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AdSigma – Next Generation Digital Display Advertising Platform (ICO)

March 26, 2018
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NOTE: Project was canceled by creators. All invested money are being refunded.

Innovation in advertising sector

AdSigma is the next generation Digital Display Advertising platform that is operating blockchain technology to disrupt the existing digital advertising space. Their mission is to bring about transparency within the digital advertising platform so that both publishers and advertisers can profit from it. The scope and growth for both advertiser and publishers are immense team plan to address three significant problems in the market currently:

1. Unreasonable commission
2. Lack of negotiation power
3. Payment Inconvenience.

The primary goal is to disrupt the duopoly of existing advertisement networks like Google and Facebook so that both publishers and advertisers can boost their users and brand engagement. Team will be debuting their very own crypto currency called ADSi token that is to become the major payment method for transactions on our digital platform. AdSigma advertising platform will use Ethereum’s Smart Contract to guarantee secure and ease of transactions between advertisers and publishers, without any middlemen. There will be no one sole entity to have control over the platform to make sure no transaction will be interfered upon, nor anybody will be given special preference. In a nutshell, the network will be verified and secured for all.

AdSigma Pre-Sale Bonus 25% Starting On April 5, 2018 10:00 UTC

Currently, Ad Networks are having revenue of more than $220 billion by taxing huge commissions from both publishers and advertisers without accurate checks, and it has become a huge concern. In order to cater to this need, AdSigma will become an alternative platform, which will work in favour of advertisers and publishers and they will be charged with ZERO fee.

What can you use the ADSi tokens for?

Each ADSi token will represent the ability to purchase digital display ads. You can use the ADSi platform for the following:
1.    Buying and selling digital display ads.
2.    Paying fees to Ethereum.
3.    Paying fees to platform operators (Relayers).
4.    Paying for future services and functions produced by AdSigma.

How do AdSigma plan to create disruption in digital advertising?

The future is digital and they plan to secure it in a way where the market can be free of market inconveniences and it is in the light of this progress that team plans to bring blockchain technology to bring about a secure and smooth platform for advertisers and publishers.

Here are a few such inconveniences and how AdSigma team will address those concerns:

1. High Commission: Ad Networks benefit the most out of digital display ads and that creates hindrance in terms of profit. For example, advertising network giants like Google and Facebook charge a hefty commission from publishers for providing services. Google alone charge 32% for online content marketing, while Facebook charges a handsome commission of 45%. 85% of their revenue comes from advertising revenue.

Solution: At AdSigma, an ethereum based platform will be built in which the need of ad networks will be eliminated, and advertisers and publishers can directly communicate with each other. All payment will be done in token named ADSi. The market forces will discover relaying fees automatically and publisher will get to keep higher margins on the fee charged to the advertiser.

2. Lack of Negotiation Power: Because of advertisement networks, there is usually no direct communication between a publisher and an advertiser, and therefore the scope to negotiate prices is absent.

Solution: On this platform, the publishers will have the liberty of choosing their own pricing policy and shall not be restricted/interfered by any middleman. Also, the advertisers would be able to negotiate on prices and terms of service.

3. Payment Inconvenience: Aforementioned, since there is no direct communication between advertisers and publishers, the ad network takes commissions after which the amount is passed on to the publisher. Because of this there is usually no flexibility of payment to the advertiser and also there is a minimum withdrawal limit for the publishers, due to which, the publisher cannot withdraw the entire fund instantly.

Solution: The advertisers shall be themselves benefited with a lower fee as the publishers get to keep higher margins. AdSigma will be issuing tokens named ADSi. All the token-holders will be part of the AdSigma community and shall be able to experience their superior quality of service.

AdSigma Pre-Sale Bonus 25% Starting On April 5, 2018 10:00 UTC

In addition to the above, if an individual in the platform feels they no longer want to use the ADSi token they can also sell, transfer or trade their tokens via an independent cryptocurrency exchange.

Through such advertising network, team plans to change the way publishers have worked upon digital advertisements so far and AdSigma will make sure to maneuver blockchain technology to add valuable asset to generate huge revenue and profit for digital advertisement.

Here’s clear short VIDEO what is AdSigma:

SWOT analysis

DIGRATE even made a SWOT analysis of AdSigma, and results are inspiring. Find full analysis by pressing link on picture.

Details of the upcoming AdSigma token sale:

Token name: ADSi
Token base: ERC-20
Token sale target: 2,850 ETH (soft cap), 19,000 ETH (hard cap)
Token sale start: 5th April (Pre-sale), 20th April (Crowd sale)
Token price: Presale discounts apply. During pre-sale, 1 ETH = 3,750 ADSi. During token sale 1 ETH = 3,000 ADSi.


Website: https://adsigma.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/adsigmacoin

Disclaimer. This article was submited as a press release by third party. Cryptovibes.com does not endorse any descisions. Readers should do their own research before investing funds in any company.

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