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Bitcoin Loophole, is it a Scam? Read Our Review!

Bitcoin, the digital currency that was first developed and launched in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto has opened many doors for advanced technology. Not only that, but the Bitcoin Revolution as made many of its early adopters into self made millionaires.

When you combine both of the topics discussed above, it becomes clear that there must’ve been some sort of secret tool to help the users of bitcoin invest in it.

Today we will talk about one of those tools, a tool called Bitcoin Loophole.

What is Bitcoin Loophole?

Bitcoin loophole is an automated trading software, that runs its own complex algorithm to emit and decode the signals being sent out by the latest market trends. To simply put, it’s a bitcoin robot that performs automatic trades for their users and focuses in maximizing their profit.

In 2017, when the interest on bitcoin had spiced up the market many of these called bitcoin robots appeared shortly after, and within a couple of months they were the new sensation amongst crypto enthusiasts and investors. They are truly a blessing for new and inexperienced users, as they perform all the trades automatically on behalf of the traders. However, it’s safe to say that many of these were actually made with the sole intention of scamming users who had no clue whatsoever what is bitcoin, but still wanted to get involved in it.

This leads us to the following question: Is bitcoin loophole one of those scams? Find out more below:

Cryptovibes tried the robot Bitcoin Loophole for the first time... we were actually impressed! The success rate of our trades was of 89%!

The platform has a very smooth, user friendly and intuitive touch. Our initial investment was of 250$ USD.

We first started with the demonstration account to familiarise ourselves with the platform, then transitioned smoothly to the live account. Needless to say that the process was the same for both accounts.

We had our account set up in no longer than 20 minutes. It’s important to say that when choosing a new automatic trading software, you need to see if it ticks all of the criteria.

Bitcoin loophole certainly meets all the criteria, which makes it one of the best automatic trading softwares available.

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How to Create an Account?

It’s simple as abc. To begin you must first register an account on their website. Make sure you fill in all the requested fields (this will be important later on to manage your account and withdraw profits). Once you’ve filled out all the requested information, you will be sent out to the dashboard.

The Deposit

After you’ve fiddled with the demo account, you should be ready to begin operating the live mode. To do so, all you need to do is click on the button that says “deposit”. Now here’s the trick! Bitcoin loophole is actually a free software to use, but you must first create an account with one of the brokers to be chosen inside their platform. Don’t worry though, once you’ve created an account to use the software, you automatically created a mirror account on one of the brokers eligible in the platform. Once you chose your broker, proceed with the deposit.

The brokers accept many different payment methods. Included in those are credit and debit cards, Skrill, Neteller and other common payment methods. Unfortunately, PayPal and Bitcoin are not available as a deposit method.

Going Live

Ok, now that you’ve got everything set up, you are ready to begin operating the robot. Choose one of the settings to begin with, and don’t forget to alter during the day. We recommend to not leave the robot on consecutively, as there is a high risk when trading with such volatile assets as bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Once you’ve selected and set everything up, all you need to do is monitor the trades being performed automatically and the profit being made. At the end of a days work, don’t forget to withdraw your profits. A withdrawal normally takes 48 hours to be processed. Open account now

Why should I trade with Bitcoin Loophole?

There are many reasons as to why someone would choose bitcoin loophole as their trading platform. To name a few:

  • User-friendly - Bitcoin loophole counts with a very complex algorithm to decipher the signals and market trends, but their platform is so user-friendly that it’s hard to believe it’s real. But guess what? It is indeed real.
  • Demo account - If you’re scared to risk your investment and still don’t want to miss out on such great investment opportunities with bitcoin and cryptocurencies, you can still get started on their demo account. It’s very straight-forward, and anyone can operate it. Once you feel like you’ve tested enough, get started with the live account anytime. The market for trading cryptocurrencies never shuts down.
  • High success rates - the percentage of reported profitable trades being successful is very high, therefore the results on bitcoin loophole are also high. In fact, upon experimenting with other robots, the outcome is always the same: Bitcoin loophole has one of the highest reported percentage rates seen in automatic trading software.
  • Fast withdrawals - usually when someone wants to withdraw their profits from an exchange like Coinbase, the process is slow and it feels like hard work. With Bitcoin loophole, the turnaround time on withdrawals is usually 48 hours.

