.

We have also ascertained that Big Money Rush is compliant with data privacy laws in all jurisdictions. It relies on a 128-bit key RSA encryption on its website. This level of encryption prevents most forms of cyberattacks.

Experts list big Money Rush among the firms that are fully compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Only high-quality firms manage to enter into this list.

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How to trade with Big Money Rush

You can trade with Big Money Rush if you are in one of the supported countries. This platform only accepts clients from regions that allow retail CFDs trading.

Several countries, including the US, prohibit this approach to trading. You need to confirm if this trading platform works in your country by visiting its website. It should be available if you can visit its website without a VPN.

Registering with Big Money Rush is free of charge. However, signup slots are limited. Only less than 5% of the daily registration requests go through. Do not give up if not successful on the first attempt.

Keep visiting the Big Money Rush official website until you can secure a position. Follow the steps below to sign up and start trading.

Register an account

Fill the Big Money Rush signup form and click continue. Verify the contact information as instructed. You will redirect to one of Big Money Rush partner brokers site.

Complete the registration process by submitting additional information and uploading the verification documents. Big Money Rush partner brokers are high quality and therefore compliant with the global anti-money laundering laws.

These laws require all deposit-taking institutions to confirm the identity and location of their clients.

Depositing trading capital

Fund your Big Money Rush account through the assigned broker. Please note that you need a minimum of $250 to get started.

You can deposit more to increase the potential profits. However, we insist that you only trade with an amount you can afford to lose. Investing all your savings in a crypto trading system is extremely stupid.

A deposit of $250 could grow to thousands of dollars in a few weeks if luck is on your side. Some of the reviewers allege turning the minimum deposit into a fortune within months. The secret is reportedly in ploughing back most of the profits.

You should be able to deposit through debit/credit cards or wire transfer. Some of the brokers may also accept e-wallets, such as Skrill.

Preparation and going live

You need to pay special attention to the trading guide. Failure to adjust the risk management tools as per the guide could lead to losses.

All the trading functions with Big Money Rush are automated, but the settings must be applied manually. It’s extremely easy to set the bot after watching the explainer video on the trading resources page.

A demo is available to help you test the various functions before going live. Take your time on the demo before proceeding to the live platform. Once ready, adjust the live trading settings and toggle the TRADE NOW button.

Big Money Rush has all it takes to make you rich through trading. However, this is not a guarantee of profitability. You could lose money in unpredictable markets. Invest wisely.


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Is Big Money Rush Genuine? The Verdict!

We have taken a deep dive on Big Money Rush and found substantial evidence to support its legitimacy. This trading system is highly reputable, having been reviewed positively by tens of thousands of users.

Big Money Rush is founded on top auto-trading technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI). This trading system uses NLP-driven algorithms to scan up to 15 crypto exchanges and identify arbitrage trading opportunities.

It also applies NLP and DL subsets of AI to detect breaking news and take market positions based on their impact on the markets. News trading could be insanely profitable when implemented accurately.

Big Money Rush can study up to a billion web pages in less than a second to identify tradable news. The most amazing thing is that it can differentiate legit news sources from fake ones. Moreover, it’s superfast and therefore can take positions before the markets can adjust to new information.

Many Big Money Rush users claim to earn huge profits. Some even allege using this trading system to join the millionaires club. But Big Money Rush shouldn’t be perceived as risk-free. Trading with it could lead to losses, especially if the user doesn’t apply the right settings.