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Leaked Chat-log reveals Conflict between two Co-founders of IOTA

August 9, 2018
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IOTA founder published internal Slack conflict between the founders and the current board. Now the IOTA Foundation is giving an update. Main messages can be found at the bottom of this article.

Yesterday an internal Slack conversation of the IOTA founders surfaced. At the bottom of the article we give you a small selection of the most important comments.

An internal Slack history of the IOTA Foundation has been published on August 08, in which a violent dispute between the founders and the current board has flared up. The whole project is at stake.

One of the founders – Sergey Ivancheglo – has published the Slack history with the words

“I inform everyone that I do not longer trust Dominik Schiener and I think he should quit the IOTA Foundation for the better future of IOTA.”

Background of the dispute is the hesitant inclusion of the founders Serguei Popov and Sergey Ivancheglo in the board of the IOTA Foundation by the chairman Dominic Schiener. Ivancheglo even calls on Schiener to resign, noting that he more often wanted to leave the IOTA Foundation.

IOTA crashes in price

IOTA price reached its year low of $ 0.61 and one of the reasons for that might be internal dispute between founders.

Team already released official announcement concerning this internal fight

And even released official update from the IOTA Foundation Board of Directors and Founders which can be found HERE.

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Small selection of the most important comments leaked

Dominik Schiener 46
Satzung has to be changed first, then the nominations can happen.

David Sønstebø 47
No, nominations can happen immediately, resistance to do so shows lack of trust in Popov and Ivancheglo. I seriously hope this insane paranoia will soon disappear.

Dominik Schiener 48
didn’t we agree to do a call with both Popov and cfb [Sergey Ivancheglo] before their nominations? I don’t even know what they will be doing on the board. I have been trying to get this information out of cfb, but all I got was 3 bulletpoints.and one was “tbd”

Sergey Ivancheglo 49
@dom Did I get it right: I need your permission to join the board but you refuse to give it? (edited)

Ralf Rottmann 50
David, please do not imply that this is about not trusting Popov or CfB. It’s not. There is no need for any debate here. We have a crystal clear board decision. Change of status. Then bringing on new board members. Completely decoupled from whom we bring on. It’s to protect the foundation from us.


David Sønstebø 55
So let me get this on the record: you are appreciative of the trust given, but you can’t reciprocrate because you believe I can force votes by having Popov and CFB delegate theirs to me

Dominik Schiener 00
great, so lets do a call tomorrow and discuss how this will look like clearly Sergey Ivancheglo 00 noanswer my questionwhat reasons not to let me join?

Dominik Schiener 00
dude, you are going in circles.

Sergey Ivancheglo 00
1. voice calls, next?

Dominik Schiener 01
1. voice call
2. align and define the roles and responsibilities of each of you
3. elect
can all happen within the same day

Sergey Ivancheglo 03

alright, I’m tired. Either we start the procedure within 1 hour or I’ll publicly declare impeachment to Dom and request him resigning from IOTA Foundation. First on general channel of this slack then on Twitter if that doesn’t harm IOTA Foundation23:00 UTC of today is the deadlineI hope noone minds if I publish this chat log?

David Sønstebø 04
I am fine with the chat log going public if it needs to. (edited)

Dominik Schiener 04
wtf is this lol



Dominik Schiener 13
You can still attempt my offer to do a call, Sergey Ivancheglo.

Sergey Ivancheglo 14
I don’t accept it and you are free to not accept mine. ~45 mins left.

Dominik Schiener 16

we are electing board members for life, we are supposed to trust each other, we are supposed to lead a billion dollar project and Foundation together. If a call is too much for both of you, then I suggest we go down this path and have a public fight about it.

David Sønstebø 17
Fortunately the record shows that your only resistance to it is a conspiracy theory, so it won’t be hard to communicate the truth.

Dominik Schiener 18
sounds good. Anyways guys, I am open for a call any time tomorrow except 10am and 2pm. I’m going offline now.

David Sønstebø 20
I have quotes directly from Dominik Schiener threatening to quit if Popov is put on the board. I am not at all worried about anything in this saga being public in terms of my own reputation.

David Sønstebø 22
We trusted Dominik with the current fucekd Satzung, the months and months of delays, the excuses etc. However, Dominik refuses to trust Ivancheglo and Popov, for no other reason than the fact that he has a conspiracy theory in his head that I somehow control them. I have already proposed a solution that removes this loophole from being utilized

Dominik Schiener 22
anyways, good luck collecting this information. I’m offline now. All of you should consider the repercussions of your actions, and the way this will affect other issues. Good luck!

Ralf Rottmann 25
Man, when I started this thread, I wanted to give a neutral update on where we stand with bringing you guys onto the board. Here we are, having one of the founders threatening to kill the entire project. What does that say about our current state of mind?

Sergey Ivancheglo 26
Project won’t be killed, don’t worry. Just one of the top managers will quit.
Notice that I haven’t used „founder“

Ralf Rottmann 48
Well, then that’s the way this has to go down, unfortunately, I guess. I feel genuinely sorry for the people that have trusted us. We failed miserably.
But we all might get good book deals!

Sergey Ivancheglo 49
> I feel genuinely sorry for the people that have trusted us. We failed miserably.
Don’t overdramatize. Dom will quit and we’ll reach our goals without him. Almost noone failed.

Dominik Schiener 50
I want to once and for all understand what you will be doing on a very operationally active board.this is a non-profit foundation with a public duty.

Ralf Rottmann 55
For me it is and has always been about a decision we made on the board that you were a part of. We – David, Dom and Ralf – failed to keep CfB and Popov closely updated. We – David, Dom and Ralf – underestimated how long the statue changes will take. All of this is fixable.[…] The public will ultimately judge on their own. Just thinking about all of the other stuffthat will come to light, makes me extremely worried. Not for myself. But we are all grown ups.

David Sønstebø 57
[…] This all boils down to Dominik’s insane hypocrisy and conspiracy theory, and now that he had a chance to actually resolve it, he instead went the childish route of refusing to own mistakes

Ralf Rottmann 57
Then let us fix it within the next 24 hours, David.

David Sønstebø 58
No. Dominik chose to AFK. This was a decision. This was him essentially saying: „Fuck IOTA Foundation, fuck IOTA, fuck the founders, fuck the team, fuck the community“. There are no ifs or buts here.

Sergey Ivancheglo 59
> If you’re willing to risk the entire project
What risk? Dom was going to quit IOTA Foundation several times anyway. This time I’ll help him. It’s obvious that he can’t live such stressful life as he is living now, so he can return back to the lifestyle he used to.

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