Has Bitcoin Loophole been on TV?

There are several websites which claim that bitcoin loophole has appeared in many tv shows, however these claims are false. One of these TV shows is Dragon’s Den, and it’s American version Shark Tank.

Has Bitcoin Loophole been on Shark Tank?

A news site falsely claims that a duo went on to face the Sharks with their magnificent trading algorithm and software. Once they started to operate and make profitable trades, the stars of the TV show were sold and wanted to invest millions on the software. That has in fact never occurred, and Bitcoin Loophole has never been on Shark’s Tank.

Has Bitcoin Loophole been on Dragon's Den?

Bitcoin Loophole has never been on Dragon's Den. This show is the U.K version of Shark's Tank, and consists in a group of investors (the Dragons), looking to invest in successful business ideas. There's been images going around the internet with Bitcoin Loophole being one of the products presented in there, but it's all a hoax.

Are there any celebrities that endorse Bitcoin Loophole?

It’s no secret that many celebrities endorse bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Based on the previous statement, one would think that celebrities are actually endorsing this trading software. There has been rumours about a few celebrities, but we will demystify those rumours below:

Has Peter Jones endorsed Bitcoin Loophole?

The answer to this question is no. Peter Jones, an Irish entrepreneur and one of the stars of the tv show dragon’s den does not endorse any bitcoin robots. In fact, there’s been tweets in the past where sir Peter Jones says it himself that he doesn’t endorse any trading software and that he would seek out legal action on it.

Does Elon Musk endorse Bitcoin Loophole?

No. Elon musk, the owner of Tesla Motors, is a self-made millionaire and has always been exploring any opportunity to make money. He is known on the media to endorse and support bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, however, he’s never endorsed any automatic trading tool.

Did Jim Davidson Invest in Bitcoin Loophole?

Rumour has it that Jim Davidson, the famous British Comedian, has invested in Bitcoin Loophole. But are these rumours true? Cryptovibes did not find any information linking Jim Davidson to Bitcoin Loophole. Such claims are nothing but unfounded rumours being peddled by gossip blogs. It is not unexpected for gossip blogs to twist information that they think will go viral. Bitcoin Loophole is a viral robot and hence these sites are taking advantage of it.

Did Ant McPartlin Endorse Bitcoin Loophole?

Ant McPartlin is another public figure said to have endorsed Bitcoin Loophole. However, there is no evidence to support these claims. Cryptovibes background check confirms that Bitcoin Loophole McPartlin endorsement claims are being peddled by gossip blogs. This review suggests that you try Bitcoin Loophole for yourself. We have tested this bot and confirmed that it is profitable. Bitcoin Loophole reports up to $1k in profits daily from a deposit of $500 or less.

Does Kate Winslet endorse Bitcoin Loophole?

Kate Winslet is a famous English Actress. There are unfounded rumours that she has invested in Bitcoin Loophole. However, this review finds no evidence about Kate Winslet Bitcoin Loophole endorsement. Cryptovibes recommends that you stay away from any blog associating Kate Winslet with Bitcoin Loophole. This investigation has determined that the majority of sites making such claims are gossip blogs. Read this review to the end and try Bitcoin Loophole for yourself.

Did Holly Willoughby endorse Bitcoin Loophole?

Holly Willoughby is another celeb rumoured to have bought Bitcoin Loophole. However, a background check finds no evidence of such an endorsement. Cryptovibes, therefore, recommends that you avoid any site linking Holly Willoughby to Bitcoin Loophole or any other robot. Bitcoin Loophole is a popular robot and therefore it is not unexpected for gossip blogs to make up stories about it. Any news site trying to associate Holly Willoughby with Bitcoin Loophole or any other bot should be taken with a grain of salt.

Did Andrew Forrest Invest in Bitcoin Loophole?

Andrew Forrest, an Australian Business Mogul, is also said to have invested in Bitcoin Loophole. The businessman is a renowned emerging tech enthusiast but there is no evidence that he has invested in any bitcoin robot. This review, therefore, concludes that Andrew Forrest Bitcoin Loophole investment claims are unfounded. As is expected, these claims are mostly from gossip blogs looking to achieve a social media milestone by twisting viral subjects. We suggest that you avoid such platforms and only depend on in-depth and unbiased reviews like this one for information. Cryptovibes finds Bitcoin Loophole to be legit and worth a try.

Nicole Kidman and Bitcoin Loophole?


The British actress, Nicole Kidman, is said to have invested in Bitcoin Loophole. However, this review confirms that the Nicole Kidman Bitcoin Loophole investment claims are not true. Cryptovibes recommends that you treat any platform making such claims as a gossip blog. As mentioned above, gossip blogs are known to take advantage of any viral topic by twisting it and making it more interesting for their readers. Bitcoin Loophole is a viral robot and we suggest that you give it a try.

Did Peter Lim buy Bitcoin Loophole?

Peter Lim is another celebrity rumoured to have bought Bitcoin Loophole. However, there is no concrete information supporting these claims. Cryptovibes, therefore, recommends that you take any Peter Lim Bitcoin Loophole association with a grain of salt. A background check on the sites making these claims reveals that the majority are gossip blogs. It is important that you get your facts right by reading reviews like this one. Bitcoin Loophole is legit and worth a try.

Tips for Trading with Bitcoin Loophole

  1. Explore the platform and ensure you are familiar with all of its functionalities before you commit to trading on the live mode
  2. Withdraw your profits every week to ensure profitability and to recover your initial investments
  3. Only invest what you can afford to lose. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and investing in them poses risks.
  4. Always read about the platform you want to try before committing to it. There are many tutorials online and guides on automatic trading, robot bitcoin, and trading with cryptocurrencies.
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Does Bitcoin Loophole have a mobile app?

The team at Cryptovibes has looked extensively and thoroughly on the web and app stores, but we’ve never found any mobile app for Bitcoin Loophole. It’s a shame, because their engagement with potential investors would be much wider, and they could eventually reach mass adoption.

Bitcoin Loophole: Is it Legit?

Automated trading platforms like Bitcoin Profit are indeed one of the many benefits that bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have brought during the years. This piece of technology has made it much easier for inexperienced and potential investors to get involved with bitcoin. Although they cannot be compared to actual trading with leverage, which has a much higher risk and a much higher reward, it’s still a good option for someone who wants to make daily profit.

What we recommend is that when you create your account, make sure you invest only what you can afford to lose. Remember: regardless of the success rate, you will be trading with a highly volatile asset, which poses a great risk. The higher the risk, however, the higher your reward will be. Open account now

However, remember all trading risks and you shouldn't risk more then you can afford to lose.


How Much can I make Daily with Bitcoin Loophole?
Based on our own experiences, it's safe to say that you can make on average $500-$1000 profit on a daily basis. However, there are users that claim to have made more than that.
How many hours am I expected to work per week?
You should be looking into committing 20-30 minutes of your time on a daily basis, and then monitor the trades throughout the day.
How much do I need to pay to use Bitcoin Loophole?
The trading tool is free to use. What you do need, however, is to make an initial investment with the broker you choose to trade with.
What are the Payment Methods Accepted?
The payment methods accepted with the brokers are Neteller, Skrill, Credit or Debit card, Wire transfer and euro pay.

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Mark Graham is a finance writer based in London, UK with over 8 years experience in cryptocurrency and stock writing. He has written for a number of online publications and enjoys writing about auto-trading tools.